4 relapses after 1 month... I start again

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by purecuresure, May 24, 2020.

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    Hello there,

    I've just created my account here and I want to share my short story with you.

    I had started the NoFap challenge 37 days ago and I'd wanted to quit my porn and fap addiction. It was really hard not to watch any porn or sexual video but I didn't fap for the whole month and seven days. During these day a lot of magical things happened. I decided even to fight with my other addictions, started doing exercises and had really intensive sex with my girlfriend. I said "Wow! That's the way I want to follow...". My social interactions with other people improved a bit, and that is really fascinating for me. I found even a new path of my spirituality and I chained my religion tighter to myself (I am a heathen). It was a month of big changes. Unfortunately, in the mid-May I also started heavily doing my college tasks and essays. I could not focus on school because I was thinking about sex all the time. What was even worse, I had a big problem not to ejaculate prematurely while having sex with my girlfriend. Everything was ruined yesterday. I din't have power to continue and I relapsed two times yesterday and two times today. I was really happy that I broke those chains, but right now I feel anxious. Few hours ago I decided to start again because my mind has been playing tricks on me and it won. But my faith is still here and I am willing to defeat my addiction to porn and masturbation. But I asked myself "How?". I feel quite empty after my relapses right now, but I know it was an important point in my life. So, I am really happy that I can be here in this community.

    What do you think of having a challenge, which would be separated into 90 days of not using porn, 90 days of nofap and then 90 days of no orgasm? I would like even to destroy my addiction to orgasm in the future and have better and more spiritual sex with my girlfriend. Orgasm wouldn't be the most important part of it.

    Thank you very much for any response. May the Force be with you on your path.

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    Just do No porn No masturbation , sex allowed ;)
  3. izdwuut

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    I'd reconsider it. Sure, it's perfectly possible to rock it off, though I've found it substantially easier to abstain from everything sex-related, especially at the beginning of the journey. As you start to feel more firm, it may become easier to incorporate it. To each it's own, I guess.
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  5. Welcome to NoFap!!!
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    Hello there! Thank you very much for all of your tips and support messages. The last month was very tricky and I fell into porn and masturbation again. I had to study a lot, so that means I spent the time behind my laptop (studying = internet = a lot of porn). I decided not to give up and to continue on my yourney. Few days ago i passed my last exam, so that means I don´t have to be behind the computer that much anymore. I also want to be more active on this forum. Hope you are doing well here :)

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