40 Day NoFap Benefits (multiple 1+ month NoFap experiment results)

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    After many 30+ days of NoFap experiments and my last 40 day record breaking NoFap challenge i think i am ready to present my results and go over NOFAP benefits , what happens when i fail and few negatives about NoFap (yes there are few negatives) , and .

    Why did i do multiple testing you may be wondering? I wanted to ensure that it is not a placebo and i am 100% convinced now that NOFAP is 100% life changing.

    Please remeber i have noticed this exact same pattern every time i have went on long stretches of NoFap and then broke it.


    1) The first thing i notice when on nofap is that i start taking better care of my self. I start caring more about my health , my appearance, and about my life so i start doing the following.
    - I start eating healthier , my last nofap challenge i went vegan for 30 days and let me tell you guys i felt amazing... so much energy, great mood, and only needed 5-6 hours of sleep at night where i usually feel tired even when i get 10-11 hours of sleep.
    - I brush my teeth and floss two times a day instead of once and sometimes not even once a day.
    - I start whitening my teeth
    - I look forward to going to gym regularly and walk my dog daily for 2-3 miles
    - I start taking vitamin supplements, put lotion on my face , and get regular haircuts.
    - I start caring about how i look when i go outside even when doing things like walking my dog or doing a quick grocery run (when i am fapping ill just put on some clothes and only go if i really really need to dreading it the whole way)
    2) Better mood , more energy, and way more outgoing and social
    - I start going out shopping almost daily and interacting with people
    - I find reasons to go visit my friends and family
    - I have way more confidence and my social skills are much much better the conversation just flows naturally
    - I look forward to doing things like gym , shopping, work ...instead of my usual self where i just want to lay in bed watch movies/youtube.
    - My outlook on life becomes way more positive
    3) GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS yes i notice improvement with girls the following ways..
    - I approach and interact with girls way way more and i dont have any problems starting a conversation with a random girl (the craziest thing i did was start talking to a girl while we were both pumping gas and actually got her number ...you never see anyone talk to strangers when they are pumping gas but that is how social i become when on nofap i just talk to everyone not giving a fuck.
    - Girls are way more interested in me and yes i do feel that they notice that something is different about me so they are more open about me talking to them and and i become way more attractive to them. (ill go in more detail in post below on why i think this is)
    - Regular girls become way more attractive to me and i start caring alot more about getting with girls and even start thinking about having a family and getting a wife something i dont really care about when i am fapping.

    In short my life goes back to shit almost immediately ...SERIOUSLY. I could be on NoFap and even have plans to hangout w a girl or my friends that day or go to gym THAT DAY ...... and then i fap....and all my motivation to do any of those instantly goes away and all i wanna do is chill at my house be lazy and watch youtube, movies, and play game so i end up not doing anything i planned that day.
    - After i start fapping again i start eating like crap.... i went 30 days eating very healthy vegan diet (fruits and vegetables NO FAST FOOD) and then i broke the nofap and these past 3 weeks that i been fapping after the 40 day NoFap i legit been eating pizza, burgers, and Chinese food every day NO JOKE. I dont think i ate a single fruit in 3 weeks and i am not even exaggerating i just stop caring and have no motivation/discipline to pick the healthy food over junk food.
    - I lose all motivation to talk to girls or go after them... why go on dates and put in work when i can just fap to 10/10 girls on the internet.
    - I stop going to gym and my hygiene goes back to shit.
    - I start developing social anxiety and my confidence goes to shit...i start making excuses not to hangout w friends.... i even go as far as cancel plans that i made with friends/girls when i was on NOFAP...yes i lie that something came up but usually its just that i lost all motivation to spend time w them.


    Many people dont mention this but there are few negative things about nofap that i have noticed.
    - Worst thing i did on NoFap was book a flight to THAILAND FOR A MONTH without thinking about it too much because one of my friends was in THAILAND and was telling me about all the girls he was smashing... The flight ticket alone was for $2000 not even including apartment and food... i literally would have spent all my savings and got in credit card debt if i went...luckily i also bought flight insurance and was able to get a full refund minus the $100 i spent on insurance when i fapped and came back to my senses.
    - I become obsessed with talking to girls ...i start wanting to hit up girls on facebook that i had not talked to in 2+ years... my girl friends that i met in college i hadnt talked to in years....girls i used to work with 2-3 years ago and hadnt talked to since i quit...and even girls i used to be cool with in highschool .... when fapping and thinking straight i think that is cringe AF but when on NOFAP that sounds like amazing idea lol
    - I start caring way more about socializing with friends and girls to the point of it being too much and it affecting my work. For example if i start working on something (i work from home) i will find an excuse to go shopping or get out of the house and go socialize rather then be stuck in the house and finish my work. I would rather do anything then stay in the house which causes me to spend more money and neglect my work and thats bad considering i am self employed so i have no boss bitching at me.
    - Constantly thinking about NoFap and spending way too much time browsing nofap forums and reading NoFap material.

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    I am 100% convinced that NoFAP is life changer and after doing many experiments i think i know why. When you fap you get a dopamine reward for doing absolutely nothing and its one of the best strongest dopomine rewards that you can possibly get so when you do get it...everything else seems boring and unrewarding ....lets face it dopomine/reward you get from working out or socializing is good but nothing compared to when you orgasam so once you do orgasm nothing else compares.

    Also i do think that the girls wanting you more when you are on nofap is true and its probably because they notice that you are walking and talking with more confidence and ofcourse they are more attracted to that. Also i am fairly sure they can sensewhen you dont fap you testasterone and semen is retained and i think that there is a chance girls can actually notice the phermones and that you have high test when they are around you making them more attracted to you. There is definitely something to it though 100% i feel like i am invisible to girls when fapping but when on NoFap i notice them checking me out and giving eye contact way way more.


    THATS IT ... i am convinced NoFap is not a placebo and testing phase is over...IT 100% works for me and its time to implement nofap lifestyle...
    - I will not set a day goal because i feel like once i reach the goal i am more prone to break it afterwards because hey i completed the challenge.
    - I will make a journal post here atleast once a week about my progress with working out, gym, social interactions , etc etc.
    - I will also have more things that i realized during my experiments that i will be updating in this thread.
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    Very good, I can relate to you. I’ve done this a lot too. Good luck!
  4. great post, and like your experimenting style
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    Thanks for taking time to experiment, definitely look forward to your future posts!
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    NoFap Defender

    Thanks you for share your experiences. My last strike was around 3 weeks where I got a lot of condifence and motivation, But when I releapsed I felt so bad without any of these things. And now here I'm without concern about the days.
  8. Thanks for informative analysis.
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    That was a very nice post man, simple well written. it boggles my mind that we humans have so little control over....over what we are.. but what i want to ask is, when you do 30 days NoFap for example, and then you relapse, the next 1,2 days where you at, assuming that you start NoFap again, the next 5-6 days? so you lose everything completely? you dont comeback faster? you dont retain a small effect?
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    dont you *, dont you *. damn thats a Greek illness
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    Excellent read! Keep going, well done!
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    I think, there is a carnal desire in young men to reach what is in the end, essentially, an orgasm, but the method employed to reach that level is what differs. It seems to be stuck somewhere in our conscious whether we ignore it or not. Self-gratification we know is instant reward, minus the effort. I think if you give up fapping, then subconciously you start pursuing another method of reaching that end desire, i.e. through social means, dating, etc. Seems to happen subconciously without you realizing it (unless you think back and reflect later).
    For myself, I didn't consciously notice the changes until I was writing my report after 60 days. That's when I reflected back and realized that many of the effects came within several days without me realizing it.

    Btw, Great stuff. Keep it going.
    What is the longest you've gone? Any different feeling to the normal 40 day regimen.
    I find it easier to go on NoFap after a relapse.. but then again, this has only happened once. I notice, whatever gains I made previously, they come back faster within a few days. This is because i think you are more motivated to make an effort for which you've already seen the positive results in the past. On the downside, I retain a small bad effect from fapping (laziness) that lingers for several days. The social effects come back pretty fast.
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    Great post. Corresponds a ton with my own experience . I've gone nofap in past to try it out... And got great benefits. My sex life with girls took off, I felt great, it changed my life. Problem is I went back to porn... And have been on again off again since. Sometimes it's easy to go back to the old me. But my experiment is over... I'm going no porn for life. Thank you for sharing your experience because it just hrlps me know I'm doing the right thing
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    Grt and inspiring poat i can relate mahself with it

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