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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by DerNeuMann, Nov 13, 2017.

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    40 wonderful days today.

    I recently posted a couple of excited posts on attraction benefits. I'll update on that and talk about more. All of these have been reported by many guys in nofap.

    1. First, I'm enjoying a very slow but steady increase in ambition, a desire to take care of things I'm supposed to do. I'm starting to procrastinate less and cross things off my list. Every item crossed off is a victory. All this is still a work in progress but now that I understand that my PMO was destroying my ambition, I am much better able to resist the desire to pm-for-escape-from-responsibility. That has been one of the most important factors in making it to 40 days.

    2. Fog staying away most of the time. Clearer brain allowing me to use my creative powers.

    3. Yesterday was the first day of skin glow but today's was even better. People are noticing. Today I wore an average looking sweater (jumper to you British English folks) that I've worn many times before. Since this morning, I've had three different people tell me what a nice sweater it is, all of them female. I've had two or three other people (all at different times) ask if I got a haircut or what's different. Seriously, five or six compliments and numerous female eye contact with smile moments. I'm not ugly (not a hunky model either). I've always dressed professionally and I've always had excellent hygiene. But suddenly, at 40 days, the same day I noticed a marked glow of the skin, I start getting compliments that were quite infrequent up to today. Works for me. Even guys are looking at me differently and in a much more friendly way, by that I mean good-natured, not inappropriately.

    4. Urges. Sometimes strong, sometimes very tempting, especially if I wake up in the middle of the night. Not so much the urge to do P. I now know that's off the table permanently. It's disgusting.

    What's different today compared to past streaks?
    a) This community is a Game changer, the knowledge that many better men than me are suffering from some of the same things as well as the ability to help other strugglers, especially young ones. I'd give just about anything if I'd stopped when I was a teen. I work with young people almost every day so I know what they're going through.
    b) I'm learning not to care what others think about me,
    c) I now understand that the urges are normal man urges that I was reacting to incorrectly. Now, instead of looking for times to fap, I am seeing those urges as virility and transmuting the energy toward taking care of my manly responsibilities and making positive eye contact, smile and hello to women. I'm happily married so I mean this in a positive and reassured masculine sense, not sexual at all. It's really nice that they're suddenly initiating it. Very encouraging.​

    Whether it's real or not, it's real to me. All I know is that I'm experiencing things that I've never experienced before. I can honestly say that PM never gave me anything but insecurity and shame. I regret every single minute I ever spent on it. I can't get that time back but if my experience can help even one young person from losing those precious minutes then baring my secrets in this community is worth the effort.

    If this has helped you, why not join my challenge? It's a progressive one for whatever goal you need to conquer from one or two days to whatever (without losing streak time you have in already today).
    What are you waiting for? Don't you want to know what these benefits are like? Don't you want to change your life? If you're reading this and you haven't joined us, what's your fear? Go set up an email account under a fake name somewhere and come back with full anonymity. It's either being what you want to be or being what you know you hate. A man or a Gollum? Trust me. If you don't think your porn and masturbation addiction is written all over your face, you're just fooling yourself. Think about that and join my challenge!
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    This line stirred me the most. Thank you. I have noticed many of the same things you have.
  3. r8js

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    congratulation on 40th+days...
    appreciate u.
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  4. BlueJoe

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    congratulations, stay strong
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  5. Reborn16

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    Thanks for writing up your experiences!

    I can relate to points 1 & 2 a bit. I still find it hard to have porn as a non-option in my mind, I'm hoping this will happen with enough time away from it though.

    I don't know much about the skin glow affect, but it sounds like something to look forward to!
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  6. DerNeuMann

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    I recommend two things to you that might change your mind about porn. If you haven't yet ventured onto yourbrainonporn dot com and read some of the earth shattering research there, you should. If, like me, you're busy at a day job and just have a few minutes, go on to YouTube and check out the Tedx talk by Ran Gavriel titled, "Why I stopped looking at porn." It's the video that really got me serious about nofap. It's only about 16 minutes long.

    I wish you strength in your efforts.
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  7. Thank you @DerNeuMann for such an inspiring post !! I also regret wasting my 12 years on PM which could ve been invested in my betterment , studying & living upto my potential & also in helping others.. All those wasted years gave me insecurity & low self esteem.. But finally I discovered this wonderful community & am on Day 6!! You gotta be fool, to be wise.. I believe there is light at the end of tunnel & we're here for each other no matter what !! :)
  8. liuk32

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    Good man. I have noticed skin glow after only 20 days, but dark circles of my eyes goes beter just after 45.

    Everyone react at nofap with differt timing and maybe results.
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    Great post!
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  10. congrats on your streak....i like your post...keep it going!!!
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  11. DerNeuMann

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    Join my challenge!
  12. BrazilianPhysician

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    Nice report! God bless you! Keep going man!
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  13. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing!
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  14. Lesedi Mokoena

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    It's my second day of my nofap40 challenge.I hope I last
  15. profesor L

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    Today in the afternoon I arrive to my day 7. The interesting thing is that yesterday, for the first time in a long time, a girl approached me and I am looking for a conversation. I see that it brings very good benefits. Now that I read you, I attribute it to my abstinence. Congratulations to all those who dare to leave the PMO addiction
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  16. 20100

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    I'm 40 days in and I don't relate to any of the benefits unfortunately
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  17. Reborn16

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    Have you stopped fantasising as well? Just asking because sexual fantasies are suggested to slow down the reboot.

    Anything else that might be effecting your recovery? Or are you possibly in a withdrawal period, and everything just feels 'meh'?

    Hoping to help, I am nearing day 40. Today started feeling great, now feeling rundown, but trying to remember it's likely just withdrawal issues!
  18. MauriceJackson

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    Hey guys I’m on day 23 of NoFap. I feel so energized and ready to take in the world. I appreciate you brothers , you’re helping all of us out here by telling us your success stories
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  20. chase

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    These words resonated with me so deeply, I feel the same thing about this struggle, I know this is an old thread and you probably are gone from this forum, but I logged in just to thank you for what you wrote and tell you that it did motivate me to quit PMO, thanks man, and may god bless you!
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