40+ Days No PMO, Effortless.

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    Yep, I said it...effortless, minimal problems and minimum urges. I don't know if this helps anyone but I will tell you how I do it and why I believe it is the success to my first attempt and my current streak. I will leave the faith stuff at the bottom and give you a rough idea where my mindset/habits look like.

    Firstly though 100% commit to this, if you can't fully commit you might as well go PMO until you are ready. Don't do this for anyone other than yourself because everything and everyone around you WILL LET YOU DOWN in some way, you can only count on yourself at the end of the day.

    1) Delete your "stash" and links you spent years collecting, delete all of it at once with no parachutes or backups, accounts delete them, torrent sites get them deleted/banned, close the door.
    2) No software or accountability groups (I view it as weakness of the mind)
    3) Realistic mindset, you're not giving up porn, you are choosing not to watch it. When you make anything forbidden you make your desire for it greater and you weaken your resolve. You choose not to watch it and you choose not to PMO, because you CHOOSE not to.
    4) Pick up a cardio and workout routine to help keep your dopamine levels up. Ever seen withdrawal of caffeine or nicotine? Same kind of thing happens when you go from high dopamine levels and then go cold turkey, it's why your brain goes crazy the first week and you feel like shit. This will help keep your brain in place, because he is dog with no obedience.
    5) Break the habits of your old PMO routine, change it so during the normal times you did your handy work you are doing something else. (Smokers that quit tend to admit urges are worse after eating/drinking as that's when they would do it before)
    6) Realistic expectations, the superpowers and magical bullshit is placebo and a myth for majority of people, I'm sure some people have received some benefits but don't expect to be some new version of yourself in 30+ days. I question the sanity of the "superpower" benefits lists I've seen on reddit and I think it devalues what nofap truly is. When you expect to become a sex god in 30 days you get disappointed when nothing happens and it makes any relapse feel worse than it should.
    7) Trigger words, I believe this is another weak minded attempt to shield yourself from reality, a word has no power and you shouldn't give it any by fearing it. You want to build willpower, not be a defenseless child, right?
    8) Don't feel down over a relapse, every relapse is a lesson, and every lesson learned is moving in the right direction, and that will never cause you to step back, it will just prepare you for the next step forward.
    9) Strike all thoughts of porn from your mind, soon as you start to think about it think about something else. I noticed after a week of doing this my thoughts of porn went to almost 0, I get the occasional thought but it's gone just fast.

    Though I will admit I consider my success to my Lord and Savior, without him I doubt I would have had such an easy time. I pray for the strength to follow through with my choices and ask him to strengthen me to avoid wandering from the path I chose to walk down.

    Also I want you all to watch this video, it's a TedX talk about how your mindset can effect you. I found this last night and I believe she touched base with how I attacked nofap in terms of willpower and mindset, and I believe it might help some of you.
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    This is great. Thanks. I'm on day 15, I really feel good that I have started this journey. I've felt bad physically since I've started like headaches, and this would have been a good excuse to fall. But when I started this journey I was't looking back. I've been wanting this since I became addicted to PMO. I agree with not using superpowers as motivation, but my freedom is all I really have to have. I haven't read a whole lot of post but I'm glad I read yours.
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    Reason why I love making no excuses and being fully accountable to myself, an excuse is just opportunity to rise above it. Hope anything I have said here helps you on your journey forward.
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    Hey brother, nice work!!
    I was once at 107 days and became overconfident and I thought I already rebooted completely: relapse.

    Last year one streak lasted up to 111 days. The Urge hit me very hard while waking up being still half asleep. I busted a nut and fell into a relapse binge period yet again..

    Don't underestimate this man, The Urge is coming..

    Keep going! I wish I was at 40 days already!
  5. zeekland

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    Nah, urge isn't some looming threat to be worried over, the only real enemy is porn. Urges are just your bodies way of pushing you towards women, porn just screwed our minds up and swapped the signals around.
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