40 days: Ups and Downs, PIED cured

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by GoldenGod15, Sep 8, 2018.

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    After several relapses, made it to 40 days. PIED is completely gone, and successfully had sex with 3 women with no fantasizing necessary.

    The last one was about 5 days ago. I had sex with a random girl twice in about an hour, and I feel like I've been in a flatline since. My strong morning wood is gone, and I have no sexual urges. Has this happened to anyone?
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    Hey @GoldenGod15, I had a similar thing happen to me.
    At day 38 I was hooking up with a woman and I'd been horny as hell the past week, and I invited her back to mine and I was horny in the lead up but I lost it right at the last moment (which kept me on the no PMO track but wasn't ideal...). From that point I fell into a instantaneous depressing flatline that lasted for about a week, and everything has been a-okay since.

    Keep powering through, noone ever died from a flatline, as boring, depressing and powerless as they make you feel.

    (you can read my journal here - https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.p...to-return-journal-day-57.187997/#post-1659141)
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    Ah hey sorry to hear that man, but glad things turned around! that gives me hope

    so after doing some more research and thinking, I think my problems are sleep related. I haven't been sleeping well recently, waking up multiple times through the night, and waking up feeling very groggy. So im focusing on fixing that right now
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  4. Maybe your biology thinks you impregnated 3 women recently so it wants you to recover. Watch a nature documentary-the male animals don't have sex all year..

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