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    Salamualaykum all,
    I am currently on Day 43. I literally cannot believe that I have made it this far. Just a little bit of background about my situation. I have been addicted to PMO for about 12 years now and have been PMOing on average every 2-3 weeks. I can officially say this current streak is the longest streak I have maintained since the start of my addiction. On top of all that, I have been living ALONE on campus in my own apartment! I am so proud of how far I have come and I absolutely could not have done it without this platform and this community. So I want to thank the leaders and the organizers of the Muslim Fapstronauts group.

    One of the most important things for me was to establish good habits. Quitting PMO is a long-term goal so I need a long-term solution. It all started with making my bed every morning. I then moved on to wake up for Fajr prayer every morning, then I did mouthwash every morning, then cold shower. I want to add to these daily habits such as reading Quran. These habits that I've developed all helped me strengthen a little muscle in my brain called self-discipline. I am much stronger than I was a month ago. Everyday I go through this routine, I go to sleep and wake up that much stronger. I am also a second year medical student, which keeps me very busy throughout the day as well.

    The second thing that helped me so much was to reward myself. Success for me = no PMO. At the end of the week without PMO, I treat myself to a nice dinner. I go out with friends on Friday. After working out was the most dangerous time for me so after working out I run to the shower and turn on the freezing cold water. Not until AFTER I shower do I reward myself with a protein shake.

    Here are just SOME of the benefits I have experienced:
    - Increased confidence (Now I feel I have nothing to hide. I am comfortable with myself)
    - Increased energy and motivation
    - Healthier social life
    - Increased will power and self discipline
    - Mental Clarity
    - Deeper emotions
    - I now appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life (the beautiful sunshine, trees, birds chirping, good food, good friends, etc)
    - Have not missed a single Fajr Prayer
    - Am now talking with someone I am interested in for marriage

    Brothers and sisters, I do not believe this problem we all face is a problem of faith. It is a psychological condition that requires healing and therapy. We are patients that need treatment. Unfortunately, it took me 12 years to figure that out. If you are having trouble traveling this journey alone, please seek professional help via a psychologist or therapist or even an imam. We are the biggest victims here. We only hurt ourselves by doing this. Please establish LONG-TERM solutions to this problem and remember, it all starts with making your bed. :)
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    Very well put, May Allah accept your efforts. Where can I find the Muslim Fapstronauts group? Thank you
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    That's great man, you were able to reach that amount of days even when living alone
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    Thank you for the warning bro. That's really scary actually and I pray I am not and never will be one of those people who intermittently binge on P.
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    That is awesome man. Being alone is the hardest. Keep going and do not give up.
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    Thank you brother!
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    The long-term solution is a good idea , keep moving friend Allah help you ..
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    thanks for the tips and good luck
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