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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Dietcoke212, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Dietcoke212

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    So after lurking on the forum for many weeks I thought I would finally create my first post, bit of background and the journey so far.

    Having recently turned 30, I took a good look in the mirror, almost everyday since I was 14 I have been PMO in one way or the other. Even though I have a GF and a regular sex life I have always been in the habit of PMO even after sex etc. Also I was previously edging pretty much all day, had my own office which allowed me to get away with it. Would even sneak up to my bedroom to edge for a few minutes if had friends around etc, even while dinner was cooking any minute spare would be spent edging. Which I read is probably actually worse than MO. Sometimes would rather just have a few beers and PMO than actually go out and socialise with real friends.

    I also seem to suffer quite bad anxiety, especially social & awful brain fog which I guess could well be related to amount of edging/MO

    I appreciate after all this time that there will be no quick fix and that this will take time to re-programme my brain.

    Even after 2 weeks in I was much more affectionate towards my GF and she had noted this, less numb during sex as well if that makes sense!

    I exercise regularly and hopefully even more now that spring is on the way.
    Cut down on alcohol to avoid hangovers etc which also seem to raise anxiety levels.
    Wasting less time staring at screen and browsing for my next fix.

    Perhaps anyone else who had been PMO'ing this long has any other tips/experience they would like to share? :)
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  2. Strugglingforyears

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    Well done! Thanks for sharing. I had a similar problem with edging and it really took over my life. I am also on day 45 and already seeing lots of positive developments. I will do a proper post on this soon. I have just popped in to the forums to distract me from an unwanted urge and need to get back to work. All the best!
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  3. 220woof671

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    Good post, looks like you are on your way to Success.

    Here's some advice someone gave me a few months ago:

    Advice below from Spartan Warrior's Journal:

    a j said:
    "I can't even complete my day 4
    How you do a lot [236+ days]?"

    "Well brother, Nofap is not easy. It means changing your whole lifestyle. Take some healthy good habits like reading, exercising, walking etc. Replacing this habit with some new good habit is the only option we addicts have."
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  4. PowerfulSRE

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    Great post! So happy for you and your GF. Good luck mate, thank you for sharing!
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  5. Espi1971

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    @Dietcoke212 thank you for sharing! Wishing you continued strength and success on your newfound path.
  6. rob13_

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    Keep it up you're doing great!
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  7. Owaiss

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    agreed with this... i have suffered all these due to extreme edging last year ....edging is really awful
  8. pcmaster

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    What's the main differences you noticed between day 40 and day 45?

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