45 Days - Second biggest streak in 2 years of Nofap journey

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Jawbones237, May 9, 2020.

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    23 year old male. Started watching porn at 12, daily PMO at 15. I realized I had PIED at 21 when I couldn't get it up with my Gf.

    I started my Nofap Journey about two years ago, in that time I have only managed to get past 30 days two times. One was a year ago when I also accomplished my biggest streak 62 days, the second one was two weeks ago.

    Since the last time I struggled to get past one or two weeks without PMO. But this time I changed my strategy and I have been able to have my second best streak ever.

    I'm only a couple of weeks from achieving 2 months PMO free, and getting past my previous best streak. This time I feel confident I will get to 90 days, I made a vow to never watch porn again and I mean it.

    • Experience mood/energy swings. Some days I have felt really tired in the evenings, other I have more energy and motivation to do tasks. Another thing is that in some nights I feel insomnia and stress in my body. I think this might be a withdrawal symptom.
    • More productive/more focus. After starting Nofap this year I have read 3 books, plus another one I read in January. That makes a total of 4 books, which in the past would be the same amount I would read on an entire year. I have also been practicing piano, and have improved significantly. I had stopped playing piano for around 10 years, and now I think I'm the best I've been at it. Another thing I've been doing is practicing another language, and I can feel the improvements when watching series/videos in that language.
    • More enjoyment of little things. I Felt this in the second/third week. I realized that I was enjoying music way more than in the last couple of years. It made me feel more alive. In recent years I had become numbed to music, even though in the past I really liked it. Now I feel that the positive effect it had on me is returning.
    • Some sexual dreams. I had different kinds of sexual dreams, some are of me having sex with my Gf, those are very realistic but they haven't become wet dreams. However, there are also another kind of dreams. Ones where I'm not having sex, but watching woman in porn-like manner, and masturbating. After waking up from those I feel like I've relapsed, but then I realize it was just a dream and feel relieved.
    • Stronger erections. This one is a bit crazy for me. I suffered from PIED since 21, after getting 62 days PMO free a year ago, my PIED got better. But in the last year I've been having 60% strength erections, and I got used to it. I thought that was my normal capacity. One night past 30 days of no PMO, I woke up in the middle of the night with one of the strongest erections I have had. I swear it felt rock solid, now I now what an actual 100% strength erection is like, and I can't wait to put it to use with my partner.
    Those are some of the changes I have seen. Nofap is just one of the reasons they're happening. I'm making an effort to fill the void of PMO with good and valuable habits like reading, walking, working out, practicing piano, learning a new language, etc. I think it is a key to do Nofap, you need to build up habits and improve yourself. Those are the things that will make you wan't to look forward up to life, and not try to escape into Porn.

    Another thing that has been a key is keeping a journal. I have been writing mine in the nofap forums. Doing this allows you to look at your experience with a better perspective, as well as reminding yourself of you goal to get rid of PMO. Also, I've been reading information about rebooting and porn addiction almost daily, to also keep up my motivation and keep on track.

    Thats it, so see you in two weeks when I get to 60 days.
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    Nice post!

    What language are you learning?
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    I used to listen music all day and play guitar. These last years I stopped, I barely feel something listening it. I thought I had changed my interests. But now I'm thinking maybe it's due to porn...
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    So you are after 90 days hard mode?
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    French, I already learned a bit in highschool but never practiced it so my level was really bad. I have been listening to a french podcast while walking and also seeing a french series in Netflix.
  6. Jawbones237

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    I think porn might be one of the reasons. 5 years ago I would listen to music all the time, but in the last 2 years I had become bored of it. I felt bored of listening to music I used to like, and had no interest in listening to new music. But in the past month I have truly appreciated music like I used to before. Porn numbs you out so other things like listening to music just don't cut it.
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    Yes, also because of the pandemic I haven't seen my girlfriend in two months. So that's why I've been doing hardmode. But after everything goes back to normal I will be in normal mode no porn and no masturbation, but with sex and orgasm.
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    Good for you. Well, I have also started learning French and I keep doing it everyday on Duolingo and I have around 42 day streak on duolingo :D
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    All of us that live alone are forced to do hard mode too. Hang in there and tell us how things goes when you change to normal mode. Good luck!
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  10. Congrats on the PEID part of your journey. Do you think their was something you wanted to improve in that nofap was not helping in?

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