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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by MGB, Nov 29, 2017.

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    This is my 4th attempt, and I'm happy with it.

    1st = 10 days
    2nd = 4 days
    3rd = 24 days
    4th = 45+ :emoji_lifter:

    I knew this attempt would be successful, because it was boring. I felt excited to be quitting PMO during the first three attempts, but the 4th attempt was a non-issue.

    Results ... I feel stable/calm. Not so up-and-down excitable, and my focus is a little better.

    I still need to stay offline during my private time. I'm online now to refresh my anti-virus subscription, but I still had thoughts about going to my previous porn URLs. I check my emails and personal accounts when I'm at work, and this is my first time being online while I'm at home in 45 days. I feel kind of bad, because sometimes I want to get online and give support to all the other NoFappers who are improving their lives. The risk for relapse is still there, so I stay offline.

    Advice ... stick with it. If you fall down, then stand up one more time and keep going. It worked for me.

    My intro thread.
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    Something that helped me was from an interview with Norwood Fisher. He's the bass player for Fishbone. I don't remember his exact words, but it was something about having the courage to feel the pain ... as in he wanted to feel the pain he had previously avoided.

    I used porn and masturbation to hide from pain. The release of endorphins when I orgasmed made my body less uncomfortable and helped me avoid dealing with my anxieties and insecurities.

    Now I have the courage to face the uncomfortable moments of my life ... and they are not so bad. Sometimes I wake up at 2am and I'm like "okay, here I am. I accept this and I'll just stay here until I go back to sleep." Previously, I would get super-frustrated and jack off, hoping it would help me sleep.

    Anyway, I'm comfortable with being uncomfortable, and I feel stable. Best wishes to everybody who is creating a new life for their their self. Stick with it. It is worth it.
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    Some insights:
    • it got easier after 2 weeks.
    • small dinners made it easier for me to sleep. Many times I had a light snack, and sometimes I skipped dinner.
    • I remember the victories that others had. My favorites were the YouTube videos by Kasumi Kriss.
    • once I had small successes and felt calmer, I realized I wanted more calmness in my life. The results from small victories became my motivation for sticking with it. The long-term calmness was worth more than the short-term self-gratification.
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    Did you hit a flatline?
  6. Cool. This is my forth attempt too. I look forward to writing my day 45 post :)
  7. I agree with you, I found that the best results show when I am not giddy and excited to do it. It just happens.

    I am at day 18, which is not very far in, but it feels like nothing. It is extremely easy to avoid porn, I even had the chance to click a cache-stored link to staring me in the face.

    It is very interesting.

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