45 year-old, 140+ days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by egill, May 20, 2020.

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    Appreciate your encouragement, mate. I totally agree with you that abstaining and counting days don't cut it as far as real recovery goes. Maybe it works for a small minority of us, but for others including myself I believe it entails consistent, long term improvements of multiple aspects of our being. I'm somewhat data-oriented, so my record keeping is something I enjoy doing.

    90 days are like in a game where you clear the first level. We're not close to meet the boss yet, but we keep upgrading! :)
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    Congrats @egill! Let's go for the next level!
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    Thanks @pancabalani, I hope I don't have to "respawn" this time :)
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    Hey quick question I’m new to this if you successfully reboot are you no longer allowed to fap?
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    It's a bit of a weird family here but .. proud of you!
    You have lots of good things to expect so keep it going.
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    Thank you for sharing this today I needed this!)

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    I don't know a quick answer to this, really. I don't consider myself "successfully reboot" yet even up to today at 160+ days. But then there are levels of recovery that I consider a success so that I don't feel burned out as I aim for a year-long streak.

    It really depends on the individual to fap or not after 90 days. As I understood, you don't fap until you can detach fapping from P including the fantasy inside the brain.
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    Thanks so much @PaulPaul. Yep, it feels paradoxical here... anonymous, yet close-knit.

    I can't wait what's in store after 700+ days of freedom like yourself!
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  10. great advice!

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