46 Year Old Male In need of an AP

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by HourChain1, Jun 12, 2019.

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    I've been a slave to this behavior since the age of 11. I'm a 46 year old straight male and a Christian. As such, I've always felt as if I was living two lives and it has also deteriorated my self-worth. I'm nothing but a hypocrite.

    I realize I'm a slave to lust. I've tried to quit many times, especially in the last three years.

    My goal is 90 days of hard mode. I'm open to whatever method of contact is optimal. Would like to communicate at least every other day - every day might be better.
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    Hi HourChain1 - saw that no one had replied, so checking in to see if you're still looking for an accountability partner? I'd be happy to reciprocate (we're both about 2 weeks in so it would be good to see how we both go?)
    Feel free to drop me a pm - we can chat on Kik or Whatsapp - or start here and have a chat first.

    Either way, good luck with your goal!

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