478 days. Meditations to balance sexual energy

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    Current streak: 478 days no PMO, semen retention

    Warning: if you think meditation is from satan or all this makes no sense for your rational mind please refrain to reply. This is only for those who like this type of practices.

    These are the main meditations I do in order to balance sexual energy: DanTien and microcosmic orbit meditation. After you are able to refrain your body and mind from PMO and have a decent streak, this can create sexual tension because an excess amount of male/Yan energy. If you don’t have at least 30 days streak these practices are not so useful, you need energy to work with energy.

    Stretching: I find it useful, especially early in the morning to do some stretching before meditation, this way practice becomes more easy.

    Dan Tien meditation
    Posture: it’s the most important aspect; there are even some zen schools that simply focus on breathing and posture to meditate. If you can remain seated with good posture and a calm mind for a good amount of time this is enough to balance your sexual energy.
    Legs: You sit crossed legs, half or full lotus, some masters advocate sitting on a chair so that way your feet (barefoot or cotton socks) are in contact with the earth which is a negative pole(yin/ feminine) this helps to balance you more fast.
    Hands: laying on your knees facing upwards or backwards. You can also do a mudra with your hands

    Gyan Mudra
    gyan mudra.jpg
    Dhyan Mudra

    Back: straight without leaning it backwards, it needs to stay erected by itself, this is essential if your back is not straight the energy cannot travel properly.
    Head and neck: aligned with your back and a little inclined forward. Touch the tip of the tongue to your palate just behind the front teeth, this relaxes the face and will serve as a bridgeto connect some energetic pathways.
    Shoulders: a little bit backwards so you can put your chest a little bit out to have better posture.
    Eyes: you can focus your gaze with open eyes to a point in front of you, it’s better if the point is on the floor. Some masters specially Taoists masters advocate closing your eyes because you are trying to focus and move energy, I think this last advice is true but if you are feeling sleepy or your mind is not calm, opening your eyes for a while can help to deal with this.

    Meditation: the energy is stored in a point four fingers below the belly, when you are trying to accumulate energy you focus on this point DanTien and the energy naturally starts to increase and become more clean simply focusing there. At the same time you focus on your breathing and in trying to be aware and relax at the same time.
    You can start by 10 minutes two times a day and little by little increase your meditation time.

    Microcosmic orbit meditation: After some time of gathering energy in the lower belly and you have a decent semen retention streak, this also means no wet dreams or ejaculatory sex, you will start to experience the energy gathered in the DanTien wants to move freely throughout all your body, you simply let it move, the microcosmic orbit meditation is a pathway you can use to move energy. It starts from your lower back moving upwards and then it connects to the front your body with your tongue it goes down connecting the energy again to your back in a point close to your coccyx and it goes up again, your repeat this several times. If the energy wants to stay in a place of the pathway for a while you let it stay.

    Your back is more Yang/masculine and the front of your body is more yin/ feminine. You can visualize the energy in your back of color red/Yang and in front of you blue/ yin. The microcosmic orbit will balance even more these two opposite forces to create a calm, powerful, deep sexual energy in you.


    If you want to know more about these two meditations
    - The tao of health, sex and longevity by Daniel Reid: in the section meditation he explains it in a very simple manner
    - Awaken healing light of tao by mantak chia. He explains it very well, he also does some preliminaries before the meditation, its more complex but if you want to go deep is worth giving it a look.
    -The secrets of Chinese meditation by Lu K´uan Yu(Charles Luk) : the DanTien chapter also at the end of the book the author writes a journal of his experience doing these meditations. He was a former masturbation addict and improved his health thanks to meditation. He is quite knowledgeable and an interesting read.
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  2. Quality: checked

    This is a good post!!! Thank you for sharing.
  3. Interesting read! Ive never dabbled in chinese meditation practices. I prefer to leave the energy sorting itself out. Always been more geared towards buddhist meditation techniques (annapanna and vipassana).

    Have you tried any of these (regular breadth meditation or insight meditation which is more focussed on creating insight/ wisdom/ concentration rather than working with energy)?
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    I practiced Tibetean buddhist tantra for many years, you do a lot of mantra and visualization. And at the end of the practice you do a little of vipassana disolving the images and mantras.
    I have been doing Zen buddhism for some time here you simply focus on your breathing and it is not based on energy or achieving any materialistic pursuit.This is my main practice
    But I still find useful energy meditation especially taoist practices because it helps to balance sexual energy more harmoniously, they are made for these.
    Vipassana and samatha meditation do not do this and if not careful you can develop kundalini syndrome or an excess of Yang/masculine energy. But they are very good meditations, aiming for things higher than energy.
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    To be honest some girl suggested something like that to me 5 years ago and I wasted time breathing deeply and thinking about chakras. Now, this might work for you. However, I found out that much better works going hard mode in the streak.
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  7. Sweet!

    I agree vipassanna can have some serious effects on the body while eradicating old samskaras, sometimes scary! Especially when going on 10 day retreats. Time perception really starts to slow down once you get the realization that the body is impermanent and always changing. All kinds of sensations become powerfull (both "pain" and "pleasure"). Its really intense.

    Thats why regular breadth meditation, simply being absorbed by the subtle energy pervading the body, getting deeper and deeper into jnana (focus/ absorption) is preferred for regular practice.
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    How can you perform semen retention and sex?
    What is the trick?
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    That's great! It's very knowledgeable for us. Thanks buddy!
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