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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by BB82, Dec 3, 2015.

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    Hey guys,
    Well, I made it through my first 48 hours of no PMO. I'm amazed at how many little thoughts can creep their way in when you're least expecting it. I've been strong so far though and I've set a strong intention to stay that way. Good news is (aside from 48 hrs PMO free) that I had a pretty vivid dream last night. I haven't been able to recall my dreams as my PMO had gotten pretty severe recently. Seeing this one small change so early in my Reboot is a huge encouragement. Well, onto day three, BRING IT!
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    Thoughts. That's for sure. Just going to subway, the person behind the counter made me think where I didn't want to go.

    Thoughts are out there and I choose not to engage them. Easy said than done.

    My Sexual purity may have been lost decades ago. It is not my goal to regain purity. But it is my goal to retain sexual sobriety.

    Whatever I'm doing... It seems to be working.

    Welcome to the forum. One day at a time. Let's put off that thought for awhile, then let's put it off again. That's how I've been looking at it.

    It becomes easier to put it off for longer and longer times.
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    Thank you for the encouraging words, I'm trying to use this entire community as an accountability partner, I know it will get harder as these first couple of days I've made it on my enthusiasm alone. I haven't had a real strong urge yet, but I know when I do I will have to power through it.
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    Im in the same boat with thoughts creeping in. Happens more often than id like but it feels like a win every time i dismiss the thoughts.. Like im gaining exp in my discipline stat.
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    Accountability is not an easy paved road. This accountability pathway is rough with its rocks and branches and all else in its path.

    I have been dealing with accountability for over 25 years. In the beginning it was not what I was really looking for, but today I see accountability is what I need.

    Accountability has rescued me from myself. It's what's been missing all these years.

    The first 2 cards dealt me in this accountability pathway was secrecy and honesty.

    No more secrets. Got to tell SOMEONE my exact nature.

    The need for me was "Honesty in accountability". I had to stop lieing to myself, denying true reality.

    True Accountability is the best thing that's happening to me. I hope you find the same.

    I'm here if your so inclined.
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  7. BB82

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    Thank you Jmak290, I've found that being honest about this has helped a lot. I don't feel so much like a deranged sex pervert, just someone with a serious problem that needs tending to. Thank you.
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    You got that right.

    Am I a @deranged sex pervert" or someone who struggles with sexual compulsivity?

    These are the lies I told myself. Saying there is no hope. I hear and listen to what others might say and I've taken it to heart. I'm a mistake!

    I've told myself again and again, there is no hope! I'm a mistake!

    Recovery program week 1, was very hard for me. Sponsor told me I'm good, I'm hopeful, I am loved and accepted.

    I took all that positive talk as a lie. I could not believe there was ANY hope for me. They don't know what they're talking about.

    Today, I see myself talking to myself those same words.

    I am loved

    I am a good person

    There is hope

    I'm not a mistake

    I'm not junk


    The truth hurt at first, but now it feels good to be me.
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    The goal here is to stop PMO. Everyone's strategies for success are, at least slightly different, so you will eventually find what will work for you. I'm really new to this website community, but people here seeem to understand the issues that PMO (addiction) seem to have on one's entire life. I am 9 days on my Hard-Reboot and I've found that avoiding my triggers (for PMO), when they arise, seems to help strengthen my commttment. I watched that movie 'Traniwreck' on my 3rd day, which normally would have led to PMO [yeah I do have a problem heh], but IF there had been any moment when my mind started to wander? TURN THE TRIGGER OFF, GO FOR A SHORT WALK.
    I hadn't thought about MY apparent lack of remembered dreams being a symptom of PMO, but that's something to think about.....
    Best Of Luck

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