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    Current streak: 481 days no PMO, semen retention.

    Warning: if you are religious, think celibacy is the way, meditation is from satan, sex is for only making babies refrain to reply, this is for whom like this type of practices.

    The essence of the Way is detachment. And the goal of those who practice is freedom from appearances. Bodhidharma

    I’m always trying to push my limits and solve the puzzle on how to do it. Yesterday a very good idea crossed my mind all of the sudden. I remembered the girl I had sex for the last time a very beautiful woman, I had sex that time with the words of my father in my mind “I never enjoyed a woman” he is a tantric sex practitioner, so he does sex as a form of meditation. I had sex that way, even do I had the most beautiful girl in front of me I was simply having sex, you could say sex is for enjoyment and this is not natural, but well, this is tantra and more like a spiritual practice. The point is I never felt better; I enjoyed it in a different way, like a deep meditation state. I achieved being detached to one of the most pleasant experiences of my life. I felt big amounts of energy and calm.

    I’m going to apply this to life “seeing sex as meditation” now it’ll be “seeing life as meditation.” This will allow me to keep pushing my limits, I can face pain, being tired and keep pushing because I’m not over identified with the feeling.

    This is an experiment, lets see how it goes.
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    Isn't it wrong?

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