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4th dimension, 5th, 6th... what do you think reality is?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Deleted Account, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. i recently thought about reality and how we perceive it within the boundaries of our dimensionality (may it be 3, 4 or 5 dimensions, or however many we live in or perceive as such).

    my take on it at the point is this:

    0 dimensions: singularity, something abstract to us, consisting of the data "1" or "0". that's it. there is no space as we know it, so we couldn't define it's position, as there is none. it is the information of "existance". something is there, there is not nothing, or there is something.

    1 dimension: one line of values, for example: 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 ... 1. nothing within this dimension would probably be close to anything we would classify as life. you could also think of it as a set of 0 dimensional universes (ones and zeros) and the set of these universes creates one universe of dimension 1, because you could have them lined up like this:
    00110011110101110100111 which would be binary information and could be interpreted as something like: 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3 ...
    one could also say that the 1st dimension is the "time" of 0 dimensions, as the value of 0 or 1 changes along the line of dimension 1 if you add the concept of time.

    2 dimensions: every value of the 1st dimension gets it's own subset of values. the first value of the first dimension could be 4.3. this value could have a subset like: 4.31, 4.32, 4.33 and so on.

    a twodimensional system could look something like this:

    0.10 / 0.20 / 0.30 / 0.40 / 0.50 => onedimensional system nr.1 (universe in itself)
    0.11 / 0.21 / 0.31 / 0.41 / 0.51 => onedimensional system nr.2
    0.12 / 0.22 / 0.32 / 0.42 / 0.52 => onedimensional system nr.3
    0.13 / 0.23 / 0.33 / 0.43 / 0.53 => onedimensional system nr.4
    0.14 / 0.24 / 0.34 / 0.44 / 0.54 => onedimensional system nr.5
    0.19 / 0.29 / 0.39 / 0.49 / 0.59 => onedimensional system nr.n

    the set of these universes create a twodimensional system, in this case it's a very ordely system. you can also see that you put all of the information in this 2-dimensional universe in a 1-dimensional one. that would look like this: 0.10, 0.11, 0.12 ...

    in reality you might have a universe that is not as "orderly", it could also be noted like this:


    or like this


    3 dimensions: now you do the same thing of every value of the twodimensional system, imagine stacking the values on top of each other. again, you could still write all of that information in one line, the resolution would just be increased: 0.10001, 0.10002, 0.10003 ....

    4 dimensions: same thing, imagine a 3-dimensional system, the values wouldn't be sorted as much and be displayed within a cube on vertices of a grid. you take that system and create a set of it. now you could imagine a set of cubes that contain a set of numbers.

    some numberpatches in a cube represent an electron, other ones represent a neutron, we learned that you can also write every multidimensional universe/system in one line. so you could write the neutron as a number, either binary of decimal or whatever system you prefer. for example:

    neutron: 00101011110101011001010100111110101111

    this binary information contains the position of the neutron at what time it exists and the "neutron-information", so that later we can interpret that information as a neutron.

    every 3-dimensional object/universe then, could be displayed as a set of ones and zeros.

    there is a set of 3-dimensional universes, and each 3-dimensional universe represents a "frame" of a 4-dimensional universe, what we perceive as time is just us going through frames that are already set and again, can be represented by a number.

    5 dimensions: "parallel-universes" it is a set of complete fourdimensional universes (every complete fourdimensional universe contains everything that ever was and ever will be as a set of 3-dimensional universes (frames) kind of like a movie but in 3d or better represented by a videogame-sequence, a set of 3-dimensional models that change over time).

    in a five-dimensional universe you have a set of possible universes, a lot of those just differ in one value! it would stilll be a different universe. in one of those you wouldn't even exist, in another one the rate you breath in at the time you read this just differs in 0.0001 millisenconds and that's all that is different in that complete other universe that contain all time that ever will be.

    in conclusion:

    our reality could be a n-dimensional system and all dimensions are connected, that's why you could display it by a ration number like pi for example. so there is a rational number that represents the complete reality of everything in n dimensions.

    also, as you can always display a higherdimensional universe as a lowerdimensional one, you might be able to pack a whole universe in 0 dimensions, as a singularity.

    in this theory reality is something static and time is just something we perceive as something different from space because our perception works on the edge of the fourth dimension.

    PS: the binary numbers don't represent the decimal ones that i compare them to (obviously if you know about the notation-system).

    so... what do you think reality really is and what we are in it? this theory is the most complete one i made up at this point, is there anything illogical about it?

    is there something you didn't understand? i'd try to explain myself.
  2. You could also just watch this video first or later:

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