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    I am starting all over again .
    Day 2 of waking up at 5:30 AM.
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    I've decide 5:30 beacause 5:00 is a bit too early for me.
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    I need to get back on tracks man aaaaaarghhh. I'm having a big trouble to sleep and wake up...
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    Back on it gang, 5am start while my family slept in til 7. It's 3 and I am pretty much done what I wanted to do today, now free to relax and enjoy myself.
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    woke up at 6 am today. I need to sleep earlier to wake up earlier.
  8. Hey, do y'all keep the alarm clock near the bead or far away?
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  9. This is a very good thread. Although I am still not up to the challenge let me share my experience with you, maybe it can help some of you.

    I have been struggling to fix my sleep throughout many years. I wanted to wake up at 6 am regularly, but couldn't manage doing it for more than 1-2 days in a row. My main mistake was I always gave excuses to myself whenever I went to bed late. For instance I normally need 7 hours of sleep and if I go to bed say at 1 am, then I'd program my mind to wake up at 8 o'clock but would always end up sleeping even more. Recently I talked to my close friend who usually wakes up very early despite not going to the bed early. The thing is, his body got used to it when he was a student earning money during his Work&Travel in US, where he worked at a fish plant. He had to wake up 5 am every single day, and he went thru this for 3 months. He also had to work like 12 hours sorting fishes at the plant, then he would spend time exploring Alaska, I mean imagine how tired he used to be at the time and yet he managed waking up at 5 AM. Anyway, it's been 15 years since then and he still wakes up at 5 am without alarm. He goes to bed whenever he wants, drunk, sober, tired, not tired but always been waking up 5 am. Of course there were days when he'd wake up at 6 or even 7 am, but he said it happened very rarely.

    So I decided to follow this technique, but I don't want to wake up at 5 am, because I will have to go to bed at 10 pm which is too early. I simply want to be awake at 6 AM which is pretty good for me for now and it's been my 10th day in a row now of waking up at 6 am. This time I forced myself to wake up at 6 am no matter what time I go to bed. And the key is NOT allow yourself to sleep during the day. It's difficult, but it works. I struggled hard during my 1st couple of days, but now I feel how my body is getting used to new regime. Scientist claim you need 21 consistent days to get used to a new addiction, so my short term goal is 21 days, but then I will of course prolong.

    I will be practicing this schedule for at least 2 months and then slowly shift it to 5 am by reducing the sleep hour for 5 minutes per day.

    Sorry for this long post.
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    5 AM check in. After 57 days facing insomnia, I'm finally back on tracks. Waking up early makes me feel good.
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    This is great. I’m going to try from tomorrow. I have had waking at 5am on my things to do list all year. Couldn’t do it before lockdown couldn’t do it during lockdown. I really want to do this! My plan is to have a cold bath and do some yoga or
    qi gong, write some gratitude and then post on here.
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    The plan was this morning was to get up and check the time was as I have been waking up very early in the morning but then going sleep the last few months. I have no idea what time it is but I would presume between 4 and 5. Anyway it didn’t happen and I slept until 6.50. Tomorrow is a new day. If you got up at 5am well done.
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    I've been waking up at 5 AM for like a month now. Guys, it all came down to one single APP on my phone and it's called....
    (drumroll please)

    The thing with Alarmy is that you cannot snooze nor can you switch OFF the phone. It comes equipped with a super loud alarm. To turn off the alarm, you could scan a barcode or do some math problems in it.

    The way I do it is I would scan the barcode of the toothpaste in my bathroom so that I could get up every single day to the bathroom promptly to turn off the alarm and take a cold shower right then and there, making my sleepiness go away.

    Visit https://alar.my/en/ to download or check it out in the app store/play store.
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    I'll download it today and test it. Thanks man!
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