5 months since breakup

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    it's been 5 months since me and this girl broke up. I'm still on her. Advice and knowledge would be appreciated
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    It will take some time. I recommend you stop looking at her pictures etc and try to find some other areas of interest, like a hobby or studies etc. Just trying to "not think about her" won't work, it's like trying to not thing about a white elephant. What's the one thing you have on your mind? A white elephant...

    While you may feel she was the one and only you could ever love I can assure you will find someone else if you just keep your eyes and mind open.
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  3. As tomtom said it will take some time.I was in a shitty relationship for a year and its been 1 year since then and I have gotten over her.What I would suggest is to delete all her picture,phone number everything that reminds you of her.I would find something to get my mind off the breakup,maybe find out what you are really passionate about and work on becoming the strongest version of yourself.Get out there meet new women date around and have fun that is what life is about.Also I highly recommend watching Coach Corey Wayne on youtube and reading his book.This has helped me greatly to understand women and realtionships better and you will see where you went wrong in the relationship and how you can react better when stuff comes up.Good luck!!!
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