5 years+, changed thinking + time = changed behaviors

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Love2LongBoard, Aug 25, 2020.

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    I just found this site, I wish I would have found it long ago.

    I have successfully quit pornography and masturbation for over 5 years. It can be done, it can be sustained.

    For me the biggest help has been re-calibrating my thinking. Sexually perverse behaviors stem from entitled and controlling beliefs and thinking. It took me a long time to recognize that I needed to change how I think in order to sustain any changes in behavior. I would go weeks or months without using, just to be back in it. Each time digging deeper and deeper into my own personal pit of filth.

    The second most helpful process I went through was educating myself on the effects of my pornography use on others. Pornography use feeds the sex-trafficking industry and is a form of sexual abuse.

    Coming to terms with the fact that my pornography use and masturbation supports sex trafficking and is abusive to my loved ones has helped me change not only what I am doing, but how I interact with others in the world.

    This is much bigger than not looking at pornography, its about being the man I was meant to be.

    There is hope. There is peace ahead if you are willing to do the hard work it entails.
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    I have the same feeling. Watching endlessly and jumping from video to video. I hope one day i will forget all the names and all kinds of sites i know and have new thoughts towards healthy connection with women rather than what porn shows us. It doesnt respect women and i don't know why people even involve in this filthy business. I mean i have only been watching it for the past 15 years. What would happen if a pornstar suddenly feel regret and reflect upon the past and think about the future. I am in a better position i can come back to normality after some years i guess. They won't
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    You can and will forget one day. Just keep going. A lot of women in the pornography industry were forced into it. They were drugged to complete the scenes they were in. They were stolen, beaten, and coerced to perform sexual acts against their will. This is throughout all the stuff we watch. Awareness will help men start to find the strength to step away. If we can open our eyes we can begin to see pornography for what it is.
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    My Journal
    Firstly Congratulation on that, those are huge numbers there. You have some good points too.
  5. Hi Love2LongBoard,

    congratulations and thanks for your inspiring post.

    My biggest wish is to go back to an innocent view on sexuality, like in my early teen years. Especially when I talk to other people which still have this innocent view, I notice that I'm different, at least for the moment. I didn't switch to extreme content, but seeing other people as sex objects is also one of my issues. I want to see the full spectrum of people, not only the sexual side.

    Good luck and success for all of you.

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