50 days hard mode! Full sack=full life!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by richie3846, Oct 18, 2015.

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    I have been reading about these for the last couple of days and see that all resumes to what you say, DOPAMINE, we have to rewire our brains to search and have a healthy level and sense of dopamines, not fucked up in the way that we always want something more extreme to fill the voids that one may have.

    Sharing some info:
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    Social anxiety, doubts and the fear of being judged are root reasons for the PMO addiciton. Because of fears, you postpone any decision and any useful activity. Instead, you prefer doing "useless" activity, which in fact is PMO --- it is just as a placeholder.

    A "normal" life is defined by having enough self confidence, such that you know what you want, that you do it, and that you do not anything else which you do not want or which distracts you.

    I can say that we have two personalities in us: One, the weak one, is full of doubts, and the other one, the strong one, is self confident.
    During my periods of full hard mode, I feel how I feed the stronger one, and how I starve the fearful one.
    And with every new hard mode streak, I became better and better.
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    As an addition to my previous post: On the one side, you have fears which hold you back from decisions; on the other side, you are likely doing things just to get praise from others.

    So in fact, you are not doing your things out from a true inner motivaton.

    Instead, your actions are triggered by external motivations, called praise and criticism.
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    Congratulations! It makes me happy to know that you have had such a positive experience. It makes sense that it would help you to replace your more destructive habit with a healthier one (piano instead of porn.) I'm glad that you have become more social and self confident. I am starting this process so the future is still unknown but it is definitely reassuring to hear success stories and positive feedback from other users. Thanks!

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    Music therapy is real! It will temporarily eliminate horniness. Great post!
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    No wonder Gabe Deem used to play the pianos in his spare time!
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    There is something in this I reckon. I felt horny yesterday for the first time in ages, and the variable that stood out was that I couldn't play the piano yesterday. I felt horny this morning too, then practiced piano hard for 2 hours. My brain was fired up, and I no longer feel horny. It's as if my brain has to borrow the energy from my sex drive in order for me to work on the challenging pieces I have in hand a the moment.

    I wonder if other pursuits could have an equal effect? Is music making special, because it's known to be one of the most complex uses of brain power? Or is it the emotional attachment? Or is it just doing something else that doesn't involve the dick, rewires the brain, at least temporarily?
  8. SnowWhite

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    In fact, you are always seeking for things which are giving you pleasure. Whatever this is.

    Now, playing the piano is very demanding for the brain, as there are many fine sensors and muscles of your body involved, which need to be coordinated. And if you play on stage withing a group in front of an audience, you have even much more parameters involved! All that is very demanding and gives you the feeling of being fulfilled and immersed. That's why playing a concert is so great.

    Also, exercising is in fact learning, and learning new things is also a big pleasure -- in fact, it is a rewiring which is taking place, and thsi is what you brain likes to do. Your brain is MADE for learning new things, it is getting bored and deteriorates if you don't feed it with new information.

    Furthermore, I am sure that certain harmonies, sounds and melodies are triggering parts in us which are connected with natural sounds, voices, language, social connection and in fact with sexuality. Think how erotic some female voices can be. Or think of a mother who hushes her child. Think how the bubbling sound of a rivulet makes us feel relaxed. There are deeply rooted parts in us which react to voices and sounds and with music, you can actively trigger them.
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    I also have noticed good improvements in my guitar playing since abstinence.Inspiring story mate!
  10. PotentLife

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    Congratulations, Richie!

    What a rich, gorgeous, solid, classy instrument the piano is! And how you're almost physically immersed in it when you play!

    I've been listening to Beethoven's Tempest sonata among other things to motivate me to abstain. It's rigorous, angry and spine-chillingly-spellbindingly delicate.

    It seems to me that urges to fap are just other form of emotion. Music is highly emotional, and the emotion that is cultivated dominates. Besides playing piano, guitar, bass, singing (at varying levels of quality), during some streaks I have made sure to cry as often as possible, for any reason I can muster - gratitude, desperation to succeed, the mystery of trying to live an honest life. I also beat my chest to summon my masculine sense of identity and the nobility of my self control. These emotions and activities have always dispersed temptation when I've remembered to do them.

    Thanks for the inspiring posts!

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