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  1. 2018 will go into the record books for me. It will be remembered as the year that I finally took on my biggest issue and made real progress towards recovery.

    Being addicted to porn / cybersex / chat apps and phonesex is not causing us to be depressed, compulsive or anxious. Our anxiety / depression or other mental health condition / inability to cope with life is causing us to seek refuge or comfort in these destructive habits.

    If you address your issues you will wind in your porn consumption.

    Tips for life:
    • Stay on this forum and stay humble. You cannot beat this addiction by doing what you have always done. You have seen time and time again that it doesn't work.
    • If you fail which you will at some point keep your chin up and realise it is part of the process. Be thankful for the opportunity to reflect on what didn't work or your triggers.
    • Keep trying and keep thinking about sucess and when it gets tough remember why you started this journey.
    • Meditate daily. Clear your head. I use Headspace app and practice the Eim Hof Method (best kept secret in the world in my opinion)
    • Exercise daily and tidy up your diet.
    • Limit your screen time. Compulsive gaming on phones / socia media.
    • Rest. Get lots of sleep and maintain a regular schedule if you can.
    • Enlist the support of an AP or trusted friend - you'd be suprised how many people are open to this when you mention it. My wife and a few friends are a MASSIVE help.

    You can do this guys. We can do it. If you read my journal I have felt the despair, guilt and shame just as all of you have who are feeling helpless now. There is a better way and I am telling you we can all get there.

    Thank you guys for your ongoing support. This forum has helped me in ways you'll never know.

    Your ability or inability to quit lies solely with you though so get out there and do it!!
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    You mean Wim Hof? Is that the breathing technique?
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    Beautiful post. Thanks
  4. So
    Sorry Wim Hof method...that stuff works. I held my bresth for 3mins and 37 seconds yesterday practising this. I'm not kidding. I am not an athlete or super freak fit person. I am aversgr. Read, learn and study it.
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  5. Honestly I cant hold my breath more than 30 sec :p :D
  6. Neither could I... takes practice. Benefits are amazing.
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    Maybe you guys can start a thread on the Wim Hof method. Giving it a go but can only do about ten of the deep breaths atm...Would also be good to hear of any benefits you have found.
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    Awesome job and great post!

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