50 days of Nofap and Semen retention benefits.

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    Ah man! Day 50. Feeling so proud of myself. I knew that I would complete this milestone.

    Want to know what are the benefits I have got in these 50 days?

    •Number 1 and the most important benefit is that i have changed the view in which I have been seeing myself. I used to view myself that I was a loser. I cannot do anything. Now I view myself as a confident guy who can achieve anything.

    •Number 2 : More confident. Let me get into the details. The level of confidence I didn’t expect when I was starting Nofap. It’s a mile better than the one which I thought. It’s a level of confidence I have that if I go to my crush, she will fall for me. Trust me, I am very confident.

    •Number 3 : Better Eye to Eye conversation. When I talk with someone whoever he/she is it. I can easily look straight in the eyes when speaking. And trust me sometimes they look away first. I have learnt how to hold the gaze. But I keep in mind not to hold the gaze for too long otherwise it would creep them out.

    •Number 4 : Coming to the social anxiety, I would say it is decreased but I still have a little. But my level of confidence always punch through it. No matter how big the social anxiety is, my confidence always help me to make through it. I win.

    •Number 5 : better facial hair. Being a 17 years old, I can say that my facial hairs have got thicker. At least more thicker than in PMO period.

    •Number 6 : better peace. Meditation helped me a lot. Tonnes of people in Nofap say that if you’re in Nofap then you mostly have anger inside you. You become aggressive. And I do agree with it. But doing meditation even for 10 mins daily helps you a lot. I also end up being aggressive manytimes, mostly whenever I have wet dreams. But it’s for some mins or probably an hour. After that, I am calm.

    •Number 7 and the second most important for me that Nofap and Semen Retention helped me : To get back to my normal fetish. Porn and masturbation made me a voyeur guy. I used to get aroused by watching people having sex. I wasn’t able to maintain an erection whenever I see only a naked girl. Forget maintaining erection, I wasnt even able to get it hard as well. It’s been 50 days and I am back to normal. I can proudly say that I have crushed those fetishes down, destroyed it permanently. Thinking about a girl giving me a blowjob can easily get me hard as fuck just like girls love it.

    •Number 8 : Many people crave in Nofap for this (Women attraction). I have received women attraction in Nofap. Let me tell you a personal experience. I went to a hospital. My dad was admitted in a cabin in 8th floor. I went inside the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors opened, A beautiful, gorgeous receptionist laid her eyes on me and she was stunned. She was wearing a mask and so was I. I went to her to ask the cabin number where my dad was admitted and she was holding her gaze. I asked her. She stood up from her chair, leaning her body towards me and said the cabin number. Everytime she was holding her gaze. I went into dad’s cabin. After that I came out and was about to leave for home. I called the elevator and the elevator is just opposite from reception. There’s only one elevator in that department and it works really slow. It was only the ground floor when I called and I was on 8th. Suddenly she called me from behind. Said about the discharge. She was really taking in a flirtatious manner. She asked me my name. I could feel the energy. Man that was intense. Everytime she was holding the eye contact . She was making a very flirtatious moment as if she wants to kiss me. Then another lady came from an opposite side and started to have a chat with her. I was waiting for my elevator. At Every 5-7 seconds, she was turning her head back, looking at me. After a minute, she turned her entire body towards me looking at me. She was ignoring that lady but answering her questions and she was looking at me the entire time. Like there’s no break between the eye contact. She was slowing tilting her head up looking me the entire time. I felt it. I am damn sure that she wanted me to dominate her. I can’t express the feeling here. But this kind of things never happened to me before, when I was PMOing. Everywhere I go, I could feel that ladies check me out. It happens to me whenever I go out. They can sense it. I walk very calmly and very confidently. Many ladies even hold their eye contact for even more than 5 seconds when I cross their path. It works. It definitely works.

    •Number 9 : Noticed an extra add on volume in my dick. And also Erections are now rock hard. It’s way more better now.

    •Number 10 : Better muscle growth. I workout daily. Chest, shoulders, love handles etc. I don’t hit the gym. I do home workouts. Also I take clean diet. In these 50 days, I only ate home foods beside eating 3 fish fries for 3 days when I was in flatline. Haha!

    •Number 11 : Broad Jawline. Giving my face more masculine shape.

    •Number 12 : Deeper Voice. Some says that it is same. Some saying that it has changed to deep. Personally, I feel that somewhat it has got deep. In real I have a deeper voice.

    Alright people these were my benefits that I have got in this 50 days of Nofap and Semen Retention. Just keep up the good work.

    Be brave
    Do not Watch porn and masturbate.
  2. Alpha Wanna be

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    The most important thing, in my opinion.
    The way we see ourselves is the way the world will see us.
    Keep it up!
  3. Comfortablydumb96

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    I really needed to read this. Thanks.
  4. Ainz

    Ainz Fapstronaut

    What is frequency of your wet dreams ?? Like how many times you have wet dream in a month ??
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  5. |Hanuman|

    |Hanuman| Fapstronaut

    In these 50 days I have had 14 wet dreams. It started from day 15 and it happens on every alternate day like day 15, day 17, day 19.
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  6. Ainz

    Ainz Fapstronaut

    Okay. Thanks for answer.
    I am currently trying to treat my wet dream scenario. I think it's working so far as my last wet dream had streak of 14 days.
    I haven't able to test those attraction related perks of NoFap as Work from home is more tiring and with less human interaction.
    Let hope for the best
  7. |Hanuman|

    |Hanuman| Fapstronaut

    Look, honestly wet dreams doesnt drain any of my powers obviously I feel aggressive whenever it happens but that only last for some minutes. I feel fresh after that. I have tried every possible things that prevents wet dreams like sleeping on back, cold shower before bed, meditating before bed, emptying bladder , drinking less water before bed. But still I get wet dreams. I have stopped caring about those now. Bcoz its the bodys natural way of releasing excess semen. In the end its all about how you feel.
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  8. ALEX00010

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    Sir the app which you used for workout in home daily? If u mention it would be helpful
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  9. Ainz

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    Yeah it doesn't drains much but it does a little.
    Also It's only my thing. It's more like something in my mind which I can't get rid of.
    I will work on reducing its frequency for my own satisfaction.
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  10. |Hanuman|

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    I don't use any workout apps. I have my own routine.
  11. takingthejourney

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    Your beasting as far as the dreams ive come to the point i can even control it so i dont bust during a dream and wake up before i unload
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  12. Cynamooo

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    I'm kind of jealous man! Keep up the grind!!
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  13. Selectiveman

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    Amazing!! Really hoping that i can keep it up till 50 days. These few days is rough...
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  14. Gamebred305

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    These are the things that I am missing in life .
    I would like to achieve these too
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  15. |Hanuman|

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    great work brother.
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  16. |Hanuman|

    |Hanuman| Fapstronaut

    I will

    Start doing Nofap.

    If you’re looking after yourself then you’ll achieve. Work on your diet, start exercising. Start grooming to look good. All these you have to maintain while on Nofap and Semen retention.
  17. Powerous

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    Keep it up bro, it just keeps getting better and better the more you keep going. Stay strong
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  18. |Hanuman|

    |Hanuman| Fapstronaut

    Yes, it does.
  19. Mr doctor

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  20. This quote makes nofap all worth it.

    Imagine the compounding results of goong through the world with this frame?!?

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