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  1. Alexander, I have no idea but I'm pretty sure (your mod team or) you've gotten this question many times.. for that my apologies..thanks for your patience in advance if any mod or if you yourself reply to this..

    Can you or anyone do anything to raise that number of likes we can give? I feel like those are soooOooOOOOooOOoo important for support..maybe even more than profile section likes (which are over 1,000 likes for unlimited time..I don't think anyone has ever reached the amount you can give per # hours lol)

    Reason for edit: took the @ from before Alexanders name so it wont notifyhim of the responses here..and bother him.
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  2. I run out of those 50 likes very often due to which I am unable to like many good posts on forums.
    I think the limit should be like 200 or so.
  3. Is this the petition thread? Boy I should found this sooner. I agree. Per day. I read a few journals and liking the content would mark how far I've reach. Agreed on raising the limit to 100 or something.
  4. OK I just got rid of the like limit entirely. As you said, people smash likes by the 1000s on profile posts anyway, so at this point there's really no reason to keep the limits in place.
  5. :emoji_astonished:Wow Thanks, Alexander, we appreciate it!
    Hopefully you're not upset.. :emoji_pensive:
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  6. If something like that upset me, the site wouldn't survive. We have far bigger problems lol. Hoping that 2020 is a great year for the site and all of our lives :)
  7. Nice :)
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