51 days - Benefits, and what works well alongside the benefits

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by SalCapone, May 9, 2018.

  1. SalCapone

    SalCapone Fapstronaut


    Increased awareness
    Increased energy.
    Being able to look people in the eye.
    Dramatically increased personal magnetism/attraction. (It will be remarkably strong for 2 straight weeks, then it will take 3-5 days off. After those 3-5 days of nothing, suddenly it's back, stronger than ever)
    Increased confidence
    Perfect posture.
    Increase in wanting to socialise and go out clubbing.
    Increase in work ethic and productivity.

    I have had minimal urges. Maybe 5 in 50 days. I PMO'd once to three times a day for 10 years before this.

    In my experience, nofap works well with;
    Cold Showers
    Improved diet
    A daily plan (goal setting and striving for 100%)
    Qigong and/or meditation

    <3 Here's to another 50, fapstronauts.
  2. gaaroth

    gaaroth Fapstronaut

    Wow dude, it's amazing !
    I feel exactly the same effect than you :) and I'm in 53 days without PMO / MO.
    Amazing things happened to me, helped by nofap that's pretty sure, but it's true that you have to do a combo with coldshower/diet/workout to be the best of yourself and more "open" to live.
    I can say that's I'm more open about opportunities, people, present. After like you say the "magic" doesn't work everyday, you have to be patient, understand the flatline...
    When I meet problem like in my job or other I'm more "ok, that's life, what crash has to crash" but like with motivation, ok now let's do this, do the best if it doesn't work it's not the way..

    Thanks for your share.
  3. Thats great news guys. Keep going and keep positive about nofap. I will catch up with you soon.
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  4. Alk346

    Alk346 Fapstronaut

    Do you recommend any instructors for beginners?
  5. Atrium_Guy

    Atrium_Guy Fapstronaut

    thats awesome man - love hearing it. I'm day 31 and its still up and down. Irritable at times, and actually think I caught some flu-like symptoms from the dopamine withdrawal.....KEEP GOING!!
  6. Son of Midgaard

    Son of Midgaard Fapstronaut

    I like it Sal! I was curios as to what you wrote about magnetism? Could you please expand on this if you wan't to. I was curios as how it has come to express itself and if it has anything maybe to do with you personally or with Nofap.
  7. ThatOneBro

    ThatOneBro Fapstronaut

    When did you first start noticing the magnetism?
  8. SalCapone

    SalCapone Fapstronaut

    Hey mate. I am trying to navigate my way through it all myself haha, I am probably not the best person to ask atm !
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  9. SalCapone

    SalCapone Fapstronaut

    Hey mate, I started noticing the magnetism on day 8. :D
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  10. SalCapone

    SalCapone Fapstronaut

    Hey man, it expresses itself in many different ways. It begins with people just looking at you. Men look at you and some nod. Women look at you and smile, or look you up and down as you walk past. This gets drastically more apparent for me as the weeks roll on. I get asked out or chatted up every few days.

    This being said, if you also work on your goals and work on bettering yourself but also just going about your daily business and not thinking to much about it, it works better and people are drawn to you more.

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