54 days into NoFap - the desire to relapse is enormous

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ThisGuyShe, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Dear fellows,

    This is my first post on this subreddit and I am happy to do the first step.
    As seen above, I started my journey 54 days ago, motivating myself from deleting PMO from my brain-harddrive.
    Cut the long story short:

    - feeling more happy, confident in every decision made and appearance
    - Relearned how to lock in to womens eyes up to 5 seconds
    - EXTREME Energy when needed (like working out for 2 hours and running afterwards)
    - Procrastination reached minimum
    - Regular sleep-patterns
    - Very easy to get out of bed

    - sexual urge arises when seeing attractive woman (mostly from behind and face)
    - constant thoughts about being attractive in public TO attract women mentioned above
    - still not able to smile (show teeth) at woman

    To sum up, nofap is in its early stages because I see progress. The sexual urges become stronger and its very hard to resist and release dopamine in brain. My experience is that YOU need to change your personality. NOFAP helps you with it but you can't expect the benefits to come out of nowhere.

    I hope you can understand me and I wish you the best for the continuation of your path.
    Feel free to comment, critizise, or give advise below.


    (sry for spelling mistakes, Im in a hurry because of my bed schedule )
  2. 4DCreator

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    Day 48 and urge to relapse in enormous as well. Yesterday I have experienced the strongest urge of my life - for the whole day. I was sweating and crying literally. I had a physical pain in my head and I was tired and looked like I am on drugs. I had an extreme loss of motivation, which is still here even today.
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    Hi TheChi,

    I will say that changing your personality is quite a difficult thing to do. I've only read about it in my studies into Psychology and I can't say off of personal experience or anything that I've read that I have witnessed it first hand. But studies do say that changing your personality usually happens in an event that something traumatic happens. So traumatic that you become a different person.

    I hope that PMO hasn't affected you so much that you've become a different person. Or maybe it's affected you so much that you want to become the person that you're meant to be? To sum this up, I'm happy that you're 55 days in. Please stay connected to the community and stay connected to others on here. They will help tremendously.
  4. ThisGuyShe

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    I feel you mate,

    My advise for you is to keep busy so that you don't be able to think about these idiotic urge.

    -Study to enhance your knowledge (languages, topics that you are interested in)

    -Watch motivating videos on YouTube (nofap-advise, productivity videos especially from Matt D avella


    -Smile more in public and get people know that you have a REASON why to be happy (I experienced that far more women look at me when I do so)

    -Try to help everywhere you can to make OTHERS happy vice versa you will be too trust me (For example offer somebody a seat on the bus or train, say thank you when sb least expected it)

    -MOST IMPORTANT don't expect women to look at you. Don't expect anything from life. Life expects you to change! Take your chance to improve!

    Hope you can follow me and may god guide you on your journey

    (The devil might have his hours, BUT GOD WILL HAVE HIS DAYS)
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  5. ThisGuyShe

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    Thanks for your answer!

    Improving life/personality is my aim.
    I personally think that you form your personality through every choice you made from the first in the morning to the last in the evening.
    Every step ( new habits ) leads to a better person. Each reached aim leads to improvement in brain and therefore mindset.

    As said in my previous post, PMO affected me not much but Im looking forward to greet more benefits through reaching goals.
  6. I am feeling this too, and I am almost to the longest NoFap streak I've ever had. My porn-blocker prevents me from relapsing to porn. But as the days add up, I think about all the new porn videos that have been coming out on my favorite sites, and that I'm missing out. Then I realize that the longer my NoFap streak, the bigger "the payoff" if I relapse, in terms of the increased amount of new videos I could search through. So have to guard against using a long NoFap streak to make the relapses "better".
  7. ThisGuyShe

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    Congrats on 22 days!

    That means that you started your journey to become a better man 3 weeks+1 day ago!
    Keep going my friend. Thats the advice.
    Promise me that you reach your 90 days because that is the point where things change dramatically. You are only supposed to decide whether you want to stop or continue in 9 weeks! Write down the final date where you will reach your 90 days.

    Your body and brain is used to PMO patterns over years (I hope Im right) resulting in the body to DO EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER to return back to normal state where you felt extremely happy for JUST 5 SECONDS over and over again.

    Your brain thinks: Where are my hot babes after 22 days?! WTF is wrong? Let me activate my receptors to make me have these feelings again (usually your feeling of being horny).
    THAT is where you take over. You need to tell the brain that your willpower is stronger than your slow adaptive brain. Eventually it gives up but for now you need to fight the 3. world war and WIN.

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  8. rowans

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    I said you one thing......
    In every video concept is same...dick goes in pussy in and out several times...dick/pussy licking...boobs pressing...loud sound of moaning...and you relaps...Game over.
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  9. rowans

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    Thats funny..
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  10. Harrynak

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    Please dont tell yourself your "desire for a relapse"

    that really is nonsense

    The only thing you are feeling right now is this; your brain is asking for dopamine,

    that good, heavenly, dopamine , that you spiked your brain with many times

    your brian misses it, but it can go whitout

    just DONT give in to the urges and they will pass soon

    replace activities with real dopamine such as completing simple tasks, music, even food (no binge eating) or walking outside, going to the beach, talking to girls, excersise

    your mind is trying to trick you into flooding ith with dopamine

    same as nicotine addiction, smokers that quitted for a couple of months still get thoses urges, if you dont give in

    your perfectly fine

    if you take ONE PUFF or ONE LOOK AT P

    your hooked again my friend

    for a very long time

    even till your grave if your are unlucky
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