540 Days of No PMO

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by AModernMiroku, Jul 10, 2022.

  1. Kratos_GOW

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    Thanks a lot my friend.
  2. growuptime

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    Inspiration. I'm putting this post into my bookmark to look at when I have issues.
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  3. AModernMiroku

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    @Redemptionisrequired Anytime you wish to assist me, I shall take it readily! Your support has helped me get this far! You remember both my best & worst days--so you know that this is how it is indeed. I look forward to the days ahead! Again--glad to see you back in these parts!

    @growuptime I am glad that I can be of some assistance--& I am honoured by the compliment. Thanks for stopping by.
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  4. Kieran2121

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    This is great post. Thank you :)
  5. Redemptionisrequired

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    @Kratos_GOW It's my pleasure Kratos! Keep following your path.

    @AModernMiroku Yes, you have grown so much along the journey my friend, I look up to you and hope to emulate such growth along my renewed journey. Forge ahead!

    @Kieran2121 My pleasure Kieran, you should check out each report from my friend Miroku. It gives a great break down and understanding of the journey.
  6. jun007

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    Thank you for sharing. I am on my way to 500days now. What a journey!
    I had similar experience. My life is gradually returning to normal, that first I felt boring, but now I just accept it as the way it is. I was expecting certain miracles to happen, but then I realized gaining my control of my thoughts and desire and thus not committing harmful activities, such as PMO, is already a great achievement, which will benefit me in the long term.
    My physical energy is also slowly returning, which is proved when I finished a 3.5 mile running with ease. Not at an athletic level, but certainly above average of my age group, this in return gives me confidence and also helps me transmute my sexual energy into other meaningful fields such as running, meditation and work.
    Wish to see your future updates Brother, thank you again.
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  7. AModernMiroku

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    @jun007 : Thanks for stopping by--& thanks for the comments & compliments!

    I am glad I can be of assistance in some way!
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