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    Hi guys!

    So first of all, God bless this website and all of You!
    This community helped me a lot.

    I did a lot of awful things. I am 23 y.o and never been in serious relationship. I was always shy and scared of women. In 2018 i decided to finnaly do something with it. Before 2018 i had some nofap periods, but they were not long. Like 31 days or smth.
    In 25 march in 2018 when i was in church i decided to finnaly find purpose. Change for me, for God, and for my future wife. I work on see as officer. I was on sea, when i finnaly relapsed but with counter of more then 100 days. What i saw was when we were in harbour near Liverpool, all gril were staring at me, and i had tons of energy and confidance. I also saw that small things can give a lot of joy. Like riding a bike in a rain, or playing guitar.

    So 2018 was big change for me, very little P and sometimes M. But still sometimes.

    5 days before new year i started new challange: No PMO in 90 days.
    So far i can tell you what i have expirienced:

    My immunologic system is amazing! My whole fimily was ill for about 3 weeks, and I?
    I had only a headache for about half a day! Maybe that is a benefit of cold showers, but i think it is combination of seman retention and cold showers.

    Second is of course that i am brave. I dont fear to look in to someone's eyes anymore.
    I dont feel like i am hidding something.

    Maybe it is strange, but i feel like all of my girl colleagues, are intrested in me. All my jokes are funny for them(i have very specific sense of humor :D), they are smilling next to me and want to touch me. One of a girl is 3 y older then me. We were always friends, nothing more. She is indeed very beautyfull, but strange things started to occur. She texts me very offten, send pics what she is doing (nothing dirty), and when we were in the club she got a little bit drunk. She was touching me all the time, she wanted to kiss me and go together to her flat. I refused couse she wasnt clear mind at that moment. It would be unfair i think. I am dating another girl, and it feels like she is eating me with het eyes!

    Another benefit is that i gained muscles and lost weight. I slouch less. If u guys wanna see my change i can send img.

    And the biggest change is that i feel i am a free man. I am not animal. I can do with my live what i want. Nothing is stronger then me. Maybe i will fall again. I know it. But i will rise up again. Becouse i do not beg for freedom. I fight for it!

    Thank u guys again! Stay strong, and dont let your inside deamons eat You!
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    WOW. you are great!!! You can do this!!!!!
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  3. Congrats on your streak man ! Keep it strong!
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    Thats great..
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  5. Wow! This is one of the most motivating things I've read on this site. It makes me really want to see it for myself!
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    Bro I am like you. I am somewhat scared of women. I come from a single mother family and 2 sisters so I'm not sure why I have that. I am on day 20 no PMO. I just came out of a flat line. I feel awesome, but I'm all alone and have nothing to do. I'll go to the gym later tho. I'm gonna buy some phenibut to hopefully conquer my social anxiety.
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    congratulations dear
  8. Wuzzaap

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    Bro i laughed my ass off , U ROCK !!!!

    Congratss and u r the reason u stopped me from relapsing RN !!!
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  10. Jhonbrazillian

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    [QUOTE = "Wuzzaap, post: 1916203, membro: 240176"] Bro eu ri pra caramba, U ROCK !!!!

    Parabéns e vc a razão pela impedância de recaída RN !!! [/ QUOTE]
    Esse RN é referente ao teu estado ??
  11. Seawolfee

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    Well i dont know this thing. Maybe it would be better to avoid such things? I mean the power is inside You. You dont need that to change. Find courage inside. And remember, Brave man does feel fear, but acts despite it. Good luck :)

    And thanks guys for your comments. It motivates me more to keep my mind clear and strong.

    PS. Some of you asked me to send my change. I dont know how to drop a file in private converstaion. So i will drop them here :) It is exactly 80 days between them. Hope that will motivate someone!
    Day 1
    Days 85 and 86
    ZMIANA 1.jpg
    ZMIANA 2.jpg

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    keep fighting. thx
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  13. Wuzzaap

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    Man u changed really , ur skin looks different . And uv made some gains .

    Good luck with ur life brother
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    @Seawolfee keep fighting bro. No turning back. :emoji_muscle:
  15. Hey! Can you PM me before and after pics of the change? I won’t post them anywhere or do anything with them, it’s just for myself to collect some evidence and reassure myself

    Congrats on your success man
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  16. Seawolfee

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    They are above your post my friend :) Go and look :)
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