55 days in but i want to watch 1 video

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by sd1, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. sd1

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    So as the title states im curious.. im 55 days into my streak its going great but there is this one porn video i really want to watch, its only about 2 minutes long will that interrupt my streak? Should i just forget about it or is it ok to just WATCH the video and nothing else?
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    Stop making justifications to go back to watching pornography. Your ego is trying to play tricks on you. NO it's not ok to watch the video. NO PMO means No porn masturbation or orgasm. You cannot look at any form of pornography. If you look at the vid you'll just end up looking at more porn, than edging and relasping.
  3. sd1

    sd1 Fapstronaut

    Thank you i needed that
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  4. OhWhenThe

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    I can't speak for your level of addiction but if you're anything like me then the following will happen if you watch this video ... and this probably applies to the vast majority on here.

    So you make the decision to watch it, you know you shouldn't and this is why your heart will be racing in anticipation. You open the video and watch, you probably won't have the reaction to it that you were expecting, it won't be the euphoric moment that you've built it up to be. Instead you will feel kind of neutral, it may even have a kind of calming effect on you. Once you're done you'll think wow, I'm so over this and glad that you got it out of your system and you can move on. Unfortunately though the minute you started watching that video you will have basically lit a stick of dynamite in your brain. For the next half an hour, hour, two hours or whatever it might be you will still feel fine but at some point you will get the urge to go back and look at it again, or something else. You will convince yourself that it's no problem, you just watched it and didn't act on but this time those old connections have sparked together again and the reaction you get will be more like the "old times". Before you know it you're touching yourself/edging, a moment of sense strikes and you think ok I screwed up here but if I stop now I haven't done too much damage but now those old connections are on fire. You close the video and get away from it but that's unlikely to last very long. You fight with your inner self but eventually cave and say fuck it I've messed up already anyway. You then fully relapse, afterwards you may not even feel that bad, you tell yourself it was only once, one time in 55 days I've done well, I can do it again. Nope, extreme chaser effect kicks in and your brain wants you to make up for those 55 days, the strength it takes to get straight back on the wagon at that point is way, way more than the strength it takes to not watch that video in the first place, trust me. In 99.9% of cases it will lead to a full on binge, whether that's over one day, a couple of days or even a week and at that point you will well and truly be back to square one, all of those 55 days pretty much meant nothing. What's even worse is that your motivation and willpower have now taken a significant dent and getting back on a 55 day streak will prove to be harder than the first time around. Imagine you've put so much energy into getting out of a pit of quicksand, only to fall back in even deeper.

    TL;DR Don't watch the video.
  5. sd1

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    Thank you brotha, your100% right This is how ive failed many streaks up to this point i will keep going!
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  6. HelpMeDESU!

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    No excuses to relapse, your brain will always trick you.
    Remember the day you started the streak and ask yourself why did you start it? Is it that you wanted to achieve something that would help you in the near future? or is it that you wanted to come till 53 days jack off a worthless [email protected]#n vid just to feel like shit once again?

    I hope your question/answer would be the
    green one.

    NoFap, Stay Strong.
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    Learn how to control your mind.
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