58 days report ! And cool thing which happened yesterday!

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    I am having 58 days today and soon reach 60 days. I will just post benefits that I already got:
    - Girls and getting noticed by people.
    I just started seeing them and I started realising they are humans as well. I started looking at them. I noticed, maybe like 2 girls which randomly looked at me so far. I sometimes see a classmate looking at me but I am not sure because sometimes I just look at her too :D I think I may be perceived better. Whenever I walk into public place, in school for example some people will look at me and then get busy with their stuff. They notice my presence. I also feel better perceived and respected, people are kind and polite to me. My mom and dad, they doesn't see me socialising at school and in other situations but they said to me that I changed. I don't know how but they noticed that I became more confident :D
    I will tell you a story which happened yesterday. I have driving classes and I usually drive a car with other student.
    Usually the other guy didn't speak to me when we had a break and we were sitting in a car. It was usually a silence.
    And yesterday I had a class with a girl I didn't know. When we had a break and we were waiting for our instructor, I picked up my phone and got prepared for another silence, but she started a small talk with me with smile. She smiled, have eye contact with me. I laughed with her, she talked to me like we were friends. That was strange for me but I felt so good and confident after having a talk with her. And that was strange that I did good in conversation.

    - I am now feeling confident and more mature!
    One day is stronger one day weaker but I feel much better than I used to be. It is feeling like, you feel very good in your own skin. And I feel more serious. I don't know how to describe this but I started seriously thinking about my studies, University. I am 18 and this is the last year of my highschool and I will have very very very important exam which will decide whether I am good enough for University or not. I have cutted down smartphone use and video games. I started reading fiction books and books which will help me to prepare for my exam, working out, helping my dad in work (Bonus cash in my pocket :p). I started now noticing how much my classmates are unmature. They say jokes on classes, talk with others on class when the teacher is teaching important stuff for our exam, they use Facebook, Snapchat with their Iphones on classes, when something goes wrong on test they will surely blame the teacher. And they really like to party, drink alcohol ect. Sometimes teachers realy have to reprimand them, or tell them to change seats becaue they talk with their mate. And this is the class of 18 years old people...

    I realised I were not myself all the time, I used to seek acceptance from them... Because of my confidence, now I realised I am much better than them. I am proud of my interests (History, Politics, Self-improvement, psychology/philosophy a bit,self-improvement). My life values have changed! :)

    - I realised that time flows slower.
    Sometimes after a work and reading book I look at watch and realise that I have so much time left.

    - I started wearing clothes I like
    I know it can be strange for you to read it but I always used to buy clothes with care:
    What they will think about me if I wear this? What about this shirt? No no, I will look stupid in this. I used to wear uncomfortable clothes just to make sure no one will say I look stupid or not to make others pay attention to me.
    Now when I go to shop I just buy whatever I like. I tend to buy clothes in which I feel comfortable and good. I buy them for myself not to appreciate others :D

    - Relationships are better
    I don't say I have 1000000 friends. I still haven't reached a point of having many friends. I have some acquaintnces in school and friends in school. But I just noticed that it is now better for me to talk with them. I don't feel that much anxiety or shame.
    I see that it is better to have normal conversation and I realised that they like me. It feels like they treat me better and I feel so normal around people.
    That are benefits after 58 days. 85 days and I will reach my goal. I am aiming for 143 days and of course more. My goal is to have finally good and real Christmas.
    I realised I stopped feeling that atmosphere for a long time...
    SORRY for my bad english, I am still learning :)

    If you think NOFAP is placebo or fake:
    -You are totally wrong!!!
    I used to be someone who wa socially anxious, were afraid of showing own interests and talents,had no normal view over womens and were completely awkwad with talking to girls.Ihad no confidence and were focused on how others perceive me. I could even make fun of my friend just to be liked by others...
    If you think you have 40-50 days and you feel depressed ect.
    Just keep going. You already will notice improvement and that depression will last one day, at least not forever.
    Cutting down the addiciton and changing your life for better is very beneficial!!!
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  2. Well done!! Continue!! Stay on course!! We are following!​
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    Yes nofap is best
  4. Knarendra

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    Great man keep going
  5. 'Started wearing clothes I like' That resonates with me too.
    I now dress better and I am no longer afraid to step out shining in my best jeans and shirt even when going for a short errand around my neighborhood. Cuz that's how I fee inside now, gooooooooood.

    Success in your journey.

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    Well done on 60 days, I'm determined to get to 60 days myself. Great to see all the positive effects you're feeling.
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  7. Thanks. You are coming home son too, success :)
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    Man, that statement is so true for me.
    I am glad I'm going back home
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    My Journal
    Hey man, thanks for sharing! Sounds amazing, I'm happy for you. It will even get better... around 100 days I noticed another huge confidence peak! I like your goal to stay clean til christmas. I did it last year too and it was really amazing experience. Totally different atmosphere. It's my goal again this year. So we can reach christmas clean together haha!

    Have a good time! :)
    & stay free.
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  10. Got inspired from listening to Drake (hold on we are going home)

    let's go home bro :)
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    Before u began experiencing these benefits were u not confindent with urself and we're u quiet and alone. What I'm saying is we're u kind of a loner before u began doing nofap I'm not saying this to make u angry I'm saying because I want to know if people have been through those things. I'm currently am and I want to know if you've also experienced this also so I know that Nofap can help with this.
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    I can tell you.
    Before Nofap I used to be a person with no confidence, I had anxiety just from being around people and talking to them.
    I was doing something to overcome social anxiety but there was still something wrong. Now I still have social anxiety but it's way better. It's like, I can now decide not to think about others ect. I don't feel anxiety just from presence of humans and I feel that some situations feels more normal and natural. I have a class, I don't go well with classmates
    Now I realised I'm more mature than them and my goal is to take care of myself and my studies. Before I used to do everything to make them laugh or happy. I used to seek acceptance. "if they like me I feel good if they don't like me I feel bad". I was excited that someone speaks to me. Now I know it's silly. I feel natural and I don't care about them. They can be or not. I feel same good :)
    I was a person who used to play video games in free time, 3 hours every day of weekend, used smartphone 4-5 hours per day, and I never seeked contact from friends (at time when I had some friends and I could hang out with them) I avoided them because of anxiety and I guess addiction.
    I also was a person who could be angry over mom or dad for nothing or for something small. Sometimes I didn't even know why I'm so angry. And sometimes I didn't know why my mom was upset.
    I also were someone who was like "Uhhhh" " mhm" " yes"
    Hard to socialise. Sometimes people had to ask lot of questions to make me speak. Ahh
    There is alot to mention.
    Do you want to know more about my classmates ? Do you want to ask about something?
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  13. I totally relate with this, I had even reached a point of starting to hate people close to me, because my anxiety and self hate would interpret everything they would do or say suspiciously. I would think people were doing/saying things purposely to embarrass me (even a friend couple holding hands e.t.c)

    I am not now a socializing expert nor a communication ninja, however, I am able to handle social situations with more maturity and understanding. I have also started feeling more love and connect to people.

    Coincidentally I am also on Day 65 :)

  14. Tomtom2105

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    I just want to say I was just like you bro. Always copped up inside my room with the light out just playing video games, using my phone, and watching porn. And I also have friends who are kind of mean to me at times and I would always try to do stuff for them so they would like or make them laugh at me. Because I thought they would think I'm cool. I did so much stuff that I'll regret like taking a hit of a vape just so they would think I'm cool but they still make fun of me. I would also sometime be angry or just very sad at time and I just don't even know why. I'm a socially awkward guy. I mean now I'm getting kind of better socializing with people but before I began nofap I didn't not know how to socialize and if I tried I would just look like an idiot. But reading ur story is giving me hope that I'll be like u and reach a high streak. Thanks for sharin ur story and good luck.
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    Yeah, I am pretty similar. I smoked weed few times, drank lot of alcohol ( to be talkative, you know) and vape one time too. Finally I took MDMA pill with assholes to everyone know I took a drug and I am cool. But actually this MDMA pill was shit and it increased anxiety in me. Few things happened and now I learned not to hang out with assholes and care only about myself, not to seek acceptenace from others and be needy.
    Just like my dad told me "Fuck these classmates and people, it is not worth worrying what others think about you, they won't bring money to you."
    Now I have a question why so many teens want to smoke weed or drink alcohol that much? Now I realised it is not that much important. Now I know that I like to drink for taste and meet with others for conversation and relationship. I dont understand why so many teens in my age seek getting drunk so that they dont remember anything. Their glorifying of weed makes me feel sorry for them. They think it is good and better than alcohol and that it is harmless to smoke. I am on Nofap now and I started reading books and I really like to read them now :D Before I haven't been reading books, maybe only those for school, you know. Now I realised that nobody, maybe small amount of people in my age reads books. Everyone in my class, specially most popular kids are addicted to social media and smartphones. They want to study in University but don't know what. My classmate is telling everyone thats she will study abroad, everyone (teachers too) are encouraging here but when asked what subject she will study she doesn't know exactly. They talk on classes with each others. They tend to gossip as well. Wtf is wrong with them? Is it common or just my class is that much retarted?
    You know I am still not having many friends, I am still in point of having one friend but I just stopped caring about my classmates, everything seems better. I realized how much they are unmature. When I think back and imagine how it was important for me to be liked by them I feel shame. How could I be that stupid ? :D I am caring about myself, my studies and my driving school. Recently I successfully passed two theory exams for my driving license and now I will have final (practice) exam in two weeks. Lol, I think that I am better in learning now, everything goes well and my instructor says that I drive well with few mistakes but they say that such mistakes always happen.
    I am waiting until I will be able to have my own car. I will be able to stop depending on bus transport and I won't have to feel the cigarette smell everyday...
    Have a hope man! You will change perspective !
  16. Rebooter1221

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    Me too!! Yesterday I started short small talk with girl classmate and after a while I realised what I have done :D
    I did it more naturally than ever and I decided not to care what she will think and I felt more normal. And just generally, same things as you just writed.
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  17. It's called being #HumanAgain lool, all the best bro!

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