6 days down. Its been rough

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Gajordan87, May 21, 2019.

  1. Gajordan87

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    These last 6 day of NoFap been really hard. There things that happen that made me wanted to turn on the computer and hit pornhub. My favorite porn actress is Skin Diamond. So i had already had her in mind. Of course nothing happen. Last night was the worst. I need some tips on how to control my urges. Im doing the NoFap 10 day challenge but if i can go 10 days then im going 20 and so on.
  2. goingmonkmode

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    Do you have an accountability partner? That might help. Keeping a daily log can as well.
  3. properWood

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    When do your urges show up? Are you at home alone when the urge comes? At work?

    If yes, then at home seek a place of solitude and meditate. At work, i usually go to the toilet and meditate there for 5-10 mins every now and then (no fapping at work!!!). See your thought of urge (text, whatever) as a cloud in your mind’s eye and push it gently to the side, outside your view; breathe deeply from your belly, not your chest (don’t raise your shoulders when breathing deep). You’ll likely feel tension and resistance in your muscles, stay with those feelings. They’ll pass in less time than you think.

    Are your urges triggered by a smell or a sound, by a prior activity? Try to identify the trigger.
  4. Enigma897

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    Cold shower , end of story, just do it

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