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    I'm in my early 18. So, just after I got into college and made some new female friends, my habit of masturbation began to decline. Last year, from August, I completely stopped masturbating after I fell into love with some girl. Even though we broke up in November but I didn't get my old habits back. But in February, this year, I was checking out some old porn which I had in my computer long time ago before I stopped masturbating. I had an accidental semi-ejaculation and couldn’t control the urge of finishing it afterwards. Yeah, I masturbated after six months that too accidentally. I became very upset after this scenario, then finally deleted my antique rare collection of those illicit stuff. I couldn’t take back what was done. So, I took a cold bath as punishment. Then I swore in my God's name that I'd refrain myself from such activities in the future and had optional prayers to repent my act. Now It's April, I'm still going all fine and good. Sometimes I get the horniness, but I can't masturbate. If I hadn’t masturbated by mistake, it would be almost 8 months of myself not masturbating. I just ignored the fact that I masturbated and continued my challenge of never masturbating ever. Also, I hate sexual stuffs a lot now.

    1. Became more confident around girls
    2. No more daily fatigue
    3. No more bad luck thingy (masturbation always gave me bad lucks)
    4. Extreme level of spirituality (I feel connected to God now)
    5. Huge psychological development
    6. No more guilty feelings
    7. Social anxiety decreased
    8. A lot of positive mental change

    1. Increased rate of wet dreams (always messes my pants up, I hate this so much)
    2. Wet dreams give me the urges again
    3. Sometimes I miss the feelings of masturbation but It's totally worth it

    I started this challenge all by myself, I didn't know about NoFap forum back when I started. But I feels so good that there are people like me out there.

    6 months, then 2 months of no masturbation! And I'm going on still till my death!

    Please drop some suggestions and help for me. Also share your stories if you achieved anything extraordinary or spiritual.
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    Bro I am really inspired by your experience and I felt like I was reqdire my story. I used to masturbate a lot but then I stopped the day I made some female friends and one day I had a girlfriend. My reason for stopping it was that I had huge respect for them and all the women out there in world and I did not wanted to be corrupted by these thoughts. I started seeing them as people with feelings and a world beyond sex. I do not want to go back and I feel so much connected to god and I feel good. Today I can talk to God and share my feelings and I feel he does help me a lot. I just have one doubt. It is possible to not to masturbate again in life ever forever?. I am okay with wet dreams as I have studied this a natural way of body. But i do not want to masturbate ever. Is it possible ?? I am on day 42.
  3. congrats on 8 months , you are awesome ! so young and have such a success! well done and keep it strong ! what is important you kept away from M and you still have all the benefits! Dont slip becouse they will disappear! good luck in your path!
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    Yes. It's possible. We both are the same, we are on the same path! Good luck on your journey, brother! ❤

    Thank you so much! I will try my best to keep it up! Religious faith is another thing which is keeping me strong!
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    oh bro, I thought it was just me...because everytime I fap, bad shit happens to me!

    I am inspired by your progress! Keep it going!!!
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    Even I remember losing a very close friendship all of a sudden out of nowhere just after I masturbated in 2017, I still didn’t recover from that. Or someone would just stop talking to me all of a sudden. The bad luck thingy is totally true. Another reason to quit masturbation is the fear of bad luck. I think it occurs because God doesn’t want you to masturbate, as it's a sin after all.

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