6 months of nofap, still flatline?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Hungry_Shark, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. Hungry_Shark

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    I'm doing nofap for last 6 months (180 days), i was a PMO addict for 10 years and used to fap 4 times everyday, nofap is best thing happened in my life,i had huge improvements in my social anxiety, panic attacks, my skin, my hair and what not, NoFap is amazing .

    In these 6 months I was in flatline all of the time with no libido and no motivation, but 2 days before I experience huge libido, i had erection just by thinking and i never felt that horny ever in my life, but this libido lasted for 2 days and then again today I hit flatline again.

    I don't worry about flatline because I know I am healing but I am really confused about my testosterone levels,

    0 days of NoFap - testosterone - 400 (400 means libido of an 80 year old man)

    3 months of NoFap - testosterone - 800 (normal libido for my age)

    6 months of NoFap - my reports came today testosterone - 300 (300 means libido of 90 years old)

    I am concerned about my testosterone values, does long term NoFap gives you testosterone of a child?
    I read on Google that long term abstinence will lead to testosterone of a child, is this true?.
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  2. saneagain

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    What about other withdrawal symptoms? Do you still experience any? Besides the low sex drive. I am almost 9 months without porn and still experience strong physical symptoms.
  3. Hungry_Shark

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    No , i don't have physical symptoms now.
    I had severe headache, neck pain in first 3 months but not now,
    But I have huge problem of no libido and no sex drive.
    How many years have you been addicted?
    How's your sex drive?.
  4. Piehawker

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    I've had low libido. Low energy, headaches, brain fog. Horrible to push through it all.
  5. If I remember biology correctly, testosterone is produced in the testicles so maybe there is a correlation I've never heard of low libido causing low testosterone. Usually it's the other way around--low testerone = low libido.

    It's entirely possible that your body is resetting itself and maybe your T level has temporarily dropped. My suggestion would be to start hitting the weights. Lift, do Pullups, dips, squats, presses, etc. Nothing gets your testosterone going like adding muscle mass.
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  6. 10 years fapping multiples times a day. Sounds familiar.

    Don't give in, your body is still recovering. It may take 1 year or 2 years before your back to normal. 2 years to heal from 10 years dammage isn't that bad, isn't it? =)
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  7. Exactly. Everybody is different and it can take time. Stay the course and you will get there.
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  8. Happy Man

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    I agree with Larry : )

    The 3rd month is because of porn urges, so you still get erections. These are called porn urge erections. Your getting dopamine spikes so you getting hard all the time. This happened to me in the first 2 or 3 weeks where I keep getting hard erections. If you HAD porn urge erections, your dick is fine. It means its working properly.

    The 6th month is where your urges are really weakening. Your brain is changing and you no longer get these porn urge erections. Your in flat line because your brain is still recovering. The morning wood has not been rewired yet. Unfortunately these changes happen very slowly.

    Remember you have haven't rewired to a women yet. You haven't had sex yet. If you haven't done something for a long time. Your brain kind of forgets. Kissing and cuddling will help you rewire quicker.

    Exactly like Larry said, 10 years and 4 times a day is a lot.
  9. Eagle_man

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    then my i can't think about my condition. It's 20 years and 6-8 times a day.

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