6 months till new years eve

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    Hey nofappers

    About a week ago I read a post about a guy which reminded the nofap community that if we stay clean from then we will recieve the gift of 6 months nofap on christmas morning. Unfortunately, I have already relapsed when I read this post and I thougt „damn I missed an amazing opportunity“. But then I realised that there‘s new years eve some days later and this would even be more exciting. Imagine knowing that you‘ve pushed your limits more then expected, crushed your previous record of probably one month nofap and being able to celebrate this amazing achievment at exactly 12 o‘clock. From tomorrow on till new year will exactly be half a year. Let‘s just share this opportunity of standing on a rooftop or anywhere else, watching the beautiful firework with your friends, family or girlfriend, holding a glass of champagne in your hand and just being proud about the thing you‘ve done, probably the biggest obstacle you‘ve ever overcome since you live. Just standing there and being proud about yourself as fuck. At exactly 12 o‘clock midnight you‘ll have made it the last day of month number 6. I hope a lot of guys will join this journey. We will do this together. Go through hell with the biggest nofap celebration you could ever imagine. I‘d be happy if you‘d share this with others. Maybe this will give them the extra energy to keep stuck to their discipline.

    Thanks :)

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