6 weeks in and getting really rough again...

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by patientdude, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. patientdude

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    hey guys

    it's hard for me to post but it always helps when i do and things are getting hard.

    i've been 6 full weeks without a relapse - it's the first time i've tried to go without MO (not just cutting off PMO). I used to let MO slide, but i read something on here about how that's the insidious one, and i agree. first couple weeks were rough, then the cravings eased off and i've been sailing for a few weeks.

    until a couple days ago. my fantasizing mind has been going crazy. so many things are triggers. basically any time i get a private minute to myself - my wife and kids leave me alone at home, or even getting into bed when my wife is already asleep - it's like my mind says "great, this is a perfect time for P. oh, no P? well then M. no M? really?? okay, fine, let's just fantasize our way right up to the edge." i don't know what to do about it - what do you do when you're mind is just throwing these sexual fantasy storylines at you (things from my past experiences, made-up things) and nothing seems to turn off the tap? i haven't broken and relapsed yet, but i've been starting to get that bare knuckled feeling the last few days, where your clinging to nofapand i know from experience that's usually a precursor to relapse.

    i feel really good about the six weeks. i'd been in a good place for about a year, with very minimal relapse, and then had a 6 or 7 month period with a ton of relapses, so it's nice to feel like i'm making a real go of it again. i know i'm not ready to fold again.
  2. Chef Boy

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    It's about getting to the point where resistance becomes habitual. You're just going through the process; sure it's not pleasant to fight such urges but soon enough you'll become so accustom to ignoring them that it should become easier.
  3. BlueNotes

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    Im in the exact same boat as you brotha. Im almost at 60 days since my last pmo sesh, and recently I've been feeling like I did the first week of quitting. Just hang in there and DO NOT FEED THE WRONG WOLF by any means. Things will get better.
  4. michgem0707

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    I use a meditation podcast to help clear my mind. I am not a good reader so I also use audio books to help keep my mind occupied.
    Hope these help. It takesva while to flush out all the porn and fantasy images that we build over the years.

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