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6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by HMHU, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. HMHU

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    Latest compilation of the translation (season 1-40):

    Hi everyone! First of all, I have not stayed clean for this many years, instead, I’m referring to a guy that I’ve come across in the Chinese rebooting community. This guy (internet name 飞翔) has managed to stay clean for almost 7 years and counting. Furthermore, he has shared his experiences and continues to share them to this day (over 73 000 forum posts in one online forum alone). He has diligently studied many topics related to rebooting and has written extensively in this field. I discovered great value upon reading his material and felt compelled to share it with the English speaking community. Therefore I have started the project to translate his work into English. I will refer to this author as Soaring Eagle going forward which is similar to his Chinese pen name.

    The reason to why I find Soaring Eagle’s work compelling is because he approaches rebooting from two unique angles: TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Buddhism.

    It is my hope that the English speaking community will benefit from Soaring Eagle’s knowledge as the Chinese community has.

    Going forward I intend to upload translations on a weekly basis on 3 different websites (NoFap,reddit, and rebootnation) in order to reach a large audience.

    If you are a Chinese speaker and would like to correct any errors in my translation please feel free to do so, I welcome constructive criticism.

    Regarding the translation
    I will try to preserve the meaning and intention of Soaring Eagle ( the pseudonym I’ve given to the original author) to the best of my ability. My goal will be to achieve maximum retention of the original thought/communication while at the same time making the English translation flow naturally as if spoken by the author himself.

    I do not know Soaring Eagle personally nor have I spoken with him and I’m not affiliated with the author in any way.

    Regarding the contents
    While I do not agree with everything that the author has to say there is nevertheless a great deal of information that I do find useful. If something does not resonate with your beliefs please don’t be too quick to disregard the whole body of the material. His success in staying clean should speak for itself. I only ask the reader to read with an open mind and apply whatever he finds to be useful.

    Brothers = all people on the road of rebooting
    TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Short intro - page 1 (within this thread)
    Intro, continuation - page 2
    Season 1 [Soaring Eagle experience: The reason to repeated defeat - slack in cleansing the mind] - page 2
    Season 2 [Soaring Eagle experience: The misconception in repeated failure lies with the incorrect motive of restoring one’s sexual performance] - page 2
    Season 3 [Soaring Eagle experience: Teach you how to rid the problem of frequent nocturnal emissions] - page 2
    Season 4 [Soaring Eagle experience: Be vigilant during the flatline period and of the fed up mood] - page 2
    Season 5 [Soaring Eagle experience: How to supplement the health the right way] - page 2
    Season 6 [Soaring Eagle experience: Prostatitis, varicocele, premature ejaculation and impotence recovery] - page 3
    Season 7 [Soaring Eagle experience: 3 stages in rebooting and deep analysis regarding staying up during the night and long sittings] - page 3
    Season 8 [Soaring Eagle experience: The issue of height growth, going bald, acne and reactions to rebooting] - page 3
    Season 9 [Soaring Eagle experience: The issue of tinnitus, rebooting mentality, the importance of searching for study materials] - page 4
    Season 10 [Soaring Eagle experience: A detailed discussion on masturbation induced ugliness, and the recovery of neurasthenia, anxiety and social fear] - page 4
    Season 11 [Soaring Eagle experience: The adjustment of mentality after relapse, non-liquidation of semen, and the penis length issue] - page 5
    Season 12 [Soaring Eagle experience: Adding to the issue of balding, how to recover faster and better during rebooting] - page 6
    Season 13 [Soaring Eagle experience: The harm of premarital sexual behavior] - page 7
    Season 14 [Soaring Eagle experience: black eye ring and eye bags, grey hair, hemorrhoids and rhinitis issues in detail] - page 9
    Season 15 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of soft legs, secretion of oil, tension disorder and scrotum dampness] - page 9
    Season 16 [Soaring Eagle experience: complementary info on nocturnal emission, harmlessness theories, theory on harmfulness from restraining and the frequency of sex during marriage] - page 10
    Season 17 [Soaring Eagle experience: how to conquer sexual fantization, repeated phenomenon, sleepiness, pressure induced masturbation] - page 11
    Season 18 [Soaring Eagle experience: complementary info on prostatitis, insomnia, relapse while dawdling in bed, weekend relapse] - page 11
    Season 19 [Soaring Eagle experience: The issue of morning erection, leakiness, bowel movement and small testicle] - page 11
    Season 20 [Soaring Eagle experience:different types of relapse, the mystery of the shooting distance, the evil fruit from masturbating twice in a row] - page 12
    Season 21 [Soaring Eagle experience: Stomach pain following masturbation, fantization induced illnesses, drooping testicles] - page 12
    Season 22 [Soaring Eagle experience: be a owner of pure frequency] - page 13
    Season 23 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of waist pain, puffiness, emancipation and the importance of keeping vigilance] - page 14
    Season 24 [Soaring Eagle experience: aggravated hair loss following rebooting, complementary info on emancipation, the issue of lower brain power] - page 14
    Season 25 [Soaring Eagle experience: impotence, the mystery of time to relapse and different forms of essence damage from masturbation] - page 16
    Season 26 [Soaring Eagle experience: rebooting fed up period, the issue of excessive sweating and the issue of vision] - page 17
    Season 27 [Soaring Eagle experience: directly tackling long sitting, underestimating the enemy, foamy urine issue] - page 18
    Season 28 [Soaring Eagle experience: withdrawal reactions, curved penis issue, semen changing color] - page 18
    Season 29 [Soaring Eagle experience: rebooting condition adjustment, obstacles in development, emission due to nervousness] - page 19
    Season 30 [Soaring Eagle experience: getting straight to the issue of anxiety, neurosis, digging deep into neurosis] - page 21
    Season 31 [Soaring Eagle experience: the sharp weapon in recovery, sexual indifference and masturbating while dreaming] - page 21
    Season 32 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of absorption rate, rebooting stabilization period, sperm quality] - page 21
    Season 33 [Soaring Eagle experience: masturbating blood, dizziness and headache following masturbation, relapse after nocturnal emission] - page 21
    Season 34 [Soaring Eagle experience: 5 case studies, directly looking at premature ejaculation, conclusion on premature ejaculation] - page 22

    Edit: Please scroll down and to the next pages for more material. I will do my best to upload new translations on a weekly basis.
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    Anything that help us get motivation is highly appreciated Sir ;)
  3. Well, post the link! We'd love to see!
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    Can't wait to read. Ride on my friend.
  6. Following.. interesting thread..
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    does he still have wet dreams?
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    Definitely my thought as well. I want that to be me! 6yrs clean and many more!
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  11. So where is uploaded content man?
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    Would love to read more!
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    Absolutely fascinating project. I had a professor once tell me, re: the nearly infinite specializations of academics, that the world needs at least one person to translate ancient Sumerian texts. It doesn't need a lot. But it needs at least one. So good on you for doing the work of translating Soaring Eagle's work. The world needs at least one person doing that heavy lifting.
  14. HMHU

    HMHU Fapstronaut

    Apologize for the delay as I'm translating a little each day after work. Ok guys here goes:

    Short intro
    “Rebooting as Best Remedy” is a book dedicated to rebooting, currently there is no such book on the market. Yet in China there a large number of people in need of rebooting as many people are suffering from the physical symptoms from excessive masturbation. Many people can be compared with the frog in the boiling pot, oblivious of the fate to what masturbation would lead them.

    This book serves to point out a clear path towards rebooting, in helping to help people to quit masturbation in a professional manner, quitting the habit of masturbation and restoring purity to the individual.

    The author has suffered from the symptoms of excessive fapping for well over a decade and has talked with over ten thousand brothers. After having read over 10000 individual cases and seriously studied the topic of rebooting for over 3 years the author has established a thorough understanding of the harmful effects of masturbation and have accumulated vast experiences on how to successfully quit masturbation. With the help of this book, the reader will be able to quit masturbation and rediscover that vital self!

    Masturbation is undoubtedly harmful to the individual, this can be established by reading the numerous cases/testimonies from the sufferers. If one only reads about the harmlessness of masturbation, then one will become mislead by this false notion of its harmlessness theories. The truth lies in the many discussion threads and the individual testimonies. Do not believe in the so-called experts in their harmlessness theories, let us realize the truth by ourselves and let us cut masturbation out of our lives forever!

    Every day I return to the rebooting forums (Chinese forums) in order to answer questions, many brothers are familiar with me by now, understandably many people have expressed interest towards my rebooting experiences. Today I will share with everyone of my experiences in detail. Hopefully, this will be of help to you all.

    I started off on this journey like many people which was partly due to the deterioration of my health as a result of masturbation but also due to the guilt that I felt; how could I engage in such a filthy act?

    How it started
    It first started out from when I first felt pleasure caused by friction movement and it was followed by what is best described as “once you pop you can’t stop”, I became addicted and was unable to pull myself out, the addiction has taken hold of me. The analogy of “Once you pop you can’t stop” is something that I see fairly often in the rebooting forums and is comparable to the bursting of a dam. Therefore the saying that no harm is caused from moderation is very much BS due to the fact that once you start it’s no longer possible to quit, just like the opening of the Pandora’s box.

    Physical symptoms

    My history of masturbation goes back for 15 years. At the time I loved sports, aside from prostatitis I hadn’t really experienced any discomfort in other areas of my body, although the need to pee frequently caused me great agony for a long time. In addition, there was a great change to my appearance in that I had severe acne, my complexion also gave me a decadent look, my eyes were dull, eye bags started to appear below my eyes despite my youth. At the time I also suffered from rhinitis, given the fragile state of my body and add on top the endless exhaustion of my essence (kidney essence), my body was never fully healthy. I’ve always felt greatly weakened after I have masturbated and felt the need to quit, after a couple weeks of abstinence and regular exercise my body would have recovered somewhat, following the recovery of my essence the degeneration started off anew with greater intensity. I would often have consecutive sessions and my health took a turn for the worse.

    Masturbation ruins a person in two ways; bodily and psychologically. After I’ve started to masturbate my emotional state changed greatly, I was easily agitated, I lacked patience, memory, concentration, and willpower all took a hit for the worse. The scary part at the time is that I was totally unaware of the harm that masturbation was causing. I had read about the harmlessness theory of masturbation on the magazines, this combined with the lack of willpower to quit masturbation only served to exacerbate my confusion. I had struggled a lot in the evil spiral of addiction but was unable to get out, the addiction carried with it a seemingly magical power that held me firm. At the time my record of rebooting was 28 days, rebooting was a topic that didn’t exist at the time in the media, instead, the media was filled with degenerative material. Young people at the time lacked the proper guidance with regards to rebooting.

    Because masturbation had contributed to a decline in my mental faculties, my grades suffered as a result, after high school I was only able to get into a regular college. My decline did not halt when I entered college but because I was sharing accommodation with other people at the time my masturbation became less frequent. In college I frequently played basketball, there was a period of time when my body was recovering very well, I no longer needed to pee frequently, my complexion improved and so did my temperament, I was once again self-confident. After college I started working and met a girl, in my proximity nobody told me that masturbation was harmful, nobody told me about the bad karma from sex before marriage. Everything people talked about was of a filthy nature which was reflected in the overall degenerative state of the society. The voice of rebooting could not be heard anywhere. If you would talk to the young people today about rebooting he would question your sanity and tell you the most important thing at hand is to enjoy life. This is a basic weakness of people; the fact that people would not quit a bad habit until they have hit rock bottom. At the time I was also likeminded to my peers, I didn’t think anything was wrong about premarital sex. Now looking back I had been very ignorant and shallow which was the very reason that I was unable to escape from my evil habit, up until my healthy took a nosedive for the worse.

    Illness precedes understanding
    After I started working my life lacked rhythm both in terms of diet and in terms of rest, I would often stay up during the nights. The pressure from work was immense and the masturbation did not cease, this is when my state of health completely collapsed. I was diagnosed with neurasthenia and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). For those who haven’t suffered from these illnesses it is impossible to comprehend what it’s like to live under these conditions; it is a feeling of total collapse where death is preferable to life, nobody is able to understand you except for you and those suffering from the same illness, not even the doctor knows what you’re going through. Ever since I was diagnosed with the above I came to understand why some people prefer to choose the route of suicide. This is because suicide is a means of escape. At the time I also had thoughts of suicide, luckily I didn’t put those thoughts into action. I would like to make something clear here, and that is the difference between the emotional state of anxiety the symptoms from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). Any normal person may feel anxiety but GAD is like a having combination of a myriad of strangely bodily symptoms coming at you incessantly, this is hell on earth where death is preferable to life.

    After having been diagnosed with GAD I quit my job, I would spend my days chatting with people suffering from the same conditions. Around the same time is when I started to study TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) on my own, I listened to a variety of gurus and read huge volumes of books, I also came into contact with Buddhism. Through the countless conversations, I’ve had with my fellow patients I’ve come to reach an understanding: this illness (GAD) share an intricate connection with masturbation and the habit of frequently staying up at night. I started to gather case material/testimonies from fellow sufferers numbering in the thousands, afterwards I started to gather material from sufferers with a history of masturbation, also numbering in the thousands, I’ve studied the material for several years and was able to find answers in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). Answers could also be found in Western medicine. The harmlessness theory on masturbation is no longer up to date, the newest research in Western medicine is consistent with TCM. For example, when Beckham broke his bones, his physician recommended him to not engage in any sexual activities for a period of 3 months. According to TCM: “Kidneys govern the bones, from bones, arises marrow”. Modern science has also observed that the life expectancy of an animal is connected with the times that the animal engages in procreational activities. This is consistent with the TCM view that a low essence precedes illness and the relationship between essence and longevity. When our bodies are healthy we are not hit by regrets, that’s why when we talk to a healthy person the message will not register with the person. But once the health has failed the view of that person would naturally change and agree with your views regarding rebooting. Many brothers (Chinese brothers) suffer from hair loss, when hair is plentiful one will not think about rebooting, but once hair is lost it’s already late because the person will need several years to recover. I have also suffered from hair loss, the condition ceased and my hair density gradually improved once I’ve started rebooting.

    It was suffering that started my journey towards rebooting. I’m now a believer of Buddhism and I study/research Buddhism on my own. I now realize that having a faith gives one tremendous spiritual strength. In my former self, I would brush spirituality it off as superstition because it’s not science. However, I no longer think that way. To my knowledge, Isaac Newton and Einstein both had religious beliefs. Einstein was very fond of Buddhism. Many scientists have a religious faith. At the moment I’m not only a believer of Buddhism, but also a believer of TCM, Qigong and healthy living in general. Qigong is a learning in itself and helps greatly in the recovering process, especially when it comes to practices such as holding the horse stance and meditation and thus helping to recover the essence of the body. I would also recommend Taichi boxing.

    Recovery status

    Many people are interested in knowing the degree to which I have recovered. Therefore I will try to be more detailed in my response. The most popular question that I receive on the internet forums is the question of whether it’s possible to recover and how long it will take.

    My answer is this: recovery is certainly possible. As to the time it takes it will vary from person to person because we all have different physiology. Normally the person who practices healthy living and who loves physical exercise will enjoy a speedier recovery.

    Masturbation causes injury to both the both and the mind. According to TCM if the mind is not healthy the body will not be healthy and vice versa. Therefore if you masturbation your mind is sure to suffer, as your mind will not find a relieve this will in turn cause injury to the body, this then leads to a vicious circle. Learning rebooting is an experience and metamorphosis, it is a promotion of one’s overall state. In mastering rebooting, one will be in control of their own fate and not bound by the shackles of desire and thus unable to free oneself until the total deterioration of one’s health. I have encountered countless brothers that are suffering from neurasthenia, incredibly many, I myself was an example. Many brothers are also suffering from the obsessive-compulsion disorder as well as generalized anxiety disorder. Actually these problems are all quite similar where the difference only lies in their orientation. What’s in common is the amount of agony causing physical symptoms. Let’s now talk about my recovery process.

    Physical recovery:
    After having gone through rebooting for 1 year my GAD generalized anxiety disorder) symptoms disappeared. During this year I have exercised regularly and paid attention to my body while at the same time stayed away from any forms of medication. During a previous half year period, I was dependent on a form of medication and it was a painful experience. Once a medicine loses its potency the doctor would give you another one to replace it. Normally a patient suffering from generalized anxiety disorder is skeptical of the doctor because many people have had the experience of being falsely diagnosed; the doctor treating the sufferer as a client instead of a patient with the first priority of making money instead of prioritizing the well being of the patient. After rebooting, my experience with frequent urination and waist/lower back pain also disappeared along with a large variety of physical symptoms. From my studies in TCM I’ve come to realize that a low kidney essence is the cause of many a disease. When your kidney essence is strong, illnesses will naturally be repelled. Previous when I suffered from hair loss I would lose a handful of hair every day. According to TCM: the level of essence present in the five viscera and six bowels is reflected through the eyes. One can therefore gauge a person’s overall health by just looking into his eyes. The essence is stored in the kidneys and the five visceras and six bowels transform that essence into qi (energy). If the kidneys are weakened the five viscera will naturally become weakened, the effect of which will be visible in the lifelessness of the person’s eyes. Another thing is that the strength of my grip also become firmer, the strength of the grip is often a reflection of the state of the liver, TCM: the strength of the liver is in the grip, the stronger the grip the stronger the liver qi. The liver and the kidneys share the same source, meaning when the kidney water element is insufficient, the wood element of the liver will become dry, and the symptom is that the person will become easily irritated and angered, another symptom is revealed by the weakness of the person’s grip. Previously I suffered from poor sleep in the form of insomnia and excessive dreams. After having quitted masturbation for over 2 years my sleep quality had vast improved. The usual symptoms of the GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) such as muscle twitching and bodily convulsions have disappeared completely. My tinnitus also healed itself. TCM: kidneys revitalizes the ears. Many brothers suffer from tinnitus, after half a year of rebooting tinnitus naturally disappeared. Today I feel as if I’m a whole new person reborn into this world. Previously I was bounded up by my masturbation habits, it’s only now that I’ve come to experience the real feeling of freedom which is not to be confused with the freedom in indulgence, for the freedom to indulgence will only lead to one result and that is suffering.

    Psychological recovery:
    Because I engaged in masturbation I felt inferior and become more autistic and even had tendencies to self-inflict injuries. Because I was unable to quit masturbation I hated myself for being useless and had the urge to self-slander. Because of masturbation, my physical appearance became uglier, many brothers relate to the same opinion that their physical appearance became uglier after they started to masturbation. This kind of feeling is not false. If your vital essence is lost, how can one not turn ugly? This is comparable with a deflated ball, once it’s deflected it is no longer able to bounce and is rendered useless. The same concept is applicable to us as people, once the vital essence of the body is depleted, the physical appearance will immediately take a hit and as a result, we will feel inferior and decadent. This types of changes to the appearance have been thoroughly studied in the discipline of face consultation in TCM. The face is like a mirror for the five vital organs of the body. When the organs become weakened this will naturally be reflected on the face. One that understands this discipline of TCM this will immediately be able to tell a person’s state of health by looking into his eyes. Ever since I’ve quit masturbation I began to practice body strengthening Qigong, I learned to take care of my body and exercised frequently and in the process build up my vital essences, today my complexion has completely been restored to a healthy state. Previously one could describe my appearance with one word: dim. Today I’m once again lit up as a person. The earlier tendencies I had towards feeling inferior, self-inflicting injuries and autism have naturally disappeared. I feel like a new person and completely fearless. Oftentimes a person that is deficient in kidney essence is fearful and is easily angered, this is because kidneys govern anger and anger injure the kidneys. In my case studies, I’ve noticed that many brothers have become more fearful of life, this is a common phenomenon with those people who frequently masturbation. When I now come face to face with a mirror all I see is a confident, joyful and healthy person, the old me which was decadent, wretched and ugly has all but disappeared, the type of ugliness that I’m describing is an ugliness reflected in the flesh and the soul, this is the fruit of the evil deed brought about by masturbation.

    Thanks for reading this far guys. There will be lots more material coming up as the original text is over 1000 pages in A4. Written Chinese is very dense and will take up more space when translated into English. I expect this translation project to last for at least half a year so please bear with me.
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    This is fantastic stuff. Thank you sir, and i am looking forward!
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    Looking forward to reading on! Keep up the good work.
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    Excellent content thanks for sharing this x
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    He has written about the topic of wet dreams in detail, there will be a section about it in the next translation. In the meanwhile, please refer to the following exercise which helps to greatly reduce the frequency of wet dreams:
    , 10:47-13:40. Make a habit of doing the exercise daily and in time you will see results.
  19. 6 years! Wow , It can be done. Bring on the translation.
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    perfectly translated, you must be very into Chinese culture to have such precise understanding

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