6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy

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    part 2/2

    Case 2: It is like this. It is difficult to fall asleep for N days in a row. I used to have this situation when I was 14 or 15 years old. I used to be a masturbation madman. Now I realize the seriousness of the situation. I started to quit. I guess that insomnia is caused by masturbation. Lately, I’m constantly thinking about ways to make up for the deficit. Last night I just wanted to hit the wall with my head in order to pass out! At least this also counts as falling asleep…

    Analysis: This case is actually the neurasthenia caused by masturbation, Chinese medicine: the kidneys are connected to the brain. Masturbation will damage the brain and the nerves.

    You can understand this principle by reading more cases or by direct experiences.

    Case 3. Graduated with a Master's degree, originally with a bright future but stopped in my tracks while climbing towards the peak of my career. It’s not that I don’t work hard, but the symptoms are too serious, like a pair of shackles holding me firm, leaving me without any means to move forward. Now I can but live on in degradation! The person that I loved the most has left me, my career has stagnated due to symptoms as a result of illnesses. I have been asking for medical advice everywhere without seeing any improvements. The vile habit of masturbation from previous times refuses to go away. Every day I live in this world like a walking dead! The average person will not understand how tormenting the disease is. First of all, frequent urination will make you want to commit suicide. When it was the most severe, there was the urge to urinate every 5 minutes. The lower abdomen is restrained and swollen. The urge to urinate will arise by applying the least amount of force, one can also say that there is always a thought to urinate, it will swell and I’m unable to sit. Secondarily, there is discomfort in the urinary tract, like something stuck in the urethra. The urinary tract feels swollen, it burns when urinating, the urine stream is flat and there is incontinence etc. Soreness in the waist is a small problem in comparison!

    Analysis: only when symptoms appear on the body does one know how painful they are. Lots of people who masturbate suffer from prostatitis and varicocele, premature ejaculation and impotence are also common. Can the experts still say that they are all imagined? Expert theory can only fool the masses who are not aware of the truth. Once you understand the truth, there will be a feeling of being cheated by the experts.

    Among the thousands of victim cases, I have collected, they are all undoubtedly explaining one fact: the harm from masturbation is very great, it is hugely destructive towards the mind and the body. Why do sexologists avoid talking about the dangers of masturbation? Why is it that everybody knows that masturbation injures the kidneys, that many diseases are born out of weak kidneys, but sexologists do not know this rudimental health cultivation common sense? I remember there was a sexologist who went to lecture at a university and then some students asked directly: Will masturbation lead to premature ejaculation? The sexologist answers: early leakage may also be caused by the woman. Take a look at the cleverness of the answer, he just avoids talking about the dangers of masturbation. Could it be that premature ejaculation and impotence are both “imagined”? People who have a little bit of knowledge in Chinese medicine will know that when kidneys are damaged by masturbation up to a certain degree, there will be premature ejaculation and impotence. Why don’t the experts know about this principle? Why Do experts blindly emphasize the many benefits to masturbation? Even Confucius has emphasized the need to quit lust. Many famous Chinese medicine practitioners have emphasized the importance of quit lust and the importance of essence preservation. Why do sexologists want to sing the opposite tune? Where are their hearts? You so-called expert professors, your speeches and articles are ending up on the media, you also host lectures at universities. Have you thought about when you are promoting your fallacies, what results will it have on those students who are not aware of the truth upon hearing these arguments? They will think that masturbation is very normal and continue to indulge in it. Until the body is broken, they will not necessarily know what’s going on, are you expert professors not harming people? You are killing the younger generation! You are very cunning, avoid talking about the dangers of masturbation. You really should read more victims’ cases and see what the truth in masturbation looks like. Don't instill the foreign garbage indulgence thinking into the younger generation, here I want to say to you: expert professors, pay attention to propriety in speech! Thank you all!

    Attaching a little poem:


    I used to believe in you
    Because you are the expert
    Representing authority

    Later, I came to hate you bittery
    Because you are the expert
    Pushing me into the fire pit

    At last, I'm grateful to you
    Because I came to believe in the Buddha
    Living in a grateful world

    But, I must tell the truth
    This is for the younger generation
    So they are no longer harmed by you

    Related literature:

    Asceticism sweeps the United States

    [Beijing Youth Daily]

    Teaching young people how to abstain from sex, several years ago in the United States, this sounded unbelievable to people. But now it is really on the agenda of the federal and state governments. With the support of a $500 million of public fund, hundreds of new plans are being implemented. The agenda carefully educates and warns young people who are in their youthful period to not paying attention to premarital sexual relations, which may cause "harmful consequences to the mind and the body", while condoms and other contraceptives are not reliable.

    With the promotion of these abstinence programs, they are moving to challenge the firmly rooted American traditional education trinity - human sexuality, safe sex, and birth control. This new concept of sex causing some traditional conservative to gladly profess that they are in the process of conquering the corrosion of the American youth caused by the sexual revolution from the 60s.

    Over the past two years, the US government has funded 6,988 new “only abstinence” programs and 21 new media campaign activities. In Chicago, where teenage pregnancy rates are as high as 40%, a new course was added to schools last year where the students are taught that abstinence is the best choice.

    Although formal sex education may be more effective than informal education, the long-term effects are still unclear. The latest investigations show that the previously persistently high rate of sexual activity among adolescents in the United States has begun to decline. Yet, on the other hand, up to 3 million adolescents are diagnosed with new cases of sexually transmitted diseases! Half of the new AIDS patients are under 25 years old.

    Dr. Pinsky, the host of the radio program "Love Hotline" believes that abstinence is the optimal choice in maintaining the emotional health of young people. He said that most girls under the age of 18 are not prepared to accept strong emotional integration if she engages in sexual activity too early, she risks depression, pregnancy, and illness. If young people are "prior to being fully developed and holder of their own autonomy” and sexual relationships occur, they may become emotionally attached to relationships.

    Final summary:

    When sex is liberated and indulged in foreign countries, our country is still very conservative. When we start calling for sexual liberation and sexual indulgence, foreign countries are once again advocating asceticism. In fact, it is still better to be a bit conservative, the evil fruits of indulgences are too terrible, not to mention ruining your body but it also leads to various social problems. Our country should have its own ideas and not follow behind the developed countries, like a follower, and finally ending up with nothing. We should stick to our own route, listen to the teachings of the ancient sages, and become a Chinese person full of positive energy.

  2. Hey @HMHU!

    Thank you for another incredible translation. Hope Supreme blesses you with vitality, strength and all the good things in your life for your selfless work.

    I would like to ask you a question brother. If you have some idea, can you recommend me some good TCM books to get started with where I can read lines like this? Or TCM books recommended by Soaring Eagle?

    Thanks again, man :)
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    Hi Brah, you are very welcome.

    The one TCM book that Soaring Eagle has mentioned the most times is probably "the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor". Given its popularity, there are probably good English translations available. I hope you find what you are looking for.
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    This is gold, I can't thank you enough for this, God bless you :)
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    Congrats to you man, and many thanks for this content.
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    Season 39 [Soaring Eagle experience: revisiting the topic of relapsing and the revealed profundities by the 21 points] part 1/2


    The standard for a successful reboot should be a consistent reboot for more than one year, strict control of sexual fantization with little to no fantization and the maintenance of a high degree of vigilance. If you can enter the rebooting stabilization period within about half a year with little to no sexual fantization, then that also counts as a successful reboot. Although many senior brothers have been rebooting for a long time, when they at last relax their vigilance by the least bit, they immediately relapse. Even if they have been rebooting for over 2 years, relapse will still happen. Therefore, we must remain vigilant. Successful reboot = high realization + strong vigilance. Vigilance is very important. When you relax your vigilance, you will be eaten by the temptation demon.

    Traditional culture talks about the importance of quitting lust, TCM health cultivation also talks about the same topic together with essence preservation. Raising the realization in these two areas is favorable towards rebooting. But what’s more important is to reboot professionally. Some brothers are studying Chinese medicine, they are deeply aware of the harm of masturbation but still, they are unable to quit it. In reality, what he is lacking is professional rebooting knowledge. Merely knowing about the harms of masturbation is far from being enough. One must learn how to reboot professionally. Professional rebooting may be achieved through the below 6 aspects of self-improvement.

    1. Method of breaking sexual fantization
    2. Emotional management
    3. Controlling the frequency of nocturnal emissions
    4. Vigilance awareness
    5. Health awareness
    6. Studying awareness

    Some friends suggest that everyone should not blindly believe in me. I still agree with this point, I once said in the article that I’m not some Master, nor do I want to be a Master, I’m not in need of any blind worshipping. I’m only an ordinary brother, a senior rebooter. I’m sharing my experiences only in the hopes of helping everyone, nothing more. If you praise me, I will not be proud, if you yell at me, I will not feel anger. I will always keep a humbly dedicated heart, serving everyone. If you believe in me and come to consult me, I will definitely give you my best advice. If you don't believe me, it doesn't matter, there are a lot of distinguished people on the rebooting forums, you may go and consult them. But blind belief in anybody is unacceptable. If you want to believe then believe in righteousness, founded on correct knowing. Good rebooting articles can give you a lot of inspiration and revelation, but the final path needs to be walked by you through independent thinking and summarizing. The Master leads you to the door, the rest is up to you. Once you have entered the door to rebooting, you need to rely on your own labor to cultivate realization and determination. Many brothers refuse to learn from the experience of their predecessors, they wanted to quit on their own. Their ideas make a certain sense, but the winners are almost all made up of people who are good at learning and reading. The experience of the seniors can make everyone avoid many detours, just like a direction guide, pointing you towards the right path from the start. If you reject the experience of the predecessors, it is undoubtedly a loss for yourself, it will be very difficult to explore on your own. The reason for my rebooting success is due to the absorption of experiences and lessons from many people, constantly learning from the knowledge and experiences of the predecessors. This is followed by independent thinking through the integration of my own experiences and research, from there, the essence of rebooting success is discovered. Many people are not willing to learn, this is in fact due to agitation, unable to calm the mind, they are determined to reboot in the brute force way, the results should be apparent.

    A veteran brother came back to the rebooting forums to have a look and found me still active, then he said: Soaring Eagle, why are you still here? Yes, many veteran brothers have left, some have left after they have failed, some have done so after they have succeeded. Although some people have not been completely successful, they rarely relapse, many of such people have left as well, returning to the normal track of life and not bothered by rebooting anymore. In reality, I may leave as well, what I’m doing is for public welfare, I’m not getting a penny of income from it, I take helping other people as a great cause, although it doesn’t give any income I’m very happy doing it. After having written so many articles and answered so many questions, from a normal point of view, I should have been tired of it a long time ago, but I stayed because I wish to help more people, that’s it. If you are a senior brother, you will have noticed that many of the smashes hit advice seeking threads have sunk to the bottom, this is because the person answering the questions have left the rebooting forums. In the beginning, the responders will have a sense of accomplishment and freshness, after answering many questions there will be a feeling of weariness, thus one becomes resigned. The responders who are really able to stay behind are generally people of willpower, who are truly willing to give selfless devotion, not seeking fame and fortune, only to help more people. The reason for the good atmosphere of the rebooting forums is due to a group of such people, selflessly dedicating themselves. I hope that more friends can dedicate themselves, having to take on such a role you will find more meaning in your life, you will become open-minded and full of positive energy.

    A final summary:

    Everyone may study my articles in order to gain experiences. One may believe in me, but do not blindly believe in me or blindly put me on a pedestal, I’m only an ordinary brother. In addition, although I’m a Buddhist, I will not force my belief onto others. I believe in freedom and following fate. For brothers with Buddhist karmas, I will mention Buddhist teachings in my answers towards them. I have previously mentioned about life release but only towards believers of Buddhism. If you are not a believer, that is fine, you can take the road of professional rebooting, one may also reboot successfully in this way. My article is mainly elaborated from the perspective of professional rebooting, this is the road that I walk on.

    I have conducted my research work based on a large number of real cases. Research topics include the specific hazards in masturbation, the pattern to rebooting and relapsing, the path towards recovery, the various problems that one encounters during the rebooting process. These are my main focus of research. Through the comparison and research of a large number of real cases, I have discovered a lot of principles, this is the reason to why I write articles, in order to share these principles with everyone. I hope that they will bring useful inspiration for everyone and that everyone will be able to reboot more professionally and properly.

    In the below, I will share 2 Q&A cases

    1. [My masturbation history is 6 years, the frequency is relatively high (should be considered very high). In addition, I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Masturbation has brought me a lot of bad influences. I also deeply understand the danger of excessive masturbation. I’m determined to change but I still have some doubts. The aim of the rebooting forums is to achieve abstinence before marriage and then moderation post marriage. What I want to ask is that both masturbation and sex damages the body, masturbation is addictive, isn’t it the same with sex? It should also be addictive. Why is it OK to have moderation after marriage but not moderation in masturbation? Moderation is achievable in sex, while the same is difficult for masturbatoin?]

    Answer: Both masturbation and making love damages kidney essence, making love may also lead to addiction and kidney deficiency. Therefore, try to maintain moderation after marriage and learn the way of health cultivation. Do not let greed destroy the body.

    I think that many brothers want to know the answer to the second question; why abstinence before marriage and not moderation.

    There are 3 reasons why the rebooting forums advocate abstinence before marriage.

    (1). From the moral level of consideration, it is in line with the traditional point of view. Sex before marriage is considered as evil debauchery, evil debauchery injures the body and damages virtue. Sex after marriage is positive debauchery, this is in line with human relations, but one also need to pay attention to moderation.

    (2). It is to avoid indulgence before marriage, in order to avoid being wasted before getting married. One should leave save the best of oneself for after marriage. During my long stay in the rebooting forums, I have seen a lot of unmarried brothers becoming wasted before marriage, the family is urging marriage, but their sexual function is no longer OK, they have premature ejaculation and erectile difficulties. It is inconvenient to communicate such issues with the woman. Once the word is out, the other person would mention breaking up, making oneself very awkward. Some friends are not only sexually disabled, but their whole body is ridden with symptoms with discomforts all over. When entering marriage in such a state, this is also very awkward.

    (3). The third point is very important. In fact, rebooting is cultivation. Why do you want abstinence before marriage? This principle is actually similar to taming the wild horse is similar, that is, to learn to conquer the temptation demons before marriage. The temptation demon is the wild horse, one can only direct this wild horse after marriage. The process is: first conquer and then direct! If you have never surpassed the demon, then you can’t talk about directing, one will be unable to truly achieve moderation after marriage. In order words, when you are successful at rebooting before marriage, then there will be hope to truly achieve moderation after marriage. Otherwise, if you have never conquered the temptation demon, there is a high chance of becoming wasted after marriage. Remember: First conquer, then direct! If you are unable to conquer the temptation demon, then it is possible to become wasted both before and after marriage. We need to be masters of desires, not the slaves to desire. The consequences of being the slave to desire are very grave!

    Analysis: There are only two Chinese emperors who lived to be over 80 years old, Liang Wudi, a Buddhist. The other person is Qianlong, who advocated moderation in lust. The emperor generally does not need masturbation, there are so many women in the harem, but why are emperors is short-lived? It’s because of too much lovemaking. The emperor has access to the best doctors in China, the food they eat and supplant themselves with are of the highest quality. But despite such conditions, many emperors die in their 20s, that is, they cannot pass the female threshold. Many people are born with a weak constitution, but their desire is very strong. By damaging the kidneys under such circumstances, it won’t take more than a few years before symptoms come knocking on the door. So even after we get married, we must pay attention to moderation. Otherwise, many people get married and have sex very often and with ruined bodies as a result. For brothers who are already married, if you have a lot of symptoms, then you should learn to reboot and cultivate the health. You may have a good talk with your wife, cultivate yourself to a healthy state and then have sex in moderation. Don't be tempted and waste yourself for a moment of fleeting pleasure. I see a lot of Chinese medicine cases, those ancient doctors have all required one year of abstinence in combination with taking Chinese medicine, only in this way can one hope to make a full recovery. Otherwise, by supplementing from the above and leaking from the below, recovery will forever be difficult. Even if one is temporarily healed, relapse will be easy. 30% of treatment, 70% of maintenance. Rebooting and preserving the essences is covered by health cultivation. Married brothers must communicate well with his wife in order to avoid misunderstanding and the resulting family conflicts. If your wife is fairly understanding and understands you, then things will be easier.

    2. [Continuing to ask Soaring Eagle brother, should you always put rebooting in the first place, should you have this attitude? During these three months I have not stopped in studying your posts and your posts about cases, I have always put rebooting in the first place because I feel that my appearance, self-confidence, and life is affected by it. Every day when I come home for dinner, I must study rebooting articles. In 3 months I have made 3 notebooks of notes. But I don’t know if I’m overdoing, or should I have this attitude? Please answer this question.]

    Answer: Yes, your question has been raised by somebody previously. We should take time to learn and review the rebooting articles and notes every day, continue to raise the realization, and remain highly vigilant. But we shouldn’t spend too much time on rebooting so as not to affect everyday life and studies. One may make an arrangement such as to study rebooting articles for 1-2 hours every day, arrange the time for it and reasonably allocate your energy. On the basis of not affecting everyday life and studies, we can read more articles and cases on rebooting but don’t make yourself too tired. You are progressing very fast, if you feel very tired it is affecting your studies, you should pay attention to make adjustments. Fight on!

    Analysis: The distance between us and rebooting should not be too close nor should it be too far. When rebooting, it does not require one to spend a dozen hours each day in the rebooting forums, when sitting and gazing for a long time in that way, it is not favorable for the recovery. But you should carry the rebooting forums in your heart. Every day, you should log on and feel the atmosphere of the forums, then read more cases, encourage more newcomers. While spreading positivity you are also strengthening your positive energy. Of course, you don’t have to log on every day. If it’s inconvenient, you can also take out the rebooting notebook and review it, learning new things from reviewing old things. My current schedule is to normally use the mobile phone to log onto the rebooting forums during the day, roughly about 10 times and a few minutes each time. I would read a few cases and then answer a few questions. Then after arriving home during the evening, I would answer questions for about an hour, of course, I would also make images and come up with ideas for articles. I wouldn’t make myself too tired. Once too tired, one will easily want to give up. Therefore, I pay great attention to striking a balance between work and rest as well as time management. The third year of high school is very tough and important, more time and energy should be allocated to schoolwork. In addition, some brothers will opt for cutting off the cellphone and the internet, he blames all the reasons for breaking the reboot on the temptations from computers and mobile phones, never once has he sought the reason from himself. Even though many people have cut off the internet and cell phones, they will still relapse, this is because relapsing sometimes does not require external temptations. One’s own fantasies and memories may lead to breaking the reboot. Other people relapse due to emotional reasons and not due to temptations. My opinion is still: to successfully reboot, one must study more and raise the level of realization, otherwise, there is no way to conquer the temptation demon. In rebooting, we need to control the time we spend on the internet in order to avoid getting hooked to the internet. But if one chooses to cut out the mobile phone and the internet, one loses access to many first-hand rebooting articles and material, this is not favorable to raising the realization. Of course, there is also a compromise, that is download all the rebooting articles to the mobile phone and read them on the phone. In this way, one is staying away from pornographic material while still being able to continuously study rebooting articles.
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    part 2/2

    Below we will enter into the main topic.

    There are 2 main topics in this season: talk about relapsing and the revealed profundities by the 21 points.

    Right now, many posts in the rebooting forums are about relapses, they occupy a lot of room. Every day one sees these posts, in them, one may see encouragement and guidance from predecessors. Don't be discouraged after relapsing, don't smash the jar just because it is cracked. When you have learned to draw experiences and lessons from the failures, then you will your reboot will become better and better. Failure can be a springboard, it can also be an abyss. By treating failures correctly, then failure is the mother of success.

    In the rebooting forums, you will generally find 2 types of people:

    1. Reboot better and better
    2. Reboot worse and worse, even giving up

    Those who reboot better and better are generally all good at studying and summarizing reasons for failure. These brothers have excellent studying habit, their realization is in the process of continuous improvement. Under such circumstances, when he relapse once it will even raise his realization to the next level. He will begin to pay attention to the reasons that led to relapsing and will be even more refined in rebooting. For example, a brother has a relapse due to emotional reasons, next time, he will realize the importance of emotional management, he will pay attention to adjusting his feelings in time. When he is in a bad mood, he will realize that it will be very easy to relapse from here on, and so he will immediately raise his vigilance and adjust his emotions. This is actually the harvest from breaking the reboot. The relapse may be negative but it can also be positive, one learns from one’s mistake.

    Brothers in the second category generally rely on brute force, or they think that they are fine after having read a few rebooting articles. Actually, in order to be successful, one must continuously study and continuously raise the realization, reading a few articles does not make one successful. These brothers also rely on enthusiasm to quit, when relapse occurs, the enthusiasm for rebooting will fade, then the momentum will wear off, the original feeling towards rebooting is never to be found again. Indeed, relapsing will cause a loss of morale and enthusiasm. But there is a saying: Failure can make a person become discouraged, it can also make a person stronger. What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. I advocate rationality in rebooting and not relying on impulsive enthusiasm to quit, otherwise, the enthusiasm wears off quickly and confidence is immediately lost following a relapse. We should be sensible and develop good study habits that are as natural as brushing the teeth daily. Allow realization to continuously rise is the key. Yao Ming didn’t become 2.26m overnight. If you want to reboot successfully, accumulation must be emphasized, constantly review, reflect, summarize and keep taking notes. With regards to my articles, some brothers have really understood them and then their realization raised very quickly and he is able to reply to many questions on my behalf. In studying rebooting articles we should pay more attention to the rate of absorption. Otherwise, if nothing is retained after reading an article then one has read in vain.

    Good articles and good books should be read repeatedly. When you read an article this month and then again in the next month, the feeling is completely different. I have deeply experienced this first-hand. When reading an article for the first time, the gain is very limited, but read it again after a while and there will be new insights and discoveries. When reviewing the material after a period of time, you will again acquire new knowledge. When you have repeatedly read an article many times, you will find that you have really absorbed the essence of the article.

    For some friends, relapse is a springboard. Through this springboard, he can jump to a higher rebooting level and become even better from there on. For some other friends, relapse is like an abyss, things get progressively worse after a relapse until finally, they give up altogether. They chose the route of escape, some brothers after having relapsed even come to the rebooting forums in the attempt to pull people down with them. They would say that you can't quit or even directly post pornographic images to tempt people to relapse. These brothers have actually become the traitor, they have become puppets to the temptation demon, they have become the microphone of the temptation demon. I understand their thinking very well; if I’m unable to quit, don’t you think that you can quit, if I’m to be wasted then everybody goes down with me, if I’m no good, don’t you think about being good. With regards to these brothers, normally I would immediately delete their posts so as not to affect other peoples’ rebooting process. These brothers should repent well, turn about and head towards the shore.

    To be honest, before succeeding I have relapsed countless times. Of course, I didn’t have any sense of learning awareness at that time. My level of realization was very shallow. At that time I was rebooting in the brute force way, my record streak was 28 days. Later, via studying and raising my awareness, I easily bypassed 1 month and then everything became better and better. I broke through half a year and then one year, later on, I have already stopped counting the number of days, it was enough to remember which day I started to reboot.

    We must constantly try, don't be afraid of failure, learn from failure and grow our experience, constantly improve ourselves. In this way, it is possible to finally approach success. When you have developed good study habits, there is no need to fail that many times. Once you have stepped inside the door of rebooting and obtained a certain level of realization, It is actually very easy to break through the half year barrier. The reason for so many failed attempts during previous times is due to not having really stepped into the door of rebooting, I was still an outsider. When you really grasped the true essence of rebooting success, the realization will advance by leaps and bounds as will the number of days streak. There is indeed a group of brothers on the rebooting forums whose realization has increased surprisingly quickly, these brothers are good at studying and summarizing. What is the feeling after the realization has been raised? I can tell you, for example, when you are still in the first grade of elementary school, you will find it difficult to do the math problem of the first grade. When you are in college, and you can go back to the math problem of the first-grade elementary school, the problem is simply child’s play. It is the direct result of having raised the level of realization. When the realization has been reached, and looking back at everything, one would feel that it is unusually simple and straightforward. However, if your level of realization is stagnating, then it will be difficult to reboot successfully.

    For some veteran brothers, my advice is: don't walk away from the rebooting articles, don't relax your vigilance! When you have been rebooting for more than 1 year or more than 2 years, you should even be more careful to not relax your vigilance. The mistake of many veteran brothers makes is to think that they have been rebooting for so long that they will not relapse again. One scarcely realizes that as long as vigilance is relaxed, relapse will happen no matter how long one has been rebooting. The vigilant screws can't be loosed, otherwise, the rebooting skyscraper will come crashing down! After entering the reboot stabilizing period, many people relax their studies and their vigilance. The temptation demon is given a chance to avail itself, relapse will be inevitable. After the relapse, one then comes to senses and regrets being careless. Generally, after entering the reboot stabilizing period, there are very few sexual fantasies, many people naturally relax their vigilance. The lack of sexual fantization does not mean that it is entirely gone. The temptation demon is constantly looking for a chance to counterattack. When your vigilance is slack, this is the opportunity for the temptation demon to avail itself. Therefore, we must be vigilant every day in our rebooting process, maintaining a state of having foresight. When the screws of vigilance appear loose, we should discover this immediately and tighten the screws of vigilance, the fruits from rebooting can be preserved in this way.

    The power of rebooting comes from studying! Studying raises the realization, realization conquers the temptation demon! These three words are the true meaning of rebooting success!

    The root of preserving the fruit of rebooting lies in vigilance! Strictly speaking, vigilance also belongs to the realization category. The reason why it is mentioned separately is to emphasize the importance of vigilance. When your realization has reached the mark, rebooting success will naturally follow. When the melon is ripe, it will fall off its stem. Please believe in my words. Fight on!

    In the below let’s talk about the revealed profundities by the 21 points

    Everyone may be confused about this topic, what does 21 points mean? In fact, the 21 points that I’m saying is a form card game, in abroad it is called blackjack. Needless to say, I believe that most brothers should have played this card game. This card game is very easy to learn, it normally takes a few minutes to learn to play, it is extremely simple. But it is very difficult to become good at this game. I have realized the principles of rebooting from this card game. I will share it with everyone this season.

    In the rules of blackjack, it is mentioned, if all the cards add up to more than 21 points, the player loses - called (Bust), also called the flop.

    There are a lot of brothers who are busting, because they don’t know that there is such a point in the body, that is, the critical point of the symptoms. They are out of control, controlled by addiction, madly masturbating with the result of being wrapped in symptoms before long. People with a poor constitution will encounter symptoms relatively early. People with a good constitution will encounter symptoms a bit later. But as long as you are addicted to masturbation, the appearance of symptoms are inevitable. But some people have hidden symptoms, they appear okay on the surface, but only he himself knows that the body has various discomforts. Some people belong to the category of hindsight, the body already has a lot of symptoms, but because of ignorance, he never connects the dots to masturbation, thinking that the symptoms are caused by other reasons. Only after reading rebooting articles does he come to a sudden realization of the truth. The various discomforts of the body throughout the many years were caused by masturbation, only now does he wakes up.

    To win at blackjack, one must risk the bust, especially at 16 or 17 points, taking an additional card at this time will very likely lead to a bust. And in our rebooting process, the most clever method is not to masturbate a single time. This is because masturbation is addictive, doing it once will lead to doing it continuously, the result is tragic, that is: you masturbated to a bust! Entangled by symptoms.

    It should be noted that the sexual fantization is also the same as requesting an additional card, very many brothers encounter symptoms after sexual fantization. Brothers who have read my previous articles should know that sexual fantization is the invisible form of leakage. Therefore, when we reboot, we must overcome sexual fantization. When we have passed this level, rebooting will become a lot easier, basically halfway succeeding. Otherwise, even if you know all the dangers of masturbation while being unable to overcome sexual fantization, then it will be impossible to reboot successfully.

    Back when I was still quite ignorant, I masturbated like crazy and went bust countless times. But at that time, no one was waking me up, neither was there anybody telling me about rebooting knowledge, I was the frog sitting at the bottom of the well. Having raised my realization through ceaseless studies and then looking back at my ignorant self, I felt lots of sadness and pity. At that time, I was masturbating like crazy and rebooting blindly, the result was countless relapses and countless failures. I was trying to find a dynamic balance at the time, I believe many brothers have had this idea, that is, hoping to find a balance between masturbation and the symptoms, being able to masturbate without encountering any symptoms. Later, I found that it is extremely difficult to find the balance because masturbation is highly addictive, it will cause you to continuously demand new cards, eventually leading to a bust. When you start rebooting after having gone bust, then you are only making up for it, there is no preventive power. Some brothers can indeed do it once a week, but he can't overcome sexual fantization. He is leaking more via sexual fantization, and he doesn't know it because he is ignorant, he thinks that he has good control. Not long after, he will find that he is entangled in symptoms.

    After playing lots of blackjacks, there will naturally be experiences of busts. When one has been masturbating for a long time, one will naturally slide towards that critical point, resulting in bust through masturbation. When one often walks along the river, how can the shoes not get wet. I have seen many cases from brothers, in all cases, during the first few years there are no symptoms, then, from the third or fifth year, the symptoms will slowly appear. Some brothers were fine last year, this year, the symptoms suddenly broke out. Quantitative change produces qualitative changes. When the essences have been damaged to a certain degree, there will naturally be symptoms, no one can escape! Low essence precedes illness, commit the words of the medicine king Sun Simiao into memory, it is never wrong.

    The process of busting via masturbation is very similar to that of the blackjack. When you continuously ask for new cards, the biggest possibility that awaits you is a bust. True masters of blackjack will count cards, memorize cards and calculate the probability of busting. But even then, he also loses sometimes. But it is different from masturbation, if you don’t masturbate, then you will not bust via masturbation. Just like if you refuse to play blackjack, you won't bust. If you want to play, it is easy to bust. The most clever way is: refuse to play again, refuse to masturbate again! Never again bust because of masturbation!

    Lastly, I have summarized 3 sentences:

    1. If you don't masturbate, then you won't bust as a result of masturbation.
    2. Once you start to masturbate, the possibility of a bust due to masturbation is extremely high.
    3. Refuse to masturbate again, consciously stay away from the critical point of the symptoms.

    In this season I will recommend a book:

    [Tibetan Book of the Dead] Sogyal Rinpoche

    I believe that some brothers should know this book, I spent five days reading this it. This book has deepened my understanding of Buddhism and deepened my understanding of life and death. It is indeed very inspiring. The book opened my horizon. After reading this book, I read [中阴闻教得度]. After reading these two books, I found out how superficial my understanding was on the topic of death. I used to avoid death as a taboo. After reading this book, it gave me a new understanding towards death and also on how to face its arrival. Interested brothers may take a look at it, it should bring you a lot of inspiration.
  9. Avicii

    Avicii New Fapstronaut

    For reasons of work of my parents; they every week have to travel far and I have to take care of my younger brother; but there lies my whole problem; I need your advice; My addiction to pornography has become very big and even worse when I am alone in my house doing nothing; HELP ME PLEASE
  10. Captain!

    Captain! Fapstronaut

    Hope the new season come out.
  11. Tywin Lannister

    Tywin Lannister Fapstronaut


    Thanks you for doing all this work brother!!!
    I have started reading this work immediately. I looked up kindey-essence on youtube. It's spot on! Even the early grey hair stuff..

    How many season has your Chinese friend Soaring Eagle written in total?

    Please please please continue this good work. God bless you!!
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  12. Tywin Lannister

    Tywin Lannister Fapstronaut

    Also, when Soaring Eagle talks about "soft" legs, does he mean weak legs? What does he mean exactly?

    What do you think about this version? Where one massages the kindneys?
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  13. deep_breath

    deep_breath New Fapstronaut

    Hi guys,

    At the beginning I would like to apologize for my English :)

    A bit of my story and a few questions for you and in particular to @HMHU our master :)

    I masturbated and watched pornography for about 12 years and stopped 32 years old.

    In January 2018, I start in the NOFAP challenge:
    - no pornography
    - no orgasm
    - no masturbation
    - at that time I had several night leaks (2-3)
    - I did not have sex with my wife in 2018
    - I had my first sex after nofap with my wife in March 2019
    - during this time I healed from many ailments (but this will be described in some detail)

    That's what wants to ask:

    - I healed with a screech in my ears but I still have floaters in my eyes. during this period it began to decrease, but as soon as I encountered excitement in this period (no PMO) the problems with my eyes were coming back.

    My question - whether I'm doing NOFAP for that?

    Has the brain and the body not yet healed for a period of 15 months?

    I am suffering from premature ejaculation - sometimes I will not even get sex and while kissing, I am already shooting - what to do?
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  14. Tywin Lannister

    Tywin Lannister Fapstronaut

    Get acquainted with your pelvic muscles. You know, those muscles that relax while peeing. Those same muscles contract on the way to orgasm. Try to feel them relaxing while peeing and then kindly start trying to control the relaxation of them (don't push to hard). You can also stop in the middle of the peeing (don't keep doing this, it is not really healthy) to spot the right muscles so you know exactly what muscles I am talking about.
    When you have done that: search for "reverse kegel exercises". That should help with the relaxation. Discipline is required.
    Normal "kegels" are to train the strength of the muscle. "reverse kegels" are to train the amount of control over them. Do NOT overdo normal kegels if you already have premature ejaculation.
    When having sex, try to stay partially conscious with your pelvic muscles. Learn to take it slow and keep the muscles as relaxed as possible for as long as possible.
    (Do NOT train your pelvic muscles with masturbation/porn edging!)

    I hope you find this to be helpful :)
  15. Tywin Lannister

    Tywin Lannister Fapstronaut

    Today I tried the horse stance for the first time. I did this form:

    What happened was, within 10-15 seconds I started to feel the need/wanting to cry (in a good way I think) and some tingling up my spine. So I hold the position until the emotion ebbs away a bit after 2 minutes or so. Is this a good reaction? Do I need to find a good Qigong master for this?
  16. chotoquatroi1

    chotoquatroi1 Fapstronaut

  17. HMHU

    HMHU Fapstronaut

    Hi brother. It seems your urge to PMO far outweighs the motivation to reboot. My guess is that you have yet to experience many symptoms that come with excessive PMO. My advice is to read the many posts made by brothers on this forum and also read the work of Soaring Eagle in order to become familiarized with the symptoms. The symptoms are no joke, once they come knocking on the door, the regret will be very painful.

    Since getting rid of a habit is near impossible without an effective replacement, I would suggest finding something other than PMO to do. Even video games or TV is better than PMO because you will at least not be depleting your body as quickly. For the sake of the bright future that awaits you, I hope you find the light brother.
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  18. HMHU

    HMHU Fapstronaut

    Thank you very much for the encouragement brother! In my Chinese version of Soaring Eagle's book, I have counted a total of 110 seasons. There are probably more available but I'm not yet in the hurry to look for them given the current pace of my translations.
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  19. HMHU

    HMHU Fapstronaut

    An interesting variation of the Qigong exercise. "Soft" legs are basically weak legs. I see nothing wrong with the kidney massage. My dad has been doing the kidney massage every day for many years and it helps with his sore waist.
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  20. Big Lebowski

    Big Lebowski Fapstronaut

    On the chinese forums do you hear much of any cases going with two years and more with symptoms?
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