6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy

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    pretty interesting stuff here, some good information, to tired to read all of it so i'll have to follow up later.
    UHHMM, yeah i definitely have this problem to deal with. My brain fog is so bad and my levels of awareness are so low though it is a real struggle. Hopefully if this brain fog ever lifts i can make some use of this ideology because it's not just with pmo, but with every aspect of life that this is important.
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    Well said brother! On a side note, I recently finished reading the autobiography of the person in your avatar, what an admirable chan Master he was! I quote from his book:

    "I woke up and saw a girl beside me taking her clothes off - offering her naked body to me. I dared not speak and promptly got up, sitting cross-legged, repeating a mantra." A true Zen master indeed!
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  3. Thank you my friend for taking time to translate this important for us book .Its motivating to read and we must all try some helpful technics. Waiting for more....
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    Hi bro , you have done very great work, i want your help, im am an dancer (bboy) , I practice 6-9 hours a day, but started dancing two years ago and i started masturbation 6-7 years ago , and my previous lifestyle was - waking up all night and sleeping all day and lots of masturbation and bad diet , and nowdays i started having lots of injuries,i just get injured very frequently like a lot , every two week i injured myself , then i have to take rest for 10 days, im career is going downfall, im taking Physio therapy on daily basis and proper protein diet but nothing seems to help, my longest streak is 14 days, i do masturbate one day in a week but at that day i masturbate thrice or twice on that same day , and in my 14 day streak i got only one nocturnal emission, this only in my whole life , im 18 by the way , and when i abstain for 7-8 days i do see that in day time , i see some drops of essence on my underwear, my main concern in my injuries , why my body is getting injured on daily basis and my friends are doing very well all together, do you think masturbation is the problem , do building kidney qi will help me , and i do sleep in day for 1-2 hours and at Night i sleep for 6-7 hours but i go to bed at 1 am , and im very deeply depressed, i hate peoples ( i dont want this feeling but it comes outta nowhere ), whats your advice , please anybody help me , my life is on line , please help mates , thankyou
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    6 yrs r u kidding.... It's my 7 th day and I felt like my dick is going to cum without any shaking it's really difficult how did u manage?
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    This thread is gold mine for those who seek knowledge & wisdom.
    Appreciate for all your efforts.
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    Hi becoming goodboy. First of all kudos to you for being a dancer and especially in breaking, I used to break a lot and still do when I find the time, it is very tough on the body.

    Basically, there are 3 things that you have mentioned which greatly drains your energy or kidney qi; heavy physical training, binge masturbation and poor eating & sleeping habits. While exercise is good for you I think the amount you are doing now is too much for your body to handle. It sounds like your body can no longer put up with the maintenance it is required to do on daily basis compared to the amount of wear and tear that it's exposed to. From personal experiences, binge masturbation is much more harmful than masturbating once and in regular intervals; this is comparable to a battery when we use it sparingly and not all at once it tends to last longer compared to when we exhaust it in one go. Your body has clearly been weakened which is reflected in the daytime emissions. Sleeping during the night is very different compared to sleeping during the day, even if we get an equal amount of sleep. Our bodies and our whole being are intricately connected with the outer environment - the earth, the sun and the subtle electric and magnetic forces. Night time is meant for sleep, period. And since the physical body is interconnected with the mental body, when one suffers the other will also become affected, this is why you also experience depression alongside the physical symptoms. Also, you mentioned that you have masturbated for 6-7 years, recovery will not happen overnight and you need to accept it, it will come when your body is ready. Think of it as the process of the bamboo tree growth, you water and nurture it for years without seeing any results and suddenly it sprouts up many feet in a matter of days. Trust in the healing power of the body and the divine spirit that is guiding it, be patient and know that you will be healed in time. I therefore recommend the following actions for you to take:

    - Clean up your diet, introduce supplements if needed
    - Try not to sleep during the day but do it during the night
    - Exercise less if you have to, allow the injuries to fully heal
    - Do not masturbate multiple times in succession, if you absolutely must, do it no more than once/day
    - Read, study, reflect and meditate on rebooting material, this will greatly aid your rebooting efforts

    It pains me to see you like this, get well soon brother, all the best to you!
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    I believe the author (Soaring Eagle) has managed this by the relentless process of daily brainwashing - reading rebooting material, TCM, and spiritual literature. In doing so day after day he was able to ascend in understanding and overall awareness. The cultivation of mind was in place which is very much an inner process, the outer results were only a reflection of that.
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    Thanks mate , i will try my best , what supplements do you want me to take( if you cant tell the specific , tell the types ) , and no i came here to stop masturbating , i will try your blog tips and i will left it forever, and did i m getting injured because of masturbation?, right now i just have injured my lower back almost 30 days, it's still injured, any advice on that though! Thanks
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    There is a wide range of supplements that one can take, I will name the ones that I personally take: zinc, magnesium, calcium, l-proline, and l-lysine. Though it could be a placebo effect I've found that magnesium helps with my sleep. The reason to why I have not included essential vitamins such as c-vitamin is because I get enough from my regular diet. In addition, fruit and whole grains have lots of fiber and helps with cleaning your intestines. With regards to diet I would recommend the rule of thumb by the yogi guru Sri Yukteswar: eat a simple diet that is suitable for your constitution. If we eat heavy food such as burgers and pizza it will be very burdensome for the body to break down and we expend lots of energy and wear on our bodies in the process, this is why a more simple diet is recommended which is observable in the diet that is taken by monks.

    I used to have lower back pain for a couple months when I masturbated more frequently, it went away by itself after the doctor had recommended a range of stretching exercises for the lower back. Of course, it depends on the type of your injury, stretching may not be suitable in every case. Hope that helped.
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    Thanks man , i will try my best in reboot, and which materials did i have to read , so that will help me in keeping my mind postive ,as your post of soaring eagle said!
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    The weekly updates that I upload will be a good start. You can read and re-read the material and research deeper into selected topics of interest. Spiritual readings is helpful, I personally enjoy the philosophy of Stoicism, for that you may pick up a book by Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, etc. I would also recommend the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananada which greated helped me in my spiritual journey.
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    Wow now that’s what I call a Reboot legend . If he can do it, I can do it to we all can over come this addiction with the help of each other . We just have to keep in mind that impossible is just an opinion..
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    This is by far the Greatest post I’ve read in this community . So much to learn. Great work @HMHU for taking your precious time translating and sharing this great knowledge. Keep it coming mate .
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    Hi guys! We have now covered around 1/10 of the book in terms of the number of chapters. Although I have become more efficient in my translations, the chapters are growing in size. Currently, I'm on page 34 of page 1218 just to give a scope of what's ahead of us. As the readers have noticed, Soaring Eagle is stressing more and more about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the most destructive habits being staying up and long sittings. Cutting out PMO is only part of the solution, the other part depends on the lifestyle that we adopt and thoughts that we think.

    A BIG thanks to all the encouraging comments along the way, they really make a tremendous difference! I will do my best to upload another chapter tomorrow as it is 70% done at the moment. Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys!

    Season 9 [Soaring Eagle experience: The issue of tinnitus, rebooting mentality, the importance of searching for study materials]

    Tinnitus is a common problem among brothers. Naturally, there are many factors that may cause tinnitus. But normally, the kind of tinnitus that many brothers encounter arises out of kidney deficiency, due to overindulgence in debauchery, poor lifestyle habits, frequent staying up late, long sittings, all of the mentioned factors make it easier for the appearance of tinnitus.

    TCM: kidneys enlightens the ears. When kidneys are weak, tinnitus will come knocking on the door. Many brothers are deeply troubled by tinnitus, their condition would not heal in the long term and so they put their hopes in medicines. As everyone knows by now, cutting out the addiction of masturbation is the basic prerequisite, how can you expect to get better if you continue to masturbate and engage in sexual fantasies? I was once a victim of tinnitus, of course, I was relatively ignorant at the time. Afterwards, as I learned to cultivate my health and having actively exercised for half a year, my kidney qi became abundant and my tinnitus vanished without needing to take any medicines! The best supplement is to not leak. In addition, nocturnal emissions do count as leakages and it will have adverse impacts on the body. If your kidney qi is in the abundance, an occasional emission will not be felt, however, if your kidney qi has sustained damage, further leakages will make things worse. Among the question that I have answered, numerous brothers are troubled by the issue of nocturnal emissions, their bodies get worse by the day through frequent emissions. TCM touches on the point: long-term emissions injures the eight extra meridians. (Translator’s note: a detailed explanation of the eight extra meridians is beyond the scope of this article, for those that are interested may consult Google using the terminology) Therefore, to recover from tinnitus, one should reduce the number of nocturnal emissions. I hope that everyone continues to perform the Eight Brocade kidney strengthening exercise from chapter 3, many brothers have reported excellent benefits from the exercise and have managed to greatly reduce the number of emissions. Of course, the precondition is that one has found the correct feeling when doing the exercise, as well as putting a stop to other factors that contribute towards nocturnal emissions.

    The sound that one typically hears from kidney deficiency induced tinnitus sounds like the cicadas, a whistling or a hissing sound. The sound that I heard is the cicadas as if I had one living in my ears. The sound was sharp, drawn out and it was very irritating, sometimes it would make it difficult for me to sleep. I had this trouble since high school but it was not serious at the time, it becomes more serious after I started to stay up during the nights and sat for long periods at a time. Normally, when kidney deficiency induced tinnitus first makes its appearance it is accompanied by other symptoms. The 6 most commonly occurring symptoms can be found below:

    Brainpower aspect: decreased memory, lack of focus, lack of energy, low efficiency in working.

    Emotional aspect: poor emotions that are hard to control, dizziness, easily angered, irritability, anxiety, depression and so on.

    Willpower aspect: lack of self-confidence, lack of passion in work, lack of passion in life, lack of goal and direction.

    Sexual function aspect: lack of sexual appetite, impotence or softness, nocturnal emissions, semen leakage, premature ejaculation, decreased sperm count and less lively sperm activity, infertility.

    Urinary function aspect: frequent urination, delay in urination, frequent urination in combination with greater volume, white dripping, prostatitis, varicocele.

    Other aspects: premature aging, forgetfulness, insomnia, poor appetite, bone and joint pains, waist and knee soreness, easily fatigued, fatigue, a decrease in eyesight. hair loss, premature greying, loosening of teeth.

    Masturbation causes the weakening of the kidneys, when kidneys weaken many physical and psychological symptoms will appear. This is because masturbation destroys the body and the mind, tinnitus is but one of the symptoms of weakened kidneys. To completely heal tinnitus one must completely quit masturbation and sexual fantasization, actively exercise, regularize eating and resting habits and accumulate kidney qi. Abundant kidney qi wards off evil in all shapes and forms. Otherwise, all the medicine in the world is of no use, one might be fed up with taking all the medicine without curing tinnitus. Many brothers report that after 2-3 month of rebooting there is still no visible improvements in their health. What I want to say is that cutting out masturbation alone is not enough, one must learn to cultivate the health, actively exercise, only in this way will there be a quick recovery in the kidney qi. Furthermore, many brothers have sustained heavy injuries to their essences, subsequently, the recovery will be gradual. My feeling is that the pace of recovery is like the speed of hair growth, it is very slow indeed. But if you do not cut your hair for half a year you will notice your hair has become very long, 2-3 months is relatively short in comparison. Therefore, to recover from kidney deficiency one must make the mental preparation to engage in long-term battle and persist each and every day. In addition, effort must also be placed in reducing the frequency of nocturnal emissions, because night emissions are very unfavorable to the recovery process.

    Let’s talk about the regulation of the rebooting mentality.

    Because of masturbation many brothers have developed psychological problems such as a pessimistic view towards life and to give up on themselves, both are common occurrences. Once I had also experienced these mental disturbances; the loss of hope, lack of motivation, lack of self-confidence, feeling inferior and even self-mutilation.

    To encounter the aforementioned issues is very normal because masturbation destroys the body and the mind. When the body runs into issues, the mind will also face problems. If the body runs into issues, we regulate the body, if the mind encounters problems we also need to learn to make timely adjustments.

    Everybody should know that in this world there is always two side of ourselves, one side is the passive self and the other the active self. When the passive self-appears, we must make haste in adjusting the self into the active self. This is like when a clock is showing the wrong time, we must immediately correct it.

    The ability to adjust the mental state can be categorized as EQ in Western psychology, or emotional intelligence. EQ is a rather new measure that psychologist has proposed that is the counterpart to IQ. Emotional intelligence mainly refers to our characteristics in the areas of mood, emotion, willpower, and how to handle setbacks. Overall, great differences in EQ is not significant between individuals but is more related to postnatal cultivation. In other words, EQ is a prenatal “acquisition”, through studying it we may increase our emotional intelligence.

    A while back, the book “The Secret” which was recommended by the host of Tudou forums is a very good book with regards to how to increase EQ. In it the concept of the law of attraction deals with positive and proactive thinking, and by doing so increase the chance of success. If one always have pessimistic and dark thinking then it is the same as hypnotizing oneself and suggesting failure for oneself, in doing so the chances for failure becomes greater. This is similar to going to battle with a low morale which would greatly increase the chances of defeat.

    EQ includes 5 main areas:
    1. To be aware of our own feelings, only through knowing ourselves are we able to take control of our lives.
    2. Capable to properly manage our feelings, able to regulate ourselves.
    3. Self-encouragement, which allows a person to walk away from the low ebbs in life and to begin anew.
    4. Able to recognize other people’s emotion, this is the basis for a normal exchange and the realization of successful communication.
    5. The management of personal relationships, leadership and management abilities.
    All of the above abilities are obtainable through the effort of constant studying. I would recommend reading more books in this area as books are like the steps to which humanity may take in order to ascend upwards. Without studying there will be no understanding, without studying rebooting there will be no success.

    Lastly, let’s talk about the importance of collecting first-hand material.

    First hand refers to the experience and symptoms of brothers. These material and cases are very very valuable, many cases are very typical of their nature. Everybody would do well by establishing a folder and gather those typical cases within, this will help us to more thoroughly understand the harmfulness of masturbation. Many brothers collect porn videos, of course, I’ve also done it where I have gathered a few dozens of them. The more we collect, the more opportunities we have to indulge ourselves. On the other hand, the more case material we collect, the more warnings we will receive; the warning to not indulge or else we will end up like the people in the cases, by indulging we are harming ourselves. Every day when I log into the rebooting forums and run into good cases, I would collect them. I have reviewed countless cases and seen all kinds of symptoms, many of which I have personally experienced. The more cases we review the deeper will our understanding become.

    Regardless the area of study, it is important to deepen the understanding. The first-hand material is matchless in its importance, whether masturbation is harmful does not require a debate. There was a sentence: Live battle produces real understanding. Whether or not there is harm and if a picture represents reality, one only need to look at what the brothers with ruined health have to say, from the mouth of these victims is the most real of the truths. The theory on the harmlessness in moderation is utter nonsense, from all the case material that I have reviewed, there are very few people who are able to practice moderation. Most of the cases resemble “once you pop you can’t stop”, just like the opening of Pandora’s box, once you open it there is no going back. People that love to exercise and have healthy lifestyle habits experience mild symptoms. Those people that dislike exercise, stay up and sits for a long time have serious symptoms. One can say that as long as one has begun to indulge, there is no escape, all methods are rendered useless, karma is not empty; masturbation plants an evil cause, evil cause leads to evil fruit, whatever is sown will determine what will be reaped, whatever comes out from masturbation is an evil fruit.

    No matter how healthy the body is, as the age increases, symptoms will become more apparent. Brothers that have suffered a collapse in health may see it as a blessing in disguise. How is that so? Because the symptoms are the best teacher, when symptoms emerge we know to quit PMO and we have recognized the reality. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to recover when one suffers a collapse in health at the age of 50. When the health collapses in the 20s, one may sooner recognize the seriousness of the harm. A young age allows for an easier recovery, if one suffers a great decline in health at the age of 50+, recovery will be very difficult. I have talked with a brother that is 50 years old, his has regular lifestyle habits with no staying up nor long sittings, every morning he would jog and has kept up with this regime for decades, he also had a very strong and able body. There was one weakness however and it’s his failure to recognize the harm in sexual indulgence; every day he would engage in sex 2 times which he kept on for several decades. According to him, after the age of 40, he clearly felt that his body was not what it used to be. He did not pay too much attention and continued to indulge, at the age of 50 many bodily symptoms suddenly emerged, diagnosis revealed autonomic disorders and anxiety. Every day was like living in hell with those symptoms, the suffering was immense. This case clearly shows that as long as one indulges, sooner or later the body will face issues. Even if you have a healthy lifestyle, even if you love to exercise, symptoms will still show up. With the increase in age, the number of symptoms with only grow. Therefore, one must cut the evil habit of masturbation, even after marriage one needs to understand the importance of essence preservation, moderate the sex life or the body may still face problems.

    To learn from the mistakes of our predecessors, these cases serve as the best warning, reality, and tutors. I hope that everybody lives as mindful people, by transforming their old vile interests in collecting porn movies to collection case materials. Every case serves as a reminder and warning: do not masturbate, do not indulge, or you will end up like the people in the cases.

    In addition, 75 party (Translator’s note: most likely an internet user by the name of “75 party”) is constantly spreading the theory of harmlessness. Because adolescents are lacking adequate discriminating power and are easily confused by harmlessness theories, unable to separate truth from falsehood, therefore, adolescents have even a greater need to look into the case material and learn from the mistakes of the predecessors. It is vital that they cleanse the harmlessness theories from their brains because those are toxic thoughts and must be cleared out.
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    That is AWESOME and I can't wait to be where you are!
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  17. Best part of the forum hands down!
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    Can I have the original Mandarin version of the book? Thank you.
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    I have uploaded the file and can be downloaded from the below URL:
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    Season 10 [Soaring Eagle experience: A detailed discussion on masturbation induced ugliness, and the recovery of neurasthenia, anxiety and social fear]

    If you have been hanging around in the rebooting forums for awhile, you will notice that the phenomenon of turning ugly due to masturbation is extremely common. Basically, everybody has turned uglier but the severity of the ugliness differs between individuals.

    The following factors affect the process of turning ugly:

    1. Prenatal constitution (under good conditions, the degradation of appearance is mild)
    2. Exercise factor (those who do not love to exercise will be more severely affected)
    3. Staying up and long sitting (those without healthy life habits will be more severely affected)
    4. PMO addiction level (those that are heavily addicted will be more severely affected)
    5. The absorption of nutrients (Inadequate nutrients, inability to absorb nutrients all lead to more severe ugliness)
    6. Other addictions (for example internet addiction, smoking addiction or alcohol addiction all leads to more severe ugliness)

    Many people are unable to find the reason for why they have become uglier. Actually, if one masturbates, turning ugly is inevitable. Masturbation sheds the most valuable Spirit (Translator’s note: Spirit is the fusion of the “three treasures” in TCM; these are jing - essence, qi - energy and shen - spirit) from our bodies, without Spirit we are listless. Everybody is familiar with beauty pageants, in these pageants they would firstly compare the body features, secondly the Spirit (Translator’s note: in this context, Spirit may be understood as the aura of the person) and thirdly the cultivation in speech. If a contestant has dark circles under the eyes, dull complexion and acne, will the judges pick this person as the winner? A person doesn’t have to look pretty, what’s more, important is the Spirit. Many people have a good constitution, loves to exercise and lives a life free from unhealthy habits, these people will not turn very ugly. But if you observe closely, you will still be able to spot problems. I had a friend who was very healthy but would masturbate regularly, although he has not turned ugly to a severe degree, you could spot a problem if you looked at his eyes; they were always sluggish and dull. TCM: The essence and qi in the five viscera and six bowels are all registered in the eyes. Essence resides in the kidneys which are where the most important qi is stored. After essence and qi have been expelled through masturbation, the eyes will easily dim and lack spirit.

    After masturbation the skin is prone to run into problems, masturbation disrupts the internal secretions, the skin would become very oily and the outbreaks of acne is frequent. The acne would be of the stubborn form that would persist for years and even for over a decade, this is due to the habit of masturbation. Consulting the doctor and taking medicine cannot cure the problem of its root, this is because essence and qi are being leaked through the evil habit of masturbation. Skin pores also tend to enlarge, the skin texture would change from that smooth, clear and oil-free state to looking filthy, with the skin pores enlarged and disgusting looking. The facial complexion would also become very poor, without a hint of sunshine and always tinted with darkness, as if unable to be washed clean. Actually, one cannot wash such a face clean, because the filthy comes from within. One might temporarily remove the dirt from the outside but is left unable to do any cleaning on the inside, masturbation injures the kidney qi and kidneys have an important function: filtering the blood. More commonly we may call it the “washing of blood”, people suffering from uremia have failed kidneys, they require blood dialysis. Each day the kidneys would filter through all the blood in the body over a couple dozen times in order to keep the blood clean and fresh. When you are sleeping the kidneys are still cleansing the blood for you. The evil habit of masturbation would also impact on the kidneys abilities to cleanse the blood, if the cleaning is not thorough enough, the effect will be visible on the face as uncleanness and dullness.

    Many people disagree with that they have turned uglier, actually, the damage is already done; one can simply make a comparison with a photo that was been taken several years in the past. The ugliness that is induced by masturbation does not come from a significant change in the facial features, instead, it is a subtle change in the Spirit. Let me illustrate this with an example: suppose you go to the superstore to buy apples, you would typically pick your apples and go for the lustrous and full apples while leaving alone the dull and shrunken apples, because you know that the latter is not fresh and would not taste good. Similarly, after masturbation you are like that “expired apple”, although your main features look more or less the same, one glance is enough to tell the difference, it is incomparable to that former spirited you. Naturally, when the Spirit has been depleted to a certain level, there will also be changes in the facial features. Many brothers report sunken eye sockets, more pronounced cheekbones, smaller eyes and similar conditions.

    Modern makeup is truly magical, makeup is able to transform an ugly lady into a beautiful lady, it is truly the 8th wonder of mankind. Besides altering the contours of the eyes, lips, the eyebrows, makeup is even able to alter the shape of the face, it is very deceptive. Many women take on a whole new appearance after applying makeups, besides altering the form, makeup has another very important function and that is “brightness raising”. What is brightness raising? It is actually “supplementing blood” and “supplementing Spirit”. Many women have sluggish Spirit and a poor complexion, after applying makeup, however, the Spirit is immediately uplifted, the dull and rough skin texture transformed into a smooth and bright texture like that of a newborn child. But upon removing the makeup, she is restored to her formal state. Therefore, we sometimes hear the story about women after marriage sleeping with their makeup on, for fear of their husbands seeing their true face. The best makeup for men is actually through rebooting and exercising, cultivating the health, not staying up nor sit for long durations, in 3 months time the Spirit will have recovered considerably, the effect of which far surpasses the application of powders on the face, this is the real Spirit and not some phony makeup.

    I have already talked about the issue of balding in a previous chapter. Balding has a very big impact on the physical appearance of a person, when balding appears a person will appear to be old. The recovery from balding is a relatively slow process, furthermore, there are serious misconceptions in the understanding among brothers, this will make recovery even more difficult. Girls, in general, are not fond of bald men unless he is rich, in this case, it’s unsure whether she likes the man or his money, the question deserves suspicion. Also, after one is together with a woman, recovering from balding is a far-fetched dream. Sex life is a constant process of exhausting the kidney essence, without kidney essence, the hair will not return to its former lush state. Of course, besides balding, the issue of greying is also a troublesome one, lots of grey hair will also affect a person’s self-esteem.

    All in all, ugliness is a sure byproduct of masturbation. As the age increases, this tendency of becoming ugly will become ever more apparent. Therefore, it’s important to avoid masturbation as much as possible, actively exercise, have timely daily schedules, learn to cultivate the health and accumulate the kidney qi. The cultivation of health and beauty is interconnected, always remember that beauty is not only a product of outer efforts, it is a projection from the inside. TCM: Face is a mirror to the five internal organs. Different areas on the face have their correspondent internal organs. In this season I will share 2 charts on TCM facial mapping, everybody may take a look. In TCM there are specialized areas of facial and color diagnosis. TCM: “Through gazing the illness can be known, through listening the illness can be separated, through asking the cause can be determined, through feeling the organ can be traced.” The truly brilliant TCM physician may understand the state of your five internal organs by just looking at your face, the physician from the story of “Bian Que sees Cai Huan” is such a person; by looking at the face the latent illnesses are made known.

    Below I have gathered real cases pertaining to masturbation induced ugliness. Due to the vast number of cases I have selected 10 of them for your reference:

    Case 1: Yes, masturbation induced ugliness is something I have deeply experienced. Physical appearance is not the most important thing to a man but it’s the Spirit of the man. I have average looks at best but I didn’t masturbate during my middle school years and so I looked very vital, my clear face had a brilliance to it and I never thought myself to be ugly. Since the third grade of middle school, I started to masturbate all the way through high school and until today, I have in fact become ugly gradually. My facial complexion is dull, my demeanor is wretched, I would feel a bit more handsome after a period of rebooting only to return to ugliness when I break the reboot.

    Case 2: Started to masturbate since middle school and have done it for 4-5 years up until today. I masturbate almost every day, it is very harmful indeed! I had a very healthy body before, at home during the winter I would walk around without wearing sleeves. Now my hands and feet are always ice cold, soaking in hot water would help very little. During middle school I was already 180 cm tall, now I’m a senior in high school but still haven’t gained much in height. I didn’t use to have acne but these years I’ve had a lot of acne. Long-term masturbation will turn one ugly. Many people have commented that my appearance has changed. Back in high school, there were a couple girls that were interested in me, nobody is interested in me today. Masturbation also causes one to lose confidence and makes one lean towards darkness. After prolonged masturbation, eyesight will decrease, the brain would become sluggish, ears unable to clearly hear sounds, it’s not the fault of the ears but the weakness of the kidneys.

    Case 3: I’m an 18-year-old 2nd-grade high school student and have started to masturbate since the 1st grade of middle school for 4 years. I have the following symptoms: low energy level, sleepy during class, poor concentration, feeling of IQ slipping lower, black eye circles, dull eyes, dully yellow and rough skin, feeling of turning ugly (I was very handsome before), rhinitis, lack of willpower in normal activities, easily angered, hesitant (previously I was outgoing, clever and filled with sunshine). Now I’m absent-minded, perform activities with hesitation. May I please ask all people to my senior, can I still recover my old “self”? Please give me some advice, thanks.

    Case 4: I’m only 18 and already I have masturbated for over 2 years. Previously I did it once every day and even 3-4 in a day. Not only am I less healthy now but also my appearance has changed, there is no doubt that masturbation leads to ugliness! In the past everyone commented on how adorable I was, now my head is big but my body is small and I look like as I haven’t slept. My skin would turn yellow, memory decrease and an ever increasing sense of self-inferiority.

    Case 5: I have turned ugly because of masturbation, also I have developed psychological barriers, resentment!!! Instead of experiencing a bright lifestyle I have self-degenerate sadness. I vow to change!

    Case 6: Somebody once asked in the forums if masturbation would cause one to turn ugly? Regarding this question I have intentionally made a comparison, I took the photos of myself from when I was 15, 16 and compared to my recent photos, it’s as if looking at two different persons! One is handsome, innocent and beautiful, the other with a swollen, lifeless face, compare for yourself if you don’t believe me (don’t look in the mirror, it is most obvious in the photos). From the evaluation of other people, the best description is that I have “grown handicapped”.

    Case 7: When I was small I could be considered handsome, but since middle school, I have always masturbated, now I’m turning uglier by the day! Those that were less handsome but didn’t masturbate have become ever more handsome, I’m depressed!

    Case 8: I really have lots of acne on my face nowadays, also I have lots of grey hairs, the first is from before I started to masturbate, the second is from after, there is no doubt I have turned uglier! (Translator’s note: it is possible that I’m lacking photos in this PDF version of the author’s book. “The first” should be referring to the first photo that I assume is attached to another version of the book). It is all too late now! I regret being ignorant, I long to return to the past and become a new person. Now I’m a murky juvenile, masturbation has destroyed my life. The promising old self with a bright future has turned out like this.

    Case 9: I have masturbated for 10 years, already a walking zombie and haven’t accomplished anything, all this is a consequence of masturbation.
    I have never had a girlfriend and no girls like me. I’m cowardly without a backbone, not manly, this is also caused by masturbation!

    Case 10: Since opening my previous thread it has been more than 90 days, although I haven’t completely cut out masturbation during this time, I did manage to greatly reduce the frequency which I consider to be a small success. However, my body continues to decay. The previous handsome self-continues to become uglier, every time I think about it breaks my heart. Once again I open a thread with the vow to stay clean for 100 days. I have no way back and need to persist at all cost. I believe that my body will slowly recover, my appearance will slowly become solemn, my studies and career will bear fruit, I will find a girlfriend. I also welcome all brothers to join me in this struggle.

    The 23 forms of ugliness that is linked to masturbation:
    1. Acne
    2. Balding and grey hair
    3. Decadent and full complexion
    4. Black eye circles
    5. Sunken eye sockets, raised cheekbones
    6. Spiritless eyes, messy eyebrow
    7. Disorderly teeth, easily loosened
    8. Yellowing and frizzing of hair, oily skin
    9. Large skin pores, poor complexion, loose skin
    10. Lots of wrinkles, thickening of lips
    11. Wretched expression, eyes becoming smaller
    12. Hunched back, asymmetrical body
    13. Change in facial shape (swollen or skinny look)
    14. Change in eyelids (double eyelids turning into single eyelids or multiple eyelids)
    15. Turbid eyeballs, the appearance of blood vessels
    16. Greyish tint to facial color (a ghostly look)
    17. Apparently aged look
    18. Thin and small bones (issues in development)
    19. An evil glint in the eyes, unsteady in the gaze
    20. Depression in the solar plexus and in the Adam’s apple
    21. Specks on the face, moles
    22. Dirty look on the face (very difficult to clean)
    23. Marked decline in the aura of the person
    Let’s discuss neurasthenia, anxiety, autonomic disorders and social fear

    These 4 illnesses are similar to one another, only the emphasis differs. What they have in common is the number of bodily symptoms that repeatedly bother you, this makes living like hell on earth. Those that haven’t experienced the symptoms will have a hard time imagining the feelings, this is like describing an elephant to somebody who has never seen an elephant, no matter how thoroughly it is described it is useless. Having deeply experienced the symptoms as a patient and as a recovered patient, I would like to share my recovery experiences and research with everyone. Regarding anxiety and autonomic disorders, I have studied these for over 2 years, at the time I was suffering from severe social fear and didn’t set my foot outside the house. Every day I would chat in over a dozen QQ circles (Translator’s note: QQ is basically the equivalent of the old MSN Messenger) simultaneously, I have chatted with over a thousand fellow patients, the majority of them being men, over 1000 of them in total. Women were in a minority with them totaling at around 100. Without a single exception, all of the causes are listed below:

    Male patients: staying up, long sittings, sexual indulgence
    Female patients: anger, high stress, long sittings. (Also included is family misfortunes such as the passing of relatives)

    After a period of indulgences, the men would suddenly fall ill. There is usually a trigger, a stimulant, the fundamental reason is due to a weakened body. The women would fall ill after getting angry, once angry their autonomic nervous systems become disordered. Female patients go through special physiological cycles to start with, their qi and blood are prone to deterioration and if angered on top of it, problems may easily arise. For the male patients, if they wish to recover they must learn to cultivate the health, preferably by cutting out PMO completely, or else recovery will be difficult. For the female patients, emphasize needs to be on the cultivation of the mind. TCM states that the 7 emotions bring about illness, negative emotions have the potential to induce illnesses. Therefore, it is important to properly manage one’s emotions, refrain from becoming angry and learn to peacefully deal with people and matters.

    Normally, those afflicted with the mentioned illnesses lean towards two areas:
    1. Hypochondria
    2. Hostility
    Incredibly many brothers fall under the orientation of hypochondria, many have spent over ten thousand yuan in medical diagnosis, in some cases over a hundred thousand yuan. After a round of checkup nothing would be found, however, the symptoms are very serious and cause one to fall apart and to panic. Under these conditions, even through repeated checkups, one wish to go through every medical equipment in the hospital multiple times, one is still not content. This is because the symptoms are very obvious, but why is it that no illness can be traced, this kind of doubt would surface. Actually, this is still a misconception in the understanding; neurasthenia, anxiety, autonomic disorders are all basic issues in the functionality, a medical screening will not be able to detect anything, any amount of diagnosis is of no use.

    The orientation towards hostility is even more common. When chatting among brothers, one would often see quarrels. The reason being that kidney water is insufficient which enlarges the liver fire, one would become angry without a reason, one is prone to bickering and making a fuss out of things. Many people after having calmed down feel regret, in reality, anger injures the self more than it injures others, anger injures the liver. Therefore, I recommend the affected patients to learn to cultivate the mind, control the emotions and manage one’s emotions, this will benefit the recovery process.

    In addition, many people in these chat circles would talk about symptoms but not the causes, this is very sad, if one does not adequately understand the causes then recovery will be very difficult. Having recognized the causes and going the opposite way will enable healing to take place. Many brothers only talk about symptoms, talking about symptoms helps to alleviate the nervous emotions but it does not tangibly contribute towards recovery. To recovery, one must learn about the cause!

    In the past 2 days I have just chatted with a fellow patient suffering from neurasthenia, nowadays I do very few neurasthenia consultations, my main focus is on the rebooting forums consultations. That patient happened to add me and we started chatting. During the time when he was studying for the graduate exam he would stay up late and combine it with masturbation, it was like wearing a tightening hat, his sleep was greatly affected as there was constant insomnia. However, this patient did not realize the cause and still wants to talk about the symptoms with me. Afterwards, I told him about the cause and that’s when he had a sudden realization. If one doesn’t understand the cause and doesn’t change life habits and cut out masturbation, recovery is really very very difficult. Many people have been stuck in the vicious circle for over a decade, during these time they would rely on daily medication to maintain themselves. This is very hard to imagine, once a time I had taken medication for half a year on a daily basis and have developed a dependency on the medicines. It was a too scary of an experience when I took medicines as if having a bowl of rice. Without medicine I would feel unwell, in fact, I didn’t feel much better after taking the medicine, that was the state of my mental state which resembled a vicious circle. Afterwards, I completely lost faith in all medicines and stopped taking them. Upon quitting PMO I actively exercises and learned the way of cultivating health, I recovered 50% after half a year and after a year all symptoms disappeared. Up until now, I have completely recovered, both mind and heart have returned to a normal state. To recover, the understanding must be correct. Having a blind spot or a misconception in understanding will make recovery many magnitudes harder.

    Actually, neurasthenia, anxiety, autonomic disorders, and social fear can be considered as one and the same illness; issues with the nerves. The expression is more or less the same, in TCM they would call it the weakening shedding of the body or the stasis of blood and qi.

    Normally the symptoms ar expressed as:
    1. Head symptoms, including insomnia
    2. Heart symptoms, serious illness with the function of the heart
    3. Intestine and lungs symptom, the disorderly function of the lungs and intestines
    4. Skin symptoms, includes rashes, muscle ticks, stabbing pain, crawling ant feeling etc
    5. Full body symptoms, nowhere is comfortable
    Lastly, I would like to supplement the topic of the hardness of premarital sex. When replying to questions these days I stumbled upon a few brothers, because that they had sexual indulged themselves before marriage, their health has already suffered a collapse with the onset of impotence and premature ejaculation. Their families would urge them to get married and therefore creating considerable psychological conflicts for them. This kind of brothers are “weakened before marriage”, that is, unmarried with a failing body, kidney qi heavily depleted. By entering marriage with this type of body conditions, how can the quality of a normal sex life be guaranteed? Many brothers have developed problems with their reproductive functions, infertility has emerged, besides the issue of impotence, the whole body is affected by symptoms and is a total mess. During the state of “excessive desire following depletion” (Translator’s note: by this is meant the aroused state of desire which arises as we are rebooting, this is the result of recovering kidney qi, depletion is the weakening of the kidney qi following PMO) one might not be alerted, following this state is the onset of impotence and premature ejaculation. Many brothers during this “excessive desire following depletion” stage masturbate every day, sometimes multiple times a day and think their bodies are very strong and able. Actually, this is the expression of a weakened body, Lao Tzu said: To know eternity means enlightenment. Not knowing eternity is to do evil things blindly. Eternity here means patterns. Many brothers do not understand this principle and indulge madly, and the result? Not long afterward the body collapses, weakened before marriage if married or meeting a girl, the result is “weakening upon the weakened”, more serious illnesses might show up in the future. Therefore, one must put an end to premarital sexual behaviors, or else the consequences will be very grave. Look into the cases where brothers have run into issues and draw lessons from them and take preventive measures, this is a smart move!
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