60 clean Days, without PMO

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Bashir410, May 24, 2019.

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    I am happy to tell you that, today is my 60 Days without PMO,

    My first 30 Days was the hardest for me,
    I try a lot to stop my self, to don't think about sex, or porn.

    I know there was a lot hard time.. Some times i tried to cheat by watching Some movies.. That i know it has Some porn and sex.. The idea was like an angel i just whatch movies.. But i found a little sex there... Then I decide to don't watch any movies.. Until i quiet porn and PM ,
    You should be strong.. You should have the control of your life.. Of what you do

    Don't let your past control you, don't let this big industry control you.

    You know what is the problem.. While this time.. I have 2 wet dreams one of them was today.. In both of them I see at my dream that i watch porn and sex movies...

    Where is my nature? Why i don't see myself doing... Instead of see people doing sex... Actually i Am not satisfay about this I hope I can clean my mind from all this

    This industry can distroy us.. Our minds.. Can change what we like...

    Now i will complete... Tell i stop this for ever.. Now It's easy to stop think about porn..
    Now i talk to my friends more
    I learn more things
    I have big dreams and i work on it
    I trust myself more
    I think about find a wife..
    I start think about build my company..

    With porn my life was in black and white... Now i see colors at my world...

    Thank you for reading..
    I hope this can help you

    Be good
  2. Targaryenn

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    Great post, my friend!

    What benefits you feel after 60 days of nofap?

    Urges are big now?

    After this time I think you can control you easy. Yes?

    After how many days you fell better and you can control your emotions, your feelings, after how many days do you become heal and you don't want to watch p and m?

    Thank you!
  3. Congrats on 60 days ...thanks for sharing
  4. JesusStrength

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    Don't think about find a wife, go find a wife..
  5. Nice Success Story, Well done!!
  6. !!!10years!!!?!

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    yeah, that is how our mind tricks us, by saying, watching movie is great, only today, not tomorrow, only now, this time only, so many many excuse and get what it wants...step by step it takes us to hell

    thank you for sharing us your story and feelings, stay strong, I am following you on day 35
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    NoFap Defender

    Well done man!
  8. vad

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    Wow such inspiring words! Well done! Keep it up!!
  9. Congrats! Keep on going!!
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