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    Today marks day 60 on my journey to quitting fapping. After my first review at 30 days my journey has developed and my view where I want to end up has definitely matured into something sustainable in the long term.

    When starting this 60 day review, I re-read my 30 day review to help reflect on how far I’ve come over the last 30 days - link below if you want to read.


    During my first 30 days the need to suppress urges was the most important thing to maintain my streak. Everything was geared around stopping myself from fapping. I managed to use a combination of things that worked for me to get to the point where managing my urges became easier and easier.

    Changes since my 30 day review.

    Accountability Partners

    I have now connected with a number of great APs Along the way. They have helped me through the past 60 days in ways I would not have believed when I joined nofap. I could not have got this far without their support.

    Being open and honest with them about my urges and feelings made me refocus the reason why I’m doing this reboot. It’s really interesting to get to know each other’s background and support each other through hard times. I now have a good set of guys I can rely on and would never have expected to make some good friends along the way. They will probably never understand how much they have helped me overcome this addiction.


    After a challenging first 30 days I experienced varying degrees of flatlining. There would be many days when I would have boners or any urges at all. At first it was a nice relief not to be constantly fighting my mind to resist urges but there were times when this made me feel quite low. The feeling was hard to describe because I wasn’t depressed but I felt there was something missing. I would say I felt a bit empty every now and again.

    When I try to think back on these times I would say it’s probably a combination of not having a regular dopamine hit along with lockdown and being furloughed.

    This combination gave me quite bad mood swings. I could wake up feeling really down for no reason and struggle to stay positive all day. Then the next day I could be really positive from the moment I woke up, there was no reasoning behind these swings in my mood.

    Thinking back, I enjoyed the challenge of fighting off each urge in the early days and it was very satisfying to know that I wasn’t going to give in to any urge I came to. So when I had less fighting to do, as my urges diminished, I had to remind myself of why I was continuing with this journey and the task became a mental challenge. In a way, this mental challenge was harder than physically not touching my willy.


    I have stopped meditating daily now and I suppose this has coincided with a drop in the strength of my urges so I’ve felt less need to use this tactic. I persevered with meditating in my first 30 days but always knew it wasn’t for me and I have gained all the benefits I need in order to control my urges. It may be something I’ll come back to if I need it.

    Cold showers

    Cold showers are still important to me and I will always have one after a workout, but I’m not having these every day now. I would not think twice to have one if I had a really strong urge because it’s one of the best things to get rid of an urge. As I’m having less strong urges now it’s becoming less important. I don’t feel as clean after a cold shower so a warm shower every now and again makes me feel cleaner overall.

    Physical strength

    I have constantly been building on my physical activity during this process. Mainly because I have had endless free time it has been easy to implement increases in my workout. My running has improved and I am now cycling regularly. I have also increased amounts of pushups I do daily. I wouldn’t say it’s a direct consequence of semen retention but having more time and focus on physical activity has been driven by nofap.

    Moving forward

    No wet dreams

    I still have not experienced a wet dream at this stage. I’ve just accepted the fact I’m not someone who will have wet dreams and have become less bothered by expecting one. I assume my cum is being broken down and used elsewhere in my body which is fine with me. From what I have read on forums wet dreams are not something to be desired anyway.

    Increase in urges

    I have noticed an increase in urges over the past few days and this could be me coming out of a flatline. Being honest, it has been nice to wake up with the odd boner just to know that my willy is still working. Knowing I have the strength to overcome any urges that may come with a boner means I don’t have to worry about one hanging around when I wake up.

    Viewing sexualised images

    My attentiveness to sexualised images on TV or social media has now mellowed and become less extreme. I find that watching or seeing sexual content (not porn) in everyday life doesn’t bother me a much and I can appreciate the women I see much more. I do not want to feel the need to hide away from these kind of images. I want my thoughts to be mature enough to look past a purely sexual feeling when seeing women in a sexualised way. I still think I have a way to go here but exposing myself to these images now is giving me a new challenge and helping my overall recovery.

    End of furlough

    My work has asked me back to work on 1 July. After a long 3 months off work it has been a relief to know I’ll be back to work soon. This will coincide nicely with my long term refocus of nofap. Returning to work, although working from home, will mean I can focus on something for most of the day. It will also be interesting to see how my journey changes when I start working again as this will be the first time working since I started nofap.


    I am still refraining from dating or engaging anything sexually with women at the moment. I am going to wait until I reach 90 days to start dating again and I am happy to wait another month. I think this should coincide nicely with easing of the lockdown here in the UK and reduce the pressure of meeting women in a new post-lockdown environment.


    I am so proud of myself to be writing this review and to have reached day 60. I’m really looking forward to what the next 30 days has in store and where I can take this reboot long term.

    Please feel free to ask me anything about my experiences. I am keen to help anyone out on this journey.

    Stay strong
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  2. Congrats on 60 days! You'll do 60 more in no time!
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    Congratulations on your journey; this is a great result!
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