60 Days - Benefits & Challenges

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Aug 22, 2018.

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    Congratulations brother. Stay strong and keep going! :D
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    Huge respect for you! Can’t imagine 60 days, i’m currently on day 11 (hard mode). I’m just curious, you said that your size of the flaccid dick has increased. How much compering to when you started? I’m personally above average when i get hard but in the flaccid state... so poor
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    ohhh cool. I just went and brought myself some Zinc. How many mg did you take per day?
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    Dang so it is true when they say you will go bald from masturbating! Or is it go blind? Lol
    I loved your post buddy, how uplifting and positive! Your story is definitely an encouraging one for everyone who is after a better life. Keep it going and looking forward to hear more of your successes!
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  5. I know they must be. I was lucky in that respect that I was in a flatline, but there are a few things that you can do. First, try to maintain good habits and a routine and stick to it. Secondly, if you have a girlfriend or wife, you can try to be intimate with them. Try just kisses and normal stuff, don't really have sex initially. Also, try to determine the circumstances that make you relapse and try to avoid them. That's all that there is to it.
  6. Thanks a lot man!
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  7. Initially, my flaccid dick just seemed to be contracted near the balls. And the balls remained very tight, stuck to the body. There were times where I could not feel my dick even! Although all of this happened because I was in a flatline. Now though, balls hang lower, are bigger, flaccid dick is around 3 inches.

    I took two tablets a day, as prescribed by the doctor. Now, I don't know about how much of it is to be taken safely, so consult a doctor before taking any.

    Yeah, I guess it is true. LOL. Anyway, it is actually linked to zinc deficiency and testosterone levels and so there is definitely a connection. I forgot to mention but my eye muscles had gotten weak and I was having trouble focussing on objects. That has gone now :)
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    Right on! I have issues with social anxiety, weird acne, and a lack of focus. I had no clue that it could be due to pmo. Thanks for the hope!
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  9. Yeah fapping is a big problem. Why don't you try nofap and come back a few months later with your success story? I am sure you'll see tremendous improvement in that time :)
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    Thanks brother . . It will help many. May you gain much more and share....
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  11. Thank you brother! Wish you the same :)
  12. wow thats awesome!! so glad to hear about your success! gives me hope to continue. thank you
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  13. My pleasure :)
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    I relapsed just now. Feeling that i will never achieve what you have achieved.
  15. Never think that. Make a resolve, find the right reasons, then make a routine and stick to it. Try to make good use of your time :)
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    I used to relapse every 2-3 days for years. I never thought I'd even make it out of a week streak.
    Stay strong and believe in yourself, brother.
    Find the triggers and eliminate them
    Stick to a new lifestyle routine
    You got this!
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    Same bro. After deciding to never do it again, I had a year of less than 4 days relapses. Few even after starting nofap. But all that helped me is getting into a car manufacturing team...now days I'm busy most of the day and sometimes nights too. I never ha a time for relapse. So all you need to do is find some enjoyable busy task!
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  20. Thanks a lot guys :) Will go stronger this time. Thanks for the support.

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