60 days celibate

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  1. My last longest streak before this was 30 days and that was last year. It was also a time where I was full of hope. This time I was not feeling that great about anything at all. I just wanted to grab hold of my life and steer it in the right direction.

    In the last 60 days I lost 10 pounds, am able to do 60 push ups (actually I hit 170 but strained a muscle had to stop for a few weeks and now doing a different form), and hit 32 minutes on the treadmill at a 10 degree incline. So after several years of being in a rut, my mental and physical health are back on track and I have no inclination or wish to go back to the way things were!

    Around day 38 during a tough time I wrote:
    "Mark Queppet once commented on his own reboot something like: "getting through another day clean was all that I was doing at that point". So likewise I don't care if I don't feel good I just need to hold the line on the PMO detox and see what happens.... I am actually sensing I need to cough up a hairball of pain so I can move on.... either that or I need to work better at taking care of myself... my meditation prayer sessions have dwindled... as has my guitar playing..."

    Last week I wrote this:
    As I was driving home something cool happened: I was looking at the patterns of clouds in the sunset and it struck me that that was as beautiful as the beauty I was seeking with some imaginary woman, except that this sunset was here & now in this moment, and I was totally able to gaze at it, soaking it up appreciating it and loving it..... I realized I had just transmuted my desire of something I didn't have into something real and present!

    I had begun having fantasies of romantic conversations with this imaginary woman, and I suddenly had really enough of doing that. I picked up my guitar and started playing. And somehow I was able to pour out my unmet romantic desire into my music in some uncannily real way. It was amazing!
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    This is perfect. This is hard to describe but you have done it!
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    great post, made me smile :) congratulations on hitting 60 days!
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    Woah man.
    That is amazing..
    Thank you for posting your experience here :)
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  5. Congrats man, you're doing great! How long did it take for you to notice an increase in strength while working out?
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    This is a higher level of sex transmutation! Congratulations JackStrident!
  7. 2 months and 20 days for me... I'm feeling like Superman, and of course, not to mention, I have a lot more energy and adrenalin to take on the world!

    I stay outdoors as much as possible, so I'm too busy to even visit the NoFap community as much as I would like to and help out others with my contributions.

    BTW I literally threw my iPhone, after throwing my laptop, in order to avoid relapse. I go to an extreme, most wouldn't imagine but at least I'm approaching 90 days :cool:

    There is no easy way out.
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  8. We gotta keep on motivating, encouraging and strengthening one another. You are never alone when you achieve something considerable, many others also struggle like myself, so I'd like to share this with you guys, something I listen to and feel like emulating when I feel down or about to give up...

    My favourite cooling down track. Hope you guys enjoy it.
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  9. pretty quick, prob 10 days. I feel stronger every week. I can toss my kids like footballs now. I used to try to do push-ups all at once and every day.... really hard to get stronger that way and tales a long time. I model it now on guys who really train. I do 5 sets with a 5 min pause in between and I set out to do 10% more than last time. I push through the burn and pain. Then I wait two or three days for the muscles to stop being sore, allows them to recover and grow, then I repeat. [Also: The very first time I do the exercise say after a week or more break i do an intentionally easy amount as it is easy to over strain / pull your muscles if you haven't pushed them in a while]

    Building cardio endurance is a little harder I hit plateaus there more often. Just need to keep at it.
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  10. Thx for the kudos guys. I couldn't have done it without this community!

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