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    Hey you'll! "I did it, so can you". Even though due to some technical issue i can't see my signature i very well know i started this routine on 17 august. This is my first time this far and i'm pretty sure this is going to be forever forward or whatever it will be nothing like before. I will only write a little about this. How it happened and what changes i felt.

    For me, i tried basically and pretty much everything off youtube or other else i could find any info to stay clean. I still found that one boner so strong i coudn't stay dedicated. I have been occupied this last 2 months. Not so busy but doing things and simply wanting sleep at the end of the day, a good day. It's but one thing, moving the attention to smthing else. I have been doing so in many ways. It was more overwhelming first few days but it does'nt even bother after that.

    I will only say, i know what i am doing, i look at women now as a male having all those fantasies, but it's not based on a sexual clip. I feel genuinly attracted to some, little more or less to other's but it's controlled. I am no more an animal but a human. On practical side, i am much more energetic, sm days i did'nt eat much coz did'nt wana cook but felt energetic still. Food is important,eat it.

    The most important part is when your balls are full and you know it . Keep yourself occupied, do something. anything. I feel the endurance activites are best at it, Like running or cycling. So if you are able to maintain this peak phase, your body will know there has been a change . It's all about habit, at this phase you usually go to a computer screen but now you have to change it. At this phase you may or may not experience wet dreams. It would actually be a sign you are on a right track. Don't mind them. It's change. After that phase passes, they will get few and few and ultimately, none. This is when you know you are healed. Now it's your duty to watch out for any triggers,still. If you do not experience wet dreams, that means your mind was not as intoxined and healing might be faster. Anyways, that's been my experience. Tc. ( I'm not at all serious about my grammer so please grammer nazi's, i don't care how many spelling jews you don't like)
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    Hi Thrices,

    Congratulations on your 60 days. We are on the same path and on the same level.
    I prefer cycling as a diversion to PMO.
    On day 38 I had a wet dream. It was the first time in my life. It was an unpleasant experience.
    My daily thoughts of M torment me. A sign that I still have to learn a lot and still have a lot to work on.

    Stay hard and successful.

    All the best, Frank
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