60 days hard mode

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Moxie, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Moxie

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    Another big milestone. I'm a 25 year old guy, trying to be better. The benefits for me are:

    1. Increased strength, more weight lifted at the gym
    2. Seeing definition start to show in my body
    3. Doing 40 minutes of cardio 5x a week
    4. Meditating or praying daily for 20-40 minutes
    5. Not staring at women's bodies, feel less guilt and shame toward real women
    6. Very few urges
    7. Less time watching TV, or on Facebook
    8. More time reading books average 2 hours a day
    9. Better diet (very little junk food)
    10. Better mood consistently
    11. More communicative
    12. More in touch with my feelings and emotions
    13. More energy, to give to others, to help with housework, homework, cooking

    During this last 60 days I left an education program that wasn't right for me, and started applying to a new program that has a bright horizon, I moved from a place that was a toxic, sedentary environment, to a beautiful, warm, loving home. The present moment is full of life. I am not worried about the future, and I am forgiving the pain from my past.

    Now I'm going to go one day at a time, and I look forward to giving another update at 9o days. Thank you NoFap! I have signed in almost every day, and read others' posts, and sometimes give feedback. This community has made it profoundly easier to conquer my PMO addiction.
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    @blindvulture Congratulations!
    Can you tell us more how you managed to resist urges?
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  3. Moxie

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    I have been addicted 16 years. I have already tried to quit many times, starting at age 15. I never had the support, or knowledge, to do it. The addiction has caused every physical, psychological, and other type of deleterious effect you will ever hear of on me personally. It came to the point when I knew it was a problem, and I would end up dead, or would hurt someone, if I did not quit. There is enough here on NoFap and reddit's version to resist urges.

    I would relapse because I wanted to numb the shame, guilt, neediness, insecurity, anger, etc. I learned about codependency, abusing myself to try to meet my needs. I learned not to self-medicate my emotions, but to use mindfulness meditation, to identify my emotions. I learned traumatic emotions are the ones you feel, but have not identified and given a name. These become an entity, that seems greater than you. Once you identify the feeling, it doesn't seem as powerful. You realize you need to deal with your emotions in a more permanent manner. You can remind yourself that one day you will share them with another human being in a beautiful intimate way. They can be your source of strength, motivation, inspiration, and you will change your feelings of emptiness into feelings of overflowing love. Use your "urges" to gain spiritual power, to earn the fruits of discipline, do positive things with your day. You have to fill your days with healthy hobbies.

    Hope this helps.
    Good luck.
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  4. Phoenix 2015

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    Good on you man!just starting out on the journey myself!
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  5. Kristian

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    Way to go, bud! 60 days, wohoo! Great milestone, I'm proud of you. Keep going and remember that you're inspiring other fapstronauts (such as like me) to believe that stopping this addiction is possible.
  6. Immanuel

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    Good stuff! Well done on changing your program! Been there, done that, and I know that it takes some balls. Also, 2 hours of reading per day - sooo good!

    Keep it up!
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  7. Surrender

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    Inspiring post. Thank you for sharing!
  8. PeetaMellark

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    Amazing post @blindvulture Very inspirational!
    I'm about to hit 40 days Hard Mode myself...
    Almost relapsed yesterday but I said no and Stayed strong!!!

    Stay Strong!!!
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