60 days in, Severe PIED and performance anxiety cured!!

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    i am 21 yo, been masturbating to porn since as long as i can remember. i even started watching porn before puberty. started with pics leading to porn which led to more extreme porn categories and fetishes. i started having relationships with girls at around 16 but nothing physical. after a while watching porn wouldn't get me 100% hard. at 18 i started a relationship where we would make out in my car and that when i noticed my dick wasn't that hard and i always thought a girl will make it rock hard (harder that with porn) that didn't happen. 1 year ago i entered another relationship and when it came time for sex; it went limp.. i was so devastated but acted cool and said that i am religious and cant't do it like that ( i am so not).. i found nofap and tried to stop porn but it was literally impossible. it seemed like such a frustration and i couldn't stop teasing myself. i failed multiple times to have sex as i didn't even initiate anymore ,, i would just get a bj and touch her or go down on her ( as if that is totally not a sin) i also took ed drugs to keep my dick up because i was sooo anxious and worried i had ed. it was never 100% and i had delayed ejaculation from bj and sometime hj. then one day i said this time is different and started NoFap with strong will, still couldn't stop teasing myself but would stop myself. on day 3 i was on ed med and i tried piv sex and it went in a bit and she screamed it hurts and i was relieved i could stop and i had an entry somehow. after that day i told myself i won't watch porn again till i fuck her. i failed as i watched porn again 6-8 times but didn't orgasm just edging and didn't reset my counter ( it destroys self esteem) and ur progress is not gone from 1 porn view! the next time was on day 56 and i had my first piv sex it lasted forever due to my delayed ejaculation i was on 50mg ed drug and was 80% hard. i felt great that i could do it and for that progress.. a long way from cured but she was so satisfied and came twice,, and she never knew i had ed ( not cool i was a chicken not to tell her). the next day we had sex for 45 mins and she finished me with a bj. and yesterday (60 days) we had piv sex again with a 90% hard it was good i nearly came with piv but couldn't DE is a bitch. she is satisfied with the sex and i am happy. will never watch porn again and will start weaning off the ed drugs. Most of the pied symptoms is Performance anxiety too and that went away after first piv sex
    Things that helped along the way:
    1-internet protection (k9)
    2- an anti-anixolytic would help also alcohol in small dose during first piv.
    4- **Not stopping the counter unless u binged on porn
    5- l-arginine (supplement)
    6- *
    exercise (helped alot)
    7- Nf companion (application)
    8- write a daily journal
    If i am able to do this u surely can.. i feel like a new man and i am not even cured completely :') i hope u all the best in life. Nofap changed my life.. thank u guys.
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    good work bro...
    but watching any kind of arousing material is a big no-no, u cant have a rock hard dick with drugs and porn on the side, also u cant have a fulfilling & positive life.
    trust me when u completely stop watching porn or don't have any emotional reaction to it then u can say ur cured.
    GO HARDCORE NoFap.....trust me it will change ur life like night n day.
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    i promise u i will .. thank u
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