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    23 year old male, watched porn since I was 12. Been on the journey for around 2 years, Had reached 62 days a year ago, my biggest streak. Suffered from PIED since I was 21 year old, also have anxiety and low confidence. This is my second best streak ever, and in a couple of days I will have surpassed my highest mark.

    • More productivity
    • More motivation
    • Better habits (reading, working out, walking, playing piano, etc)
    • Enjoying more things, especially music
    • More morning woods and stronger erections

    Another thing I've learned: Quitting porn and masturbation is a longterm journey with a lot of ups and downs.
    Around day 50 I got into a bit of a rust, I had a loss of motivation and increased anxiety and insomnia. Currently I'm still in that low end, urges have been stronger also. But I now its only temporal and it will eventually get better.

    • Get away from social media, especially instagram. Its full of triggers and you will start porn fishing. Its very dangerous, in the past all of my relapses started after browsing Instagram.
    • Read nofap constantly, read success stories or watch videos about the topic. This will keep you motivated and with your mind on track and focused on your goal.
    • Build healthy habits and hobbies, like exercise, walking, reading, music, etc.
    • Keep a journal, this also helps you have your mind on track and help you reflect on your journey and mental state from a different perspective. I keep my journal in a nofap thread.
    • [edit] I think its also very important to not peak at porn at all. Don't do it, so many people fail because of this and make their recovery take longer. A lot say "I looked at porn to test myself, so that I know I don't need it", that is one of the worse rationalizations. Its your addicted brain tricking you, don't fall for it. Don't peak, you're not loosing anything.
    Keep going, keep your goal in mind. It is worth it. Porn literally has no benefits in your life, and its just keeping you from being your best.
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    Great advice brother god bless you all the best
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    Very clean and to the point. Thanks @Jawbones237. Great job!!
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  5. Thanks for this. What videos do you watch? I need to be careful, as You Tube has the same effect on me, as Instagram has on you. #dosomethingdifferent
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  6. Brilliant story pal. I also quit my social media early in this journey, with all the dumb shit being posted in this day and age with no filters, as you clearly put it, it only takes a small glimpse for our 'mind' to attach to something, and before we know it, we are relapsing. I also quit Reddit (far worse than facebook and instagram imo), as it was causing me to relapse.
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    This is awesome advice,
    I had already stopped using Facebook a couple of years ago, but, before I begin my noFap journey to rid my PIED I eliminated all things I considered triggers (my Instagram, my Snapchat, Tumblr, and my dating apps). It definitely leads to more hobbies considering I have no reason to pick up my phone!
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    To be honest bro this is the first post I have ever read that I see myself through. I am currently past the 50 days and things have gone much difficult than ever. Your post literally made me want to fight it. Thank you for your post, I really needed it.
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    really motivated me...hast off
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    I think you can find good videos from Mark Queppet from Universal Man, Also Gabe Deem from Reboot Nation, Noah B Church, There is a good one on porn addiction from What I've Learned. If youtube is a problem, I suggest you stick with reading success stories on Nofap, Yourbrainonporn, etc.
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    Remember its a temporal thing. In so many stories people recall having ups and downs, but also they say that eventually the lows decrease and after sometime they are way better. Think of your low moments as a sign of your brain changing, and adapting to your new you, you can do it.
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    You have everything to win, Porn is just a trap. Keep on going.
  13. Jawbones237

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    Its one of the most dangerous traps in recovery. Your addicted brain is looking for porn substitutes, don't listen to it and don't rationalise. For me that how I relapsed in the past.
  14. Totally agree. There is the Higher Power (that you read about in these forums) and the Lower Power. This morning the Lower Power is overwhelming me, but I'm sharing about it and getting through it 10 minutes at a time.
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    Thank you a lot. Waiting to read more, and give more support.
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