60 days of mental and physical changes

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    Hey guys, I've been thinking a lot lately about the connection between my mind and my body, so to celebrate my 60 days of hard mode NoFap (for the first time in my life), I would like to share with you my thoughts. I will write about the mental changes, and how my body responds to them.

    1. I am happy to wake up. I know when I open my eyes that I am about to do things that I love to do. I will work out, get calm, read, think about my day, drink a good coffee, get my room clean, get myself clean (I will soon post a thread about my morning habits). And because I am mentally happy, my body is happy too. And he shows that by getting real hard morning woods, every day.

    2. I am mentally in a movement, after years of staying in the same place. I am getting new hobbies, I am improving in many aspects of my life. So, in a clear colleration- my body is moving and want to move more. I am running, swimming, waking, doing yoga, working out. And I don't get tired of that, in the contrary- my body want more moving. External movement creates internal movement, and vice versa.

    3. I have no stress. No worries. No social anxiety. No sexual anxiety or fatigue. So my body is responding- my balls are loose all the time, my flaccid pines is naturally bigger. Nothing shrinks whenever I feel vulnerable. It feels like my body is finally not in a defence mode all the time, not stress.

    4. Confidence is the name of the game. I feel confident about myself. And my body is loving it. I see myself in the mirror and I see a beautiful smart man, and it drives my body to workout harder and investing more time in my degree studies. I am walking in the street, and doesn't feel inferior. I am at the public toilets, and for the first time in my life I am naturally going to the urinals and peeing, without worrying about the fact that there are more men around me (my shy blader use to be a real problem in situations like this). Around women I don't freeze anymore, and "shockingly" they want to be around me.

    5. I am sexually mentally pure. I didn't see a nipple in the last 60 days. Not even mentioning other stuff, from "normal" sex to wired things I had to watch just to get an erection. So my body is reacting to that pureness, obviously. Spontaneous erections are normal now. I am sexually aroused by women that I know. I don't need fisical rubbing to get hard.

    You got this. I am mentally better, so my body is better. Fitter, more sexual, more alive.

    I really hope that you will all feel what I feel now that I am starting to get free. It is just unbelievable how PMO use to ruin my life, and how now my mental state is much better, and how my body express that.

    Love you all for being here with me in that hard battle ❤️
    Keep going bros, we will be free.
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    Amazing story. Keep moving forward. The world is truly yours. I cannot wait to feel that.
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    I just started NoFap yesterday so it’s definitely an inspiration, thank you for the story! I look forward to being able to write one of my own.
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    This is awesome, man. Well said, and congratulations!
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    Thanks. You will, I'm sure

    Good luck man!!
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    Congrats on overcoming your addiction. Keep moving forward Brother.
    I hope I will also write my own success story soon.
  9. Congratulations man the 60 days is a big goal of mine! currently on day 8 so I got a long way to go but stories like yours make me just focus one day at a time because those feelings your describing seem to be all worth the battle. Cheers brother !
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    damn bro!!! All those changes for 60 days? You must be doing something right. Keep it up, bro.

    I guess recovery is different for everybody. I once went 160 days without fapping....but I was just passing days without working hard, just avoiding PMO that was it. I can surely tell that those 160 days streak didn't do shit.

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