60+ days: Reminding myself why

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    I am a university student and I have never had sex, and not by choice lol.

    I stopped PMO because I want to learn what real sex is like. I stopped PMO because I want to discover what romance is. I stopped PMO because I want to be fully invested with the lucky girl I choose to lose my virginity to. I stopped PMO because, holy shit, will having sex be incredible and that much more intimate. I stopped PMO for love, because porn isn't love.

    I think love is the strongest force on this Earth. Stronger than gravity and Coulomb's Law and centrifugal motion and the strength of white water rapids trying to knock you off your raft even though you're holding onto the side rope for dear life. It breaks the predictability of human nature. Love counteracts individualistic tendencies of society yet is inherently about the individual. Love is like this unlocked magic that nobody else in this world has but you. And oh man, do I love love.

    I'm not gonna lie, some days are difficult. Some days I question why I am still doing this. But looking behind me at the steps I've climbed, thinking about how unhappy I was when I was watching porn, I get a burst of energy. I am proud of the discipline I am gaining and strength to get to this point. I am motivated by the support and love of this community. I am doing this for myself, because I am enough, I feel love coursing through my veins, and I am loved.

    I am rooting for you. I believe in you. Sincerely. I love you.

    You can do this :)

    - ThisTime
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    Well said! Thank you for your time!!
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    Thank you for that! I really hope you find the type of love that you're seeking! All the best!
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    Congratulations and good luck!
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    Great post !! Thanks for motivating.

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