60 Days WOOO

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by monkmode24/7, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. monkmode24/7

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    Damn y'all 60 days and I can say wow. Life is getting better.

    If you want to see where I came from/how bad my addiction was read: 30 DAYS WOOO as I dot point it there. I am just going to briefly outline the benefits:

    • Higher self esteem
    • Less sexual objectification
    • Emotions opened up ( actually started feeling for the first time in maybe 6 years)
    • Confidence increased
    • Increased productivity/never feel completely wasted tired / have to push myself to go to the gym. It's just a matter of whether there's time.
    • Decreased social anxiety - can actually bond with others a lot better, joke around etc.
    • Epiphanies
    • Way less neediness
    • Inner calmness and smoothness in social interactions
    However withdrawals experienced and still experience

    • super intense depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings.
    • Suicidal thoughts - at some peak stages
    • Feelings of intense isolation
    • Demotivation
    • Facial/ muscle tension
    • sexual frustration
    And many more. There's no bother in me trying to convince you that it's good for you. Just do it, my life is getting better the more and more I recover.

    Have been doing a 12 step program, excercising, using weekly float tanks, being productive etc.

    Still get anxiety, low self esteem, withdrawals. But these are all slowly and gradually getting better despite fluctuations at times. This recovery has felt like a right of passage, I have cried my eyes out, admitted the most shameful things I have done to people and made an effort to recover.

    Get in touch, stay connected, support groups are good and keep on the journey guys. PM me if you have any questions.
  2. Sandsii

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    Keep it up bro, glad you're seeing benefits because depression ad anxiety is the devil. I hit 60 days on Sunday and haven't noticed any benefits yet so you must be doing something right.
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  3. abdo1995

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    Keep Going
    you can do it
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  4. NewLifeForGood86

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    I remember reading your post after your first month. Good to see that the second month brought further improvement. You seem like someone on track to recovery and a better life. Good luck!
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  5. Exit To Freedom

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    Inspirational thanks for sharing.
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  6. All_384

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    Sounds just like me mate..
    Remember your NOT alone..
    Stay strong mate..you got this
  7. so inspirational you are,,,i too am getting super highs and lows,,,i had my first o. in 60 days,,,no pmo
    but sex with wife,,,felt kinda let down,,,should not have orgasmed but what the hell, but i do feel my recovery time back to normal is much less, had i been fapping i would be depressed for a week and now 24 hours later i feel pretty okay--the mood swings are crazy but we all know its worth it,,,you did amazing, really
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