61 day got a fixed job and are more assertive.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by kingpietro, Mar 4, 2018.

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    Today its my 61 day of nofap. And i noticed some positive changes.

    I got a fixed job at a big firm because i have more confidence.

    I even had the balls to ask to earn more at the interview amazing.

    I am not desperate to get a girlfriend i actually don't want one i am happy without one. It is just a great feeling i can't imagine. I laugh at reality series about hookup and dating. I laugh at tinder and other things to get attention.

    I am not asking girls out constantlly to get a girfriend i would say i only do it with girls i really really like its like i have a natural selection inside me that is noticing specific woman ot all of them. I have also less interest in sluts hot girls with not a lot of clothing i found them stupid.

    But that’s not all I’ve had the balls to be assertive against my friends when they acted like a bitch. See this topic:

    I thought I was overreacting to those people but I am not I was a nice guy but now I am a confident guy who doesn’t want people to treat me like shit.

    A girl who I asked out for Saturday texted me that she didn’t know if she could that day and said she would texted me the Saturday if she was available the day itself I rejected her and said something like oh I already made other plans we see if we can make a other arrangement.. my early wimp would accept bad behavior but now I don’t.

    I can’t describe the feeling it’s like I am myself now. I have more positive thoughts because of a lesser brain fog in my brain. I am feeling that my life can only go up except down.. I have control over my life..

    How did I manage 61 days I changed my thoughts and have less stress with having less stress I have more willpower to say no so my advise is to manage stress level to succeed to nofap.
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    upload_2018-3-6_17-40-54.png is EXCELLENT !!!

    Great story and update of ALL THE BENEFITS OF NOT FAPPING !

    More assertive.......more confidence.......more Negotiation skills ....... IN ALL AREAS :)
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    Nice to read your story, I wish I could reach to 61 days as well.
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    thats good bro congrats keep up the good work its a really inspiring post
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  6. That’s fantastic! Keep killing it man. Life will keep improving as time goes by while walking in freedom.
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    Dude that is awesome! 61 days is amazing and keep it up!

  8. well done, what are your top tips?
  9. This is good to read. As someone who's main problem is no confidence, it is nice to think that no M may help that, and has definitely helped you.

    Keep up the great work.
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    Keep trying. If you are failing quickly, like in days, it means you have to change your thinking and plan more agressively. If you are failing in later in the weeks then learn from your mistakes. It is hard at the beginning but it gets easier as the longer you go without porn.

    If you watch "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" it is the same pdocess as porn. It is incredibly difficult the first few days but it gets esier as your brain rewires. Watch it and learn from it. We are sick just like Joe. We have to do a 90 day reboot just like Joe did a Juice Reboot.

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