61 day's without MO/PMO/O - Real results

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by waterworld, Mar 10, 2017.

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    Keeping this post simple.
    What I am attributing to my new life free of my addiction to MO/PMO

    -Whereas before in social situations/environments I seemed to be in some way withdrawn within myself; and socialising was all the more dissatisfying for that. It seems I do have previously blocked reserves of 'spirit' or 'power' that make that part of life so much more enjoyable and less fraught than before.

    -It seems that my previously disordered, confused and confusing mentality to sex - and it's place as part of life. Is getting a good old recalibration. I am beginning to see how much what I thought of what sex was, was in fact the fog of addiction

    -I have been in seriously poor spirits for much of two decades. I do seem to experience a lifting of the fug of depression

    Happy Friday Faptranauts! :)

    P.S I forgot to mention, I can now fly, I started karate class's last week and and became a black belt yesterday. And such is the force of my charisma that having been 'discovered' walking down the street I have been appointed as supreme leader of the western nation I was citizen of.
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    Very enlightening, I am on day 70 something approaching the 90 day landmark, I can relate to so much of what you said in your post. The fog in my brain seems to be lifting every day. Also, this journey has offered the change to look back into the past and how enslaved to selfishness and egotism I was. Nofap has taught me humility and has been almost a cathartic experience. Slowly a state of consciousness seems to rise within oneself, it is hard to describe in words.
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  3. Same here, two FUCKING decades of misery.
    But on my 19th day I can relate so much to your conclusions.
    Keep the good work !
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