66 days in reboot. Easiest thing I've ever done

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  1. Hi guys

    First of all i'd like to thank this community for making me realize that I'm not alone. I started my reboot two days after I found this site. This is my first and last reboot.

    My problems:
    I'm a 26 year old virgin. I have jerked off to porn for 12 years. BDSM porn for maybe 7 years. The last 4 years I got to the point where I couldn't get a 100 % erection without BDSM. I had no real interest to be with any real woman as I were content jerking off once every day. I have been in bed with naked women a few times, but got no erection. I found it hard to jerk off without any pixels.

    Then I found this lovely site. I saw that all of my problems came from M and P. I got so happy when I figured this out. I'm not broken! I'm not asexual towards real women. I don't have to keep watching dirty bdsm videos to get a hard on. The relief that I would get cured fuelled my reboot. These 66 days has been the easiest thing I've ever done.

    Don't get me wrong, there has been times that i have wanted to M. But the benefits of making the 90 days challenge are so much bigger than the need to M. Every time I see a sexualized woman either on internet or in movies, I look away as soon as possible. I'm so horny now that the image will get stuck in my brain for 20 minutes. Every time I want to M, I think about the positive consequences of finnishing the reboot. I mean guys, what do you prefer? 1. 5 seconds of orgasm vs. 2. Being able to get a girlfriend/wife and family. I haven't even though about P. Not once. After I learned what P has done to my brain, I hate it. I removed its power over me instantly.

    My morning woods are slowly getting back. As a test i've tried to stroke my penis very gently and slowly with to fingers. I now get a raging boner from doing this. I don't O, I just stand in the mirror and admire it. This NEVER would have worked 60 days ago. I haven't gotten any wet dreams though. I feel maybe 50-70 % healed. Can't wait for even more improvements.

    What do I do next?
    I'm gonna finnish my 90 days with ease. I'm just wondering what I should do after that. I have a girl who really wants to have sex with me, but I have so far been dismissive. Should a try to have sex with a woman as soon as possible to rewire my brain?
    And what do I do after the 90 days? I have been considering masturbating with only two fingers without P or fantasies once or twice every week just to get the edge off.
    But I can just as easily go 90 days more if it is good for me.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask them. Thank you for reading, and thank you for this community!
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    Personally I would say go ahead and have sex with her if you believe you won't relapse back into porn, and if you cant get a raging hard on while trying to have sex with her, wait a little longer before you have sex with her but I wouldn't tell her about these issues you have. Just my 2 cents.
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    This site helped me years ago but I've relapsed badly recently, so I'm back. Hang on in there buddy!
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    Good story... however stay vigilant and never become complacent
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    Well great you are back - best success to you! Colin.
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    I'm very new to this and am curious. Is it physically possibly to go abstain from PMO for 66 days without a wet dream ?
  7. I thought I would have a wet dream too, but I just never did.

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